The Nuances Of Mobile Dating Sites: The Best Ones

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The Nuances Of Mobile Dating Sites: The Best Ones
The Nuances Of Mobile Dating Sites: The Best Ones

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Mobile dating sites
Mobile dating sites

Dating site builders quickly realized the prospect of a full or partial move to mobile devices. Today, every second person in Russia who uses the Internet logs on to the network using a phone, smartphone or tablet. And over time, the number of such users only grows.

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Today, those who prefer handheld devices have the opportunity to use various applications and mobile real sites to meet other people. These services have their advantages and, of course, their disadvantages. Every user who wants to search for a soul mate using these tools needs to get acquainted with them.

Advantages of Mobile Websites and Smartphone Appsi

The main advantage of these dating sites is that they are fully adapted to most mobile devices on the planet. People do not have any difficulties with their work, because the process of acquaintance and communication is clear to everyone on an intuitive level.

All applications and mobile versions of well-known sites are free from unnecessary details that can prevent people from navigating normally in the interface. All buttons, options, fields for entering information are made in such a way that it is comfortable to work with them on the touch screen using your fingers or a stylus.

The second plus is that many of the applications are modern enough to have functions for recognizing fake profiles. Most of the large representatives of these applications have systems that are able to perform a fairly accurate search for the same faces in the photos of all users, thus finding fake accounts with stolen photos.

Also, in some of the applications and on some sites, it is possible to pass identification in order to confirm your identity and get a special tag in your profile, which indicates that it is real.

Despite the fact that people have an ambiguous attitude towards geolocation, in a sense, embedding this function in applications has made them better. By determining the user's location, it is possible to select partners from a fairly small radius around him.


That is, it is quite possible to meet people from your own city who also use the location function. This greatly facilitates the task of those people who want to find themselves a person with whom they could transfer communication into real life.

And one more indisputable positive quality of such mobile services is the quality of their audience. They contain people of about the same age, although the spread is still present. But this allows you to find many partners who are highly likely to be interested in the same things as the applicant himself.

This is a pretty smart decision on the part of the developers. Such dating apps are primarily aimed at young people who are quite confident in communicating with pocket gadgets. And it is precisely such people for the most part who are in an active search for a half.

Cons of Mobile Dating Platforms2

Geolocation actually gets in the way of quite a few users. Despite the fact that it has a positive effect on the performance of applications, it is still frustrating for people when someone knows about their exact location. Even if they disable it in the settings, they will still remain visible to the system.

Best dating sites
Best dating sites

This can also be unpleasant in the case when a person does not want to tell anyone about his location, but he just wants to get acquainted for communication on the network. Also, residents of small towns and even smaller settlements can get into an awkward situation. After all, they simply will not be shown any profiles, because they may not have registered users within the radius.

Another big problem with mobile dating sites is that users are too fond of embellishing information about themselves or even giving out false information. If the creators of applications figured out a little about the theft of appearance, then with everything else there is real horror. Everything is further complicated by the fact that the main audience is young people who have not yet completely got rid of adolescent maximalism.

All this leads to the fact that serious applicants are faced with really stupid, insane or unnatural looking (in a bad sense) profiles, which are compiled by infantile people. They can write fake data about themselves, lie to a person about their life, and this is not beneficial to normal relationships. Such a relationship with them will not work at all.

And, of course, the scammers have not gone anywhere. As the years go by, dating platforms get more complex, and scammers and attackers are getting smarter. They keep pace with the times and use all the opportunities offered by online services for their own personal purposes. With the help of such applications, they easily find gullible young people, “cheat” them for money, extract personal information and then blackmail them.

How to choose a dating site
How to choose a dating site

And going on a date with a person from such an application means putting your life at risk. Of course, there are much fewer of them than on ordinary sites, where the audience is from adults and people unfamiliar with the intricacies of life on the Internet. But their quality is much higher. They are more sophisticated, smarter, bolder and more dangerous.

Tinder tinder

Today it is the largest international dating app for young and middle-aged people. This platform is quite progressive, because the developers are trying to keep up with the times. They add new features when people really need them.

They care about the anonymity and confidentiality of their users' personal data. And in the first place they have comfort for each person. Sounds beautiful, but is it really so?

