How To Find A Girl For A Serious Relationship? Let's Tell All About It

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How To Find A Girl For A Serious Relationship? Let's Tell All About It
How To Find A Girl For A Serious Relationship? Let's Tell All About It

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How to find a girl
How to find a girl

Women by nature tend to take men very seriously. Ladies always want to get married, have children and live their whole lives with their beloved husband. They take every guy pretty seriously. Therefore, it is not difficult to figure out how to find a girlfriend for a relationship.

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  • 1 Where to look for love
  • 2 On the street
  • 3 At school
  • 4 Neighbors
  • 5 Colleagues
  • 6 Social networks and dating sites
  • 7 Cafe
  • 8 Transport
  • 9 Hobbies
  • 10 How to identify a girl for a serious relationship
  • 11 And in conclusion

Where to look for love

Where and how to find your love? In the modern world, finding your soul mate is becoming easier and easier. To help guys, social networks, various messengers. Girls willingly communicate in the virtual world, so you have to show a sense of humor and assertiveness in order to translate such relationships into reality.


It would seem the easiest way to get to know each other. Just walk up to the girl you like and ask her out on a date. This method was popular in the 1970s. Modern men are shy in front of women and incredibly shy to meet on the street. However, for the sake of true love, it is worth overcoming shyness and approaching the girl. The worst thing that can happen in this situation is that the girl will simply answer rudely. But still there is a rather big chance of finding a beautiful girl.

At school3

If the girls are your classmate, then it is quite possible to start a relationship with her. First, make friends with the one you really like. Gradually, you can take the first steps towards rapprochement. Be patient, girls do not easily go into a love relationship with a friend.


Quite often you can see a cute unmarried neighbor. To get to know her and gain favor, you can offer to help bring her heavy bags or to fix something in her apartment. Try to find out as much information about her as possible and often catch the girl's eye, as if by accident. If you are consistent and invariably polite, then you can achieve the girl's love in return.


At work, there are many unmarried women who are ready for serious relationships. But in order to achieve the location of such a lady, you will have to show your sympathy unobtrusively and imperceptibly to others. The women's team is a very difficult place where your every step will be discussed. If you are ready to endure gossip and ridicule for the sake of love, then go for it.

find a girl
find a girl

Social networks and dating sites6

If you visit the virtual world, then on the Internet you can find a lot of profiles that girls post in search of love. Most often, women put their real photo on their avatar. But there is a great risk of getting caught by scammers. Therefore, during personal correspondence with the girl you like, you can unobtrusively and often ask her for a selfie - a snapshot in real time.

If a lady does not want to send her photo and voice messages, but at the same time asks for money for something, then you can safely interrupt such communication. Despite all the unfavorable risks, on the Internet you can find a good girl for a serious relationship and true love.


In cafes, people don't always behave seriously. Girls come there with their friends in order to relax and unwind. They are rarely in the mood for flirting or dating. That is why it is worth trying hard to interest the lady who liked it. In this case, you need to pay attention to her behavior, whether the girl smokes, how much alcohol she allows herself. If, in your opinion, the girl's behavior is quite defiant, then it is worth considering whether you need such a relationship.

find a girl
find a girl


If you have your own car, then finding a girl from Moscow for a serious relationship is not so difficult. It is enough to offer a beautiful lady to give her a lift. When there is a long road ahead, you can have a pleasant conversation and exchange phone numbers. But if you don't have your own car, then you can try to meet a girl on the train. Often, people who are in the same compartment for several days inevitably get to know each other and communicate, whiling away the time on the trip. Love stories that originate from a joint trip are far from uncommon.


Many girls are fond of interesting hobbies that are considered masculine. For example, equestrian sports, computer games, car racing. If you have succeeded in any interesting business. Then you have a chance to meet an interesting girl who is passionate about the same thing as you. The constant talk about hobbies brings people together incredibly. It is quite possible to start a serious relationship with such a girl, since you have a common cause and many topics for conversation.

Getting to know a girl is very simple, but it is difficult to understand which lady is suitable for true love and serious relationships.

How to identify a girl for a serious relationship10

It's not enough to get to know the future bride, you need to figure out if this lady is suitable for a serious relationship. If you spend more than 20% of your salary on a girl in the first month of dating, and she demands more and more, then such a woman is not ready for a serious life, she only needs money. A lady who often refuses to meet, is constantly busy, is also not very suitable for the role of a wife. If a girl is in love and wants a relationship, she will definitely find time for her beloved boyfriend.

find a girl
find a girl

Those ladies who do not refuse to drink strong alcoholic drinks and smoke do not take life seriously. They also don't need a relationship.

You should also pay attention to the girl's appearance, her makeup and clothes. Dressed in short skirts and dresses of flashy colors, the girl is rather frivolous. Putting tons of bright makeup on her face and wearing tastelessly selected jewelry will be a frivolous lady, she definitely does not need a serious relationship.

If the girl you met suits you as a future wife, take your time to introduce her to your parents. The woman herself must decide when she is ready to meet future relatives.

And in conclusion11

People pursue a variety of goals in life. Not every person wants true love, serious relationships and marriage. To figure out which girl is suitable for a serious relationship, you have to talk to a huge number of women. True mutual love is possible in our time, the most important thing is to believe in it and seek your happiness.

find a girl
find a girl

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