What Does The Femme Fatale Mean - The Main Signs And Psychology

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What Does The Femme Fatale Mean - The Main Signs And Psychology
What Does The Femme Fatale Mean - The Main Signs And Psychology
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how to recognize a femme fatale
how to recognize a femme fatale

Men have recently been increasingly talking about the commercialism and ingratitude of modern girls. They say that the requests are huge, it is simply impossible to please. In fact, meeting a real femme fatale has become much more difficult than a couple of decades ago.

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  • 1 Catchy sexuality in appearance
  • 2 Intellectual superiority
  • 3 Developed sense of humor

The fact is that women these days are more focused on self-development. They receive education, strive to do what they love and be successful in it. There is practically no time left for real intrigue, and you want to spend your strength with greater benefit for yourself.

Young girls who are trying to twist their gentlemen, begging them for new versions of smartphones with an apple, cannot be compared with a real seducer. Although men often express fear and even fear of fatalism, they would like to get into this whirlpool of passion at least once in their life.

Today we are talking about those features that a real burning woman who collects broken men's hearts is endowed with.

Including about mercantile girls we will tell in our article by the link.

Catchy sexuality in appearance

Do not imagine a fatal beauty in the form of a fragile model. A plump blonde with an angelic face has repeatedly become the reason for the emotional experiences of men. The fact is that desperate females most often do not have the standard appearance of a cute lamb.

Moreover, many overweight girls know how to spin a romance so that a man will not even notice their excess weight. The point is that they literally emanate sexual vibes. Such young ladies skillfully emphasize their appetizing advantages, making the shortcomings difficult to distinguish.

Do you think that the femme fatale must dress up in flashy outfits, like a red dress? Not really. In most cases, men suffer and suffer because of girls who prefer a rather strict style of dress. Business suits, seasoned with deep cleavage, look especially sexy on them.

In make-up, they are very moderate and natural. The fatal beauty knows the main rule - one contrast on the face. To be clear, they look very attractive, but they do not suffer from a mania to apply blue shadows to their eyes, paint their lips with burgundy gloss, and spread highlighter glare all over the face.

A confident lady uses either bright red lipstick, from which the man's legs give way. Or it focuses on the eyes, clearly outlining the jet-black arrows and long curled eyelashes.

How to recognize a fatal girl
How to recognize a fatal girl

Who do men prefer: blondes or brunettes? You can find out about this in our article below the link.

Intellectual superiority2

It is difficult to build a relationship with one partner. The femme fatale skillfully twists several representatives of the stronger sex at once. How does she do it? More often than not, bitches have a mathematical mindset. More often, this kind of thinking is attributed to men. Perhaps this is why the ladies manage to successfully beat their partners, because she thinks like an intelligent man.

Building models, analyzing the behavior of your boyfriend, drawing the right conclusions and predicting his future actions is a difficult task. Rokovukha copes with them with a bang. It is only turned on by failures and miscalculations.

This behavior can be compared to solving a new incomprehensible equation with many unknowns. Remember how you struggled with logarithms and integrals in high school algebra. Many awkward mistakes were made until you had a working model for selecting solutions.

K / f
K / f

So it is in the relationship between a man and a woman. When the femme fatale finds the right levers of pressure, her equation gets easier every time. That is why she cannot be with the same man for a long time.

Standard relationships, which are accepted in society as the norm, quickly bore the clever conqueror of men's hearts. She sees every step of her partner before he himself has time to think about it. Who will be interested in living with a person whom you snap like seeds?

Perhaps because of these qualities, some mistakenly call a female female fatal lady. Although the situation is a little different, we read about it further on the link.

Developed sense of humor3

Bitchy ladies skillfully joke about their gentlemen. They effortlessly understand and accept humor from men. Any person will be pleased if his joke or anecdote is considered funny, or at least funny. With her sonorous laugh, the femme fatale begins to lure a potential victim in the form of a man into a trap of passions.

Which girls break men's hearts
Which girls break men's hearts

She herself is not averse to joking. The easiest way to trample a man's heart is to systematically begin to humiliate his honor, dignity, belittle successes, emphasize shortcomings. The bitch uses this knowledge for her pleasure.

Women's jokes are often covertly humiliating a partner. She is pleased to see how he is tormented by constant conversations with himself. A toxic relationship with a bitch inflicts huge, often irreparable, damage to male pride. In his next relationship, he will begin to humiliate his new darling with a probability of eighty percent. This is done to raise your own self-esteem.

Bitches are not as common as men say. But those who are still actively hunting for boyfriends can not only ruin a certain period of life for a particular guy. Coming out of a sick relationship, men with broken hearts start looking for a victim. In essence, they are trying to become like their previous partners - cruel and cold-blooded players in life.

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