Tinder for dating is integrated with Facebook. You can register in it by linking an account from this social network and a phone number. The developers swear that no data from the application will end up on the user's Facebook page, and nothing of it will be lost or stolen during use.

The best dating sites
The best dating sites

But this integration is quite alarming. Especially against the background of the fact that several major scandals on the topic of mass theft of users' personal data have recently been associated with this largest social network.

But on the other hand, this application contains a huge mass of people who are really interested in finding a permanent partner for themselves. If you do not specify any data, for the safety of which it will be scary, then you can use Tinder with real comfort. The interface is very user-friendly and modern.

The process of viewing candidates for the role of interlocutors is quite simple, but at the same time modern and quite effective - a person simply “flips through” the profiles of those people offered by the system with one movement. And if with someone his sympathy is mutual, then for them the possibility of a chat will be available.

The best dating sites
The best dating sites

This application has a very large audience. In almost every major city there are several hundred guys and girls who use it. Developers are quite sensitive to the peace of mind of their users, so they have the ability to limit the activity of too annoying or suspicious people.

The support service works well, you can immediately see that the creators did not stint on this part of the work. To summarize, we can say that this is one of the most worthy dating apps today.

Badoo badoo

The dating site Badu is one of Tinder's main competitors in the Russian mobile dating app market. In contrast, Badoo is a fairly old site that has been operating since 2006. During this time, she managed to accumulate a huge audience, fame and trust of users of this country.

This is an undeniable advantage over other platforms that have only recently entered the Russian market. Rarely is a product of this scale created with an eye on an audience from our country. However, certain difficulties are associated with this, which will be discussed later.

The best dating sites
The best dating sites

One of the main advantages of this service is that it is available on both PCs and smartphones. Therefore, its capabilities are somewhat wider than those of highly specialized applications for phones. Many people, especially middle-aged and older, find it much more convenient to work with personal computers or laptops than with telephones.

To some extent, the target is aimed at an audience over 35-40 years old. In theory, men and women are more likely to find a couple on this site or app to build strong relationships with. After all, the number of young and windy people among the users of this service is low.

This dating site is quite old, and to some extent this is its disadvantage. Due to the fact that the creators are trying to keep the old audience of a decent age, and create conditions for the arrival of younger users, they have incidents on this basis. But the biggest issue is the paid side of this mobile dating site.

How to find a good dating site
How to find a good dating site

Yes, users have the opportunity to buy some services or jewelry for real money. And a lot of money. And now there is such a tendency that without certain investments it will not be possible to fully look for partners.

And the cost of a premium account, which provides a lot of useful and really necessary functions, exceeds 5,000 rubles per month. Is a person willing to shell out that kind of money just to get to know other people? The question is, of course, very controversial.

"Mamba" 3

Another oldest dating service on the Internet with a huge Russian-speaking audience. According to users, the creators of this site and application are much more successful than others in integrating new technologies into their rather old, but high-quality site.

There is, of course, the opportunity to buy some additional functions or services for real money, but, unlike its competitors, Mamba offers to do this for a very modest price. User reviews of this service are very mixed. There are both those who are completely satisfied with his work, and those whom he greatly disappointed.

Choosing a dating site
Choosing a dating site

First of all, they praise the variety of functions and their unobtrusiveness. If any "Tinder" will work only with geolocation enabled, then Mamba users can choose to activate it or not. Also, users like the fact that the site includes elements of a social network.

You can keep a personal diary or blog, share news and photos, get some reactions to these actions. Of course, this prevents the rapid transfer of communication from the Internet to real life, but the creators of the site only benefit from the fact that people will spend more time communicating with its help.

But, of course, there are also disadvantages. The most important thing that users are unhappy with is the rather careless attitude of the management towards the privacy of users. Some complain that their accounts have been blocked because they "wrote something wrong" in private messages to another person. That is, the administration is engaged, in their opinion, by reading other people's correspondence and limiting the list of topics for conversation.

For example, you cannot discuss intimate issues and make any commercial proposals. Of course, if a user receives complaints, he will definitely be checked. But some were blocked without investigation or complaints from those with whom they communicated.

Good dating sites
Good dating sites

In general, dating on such sites is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is a real opportunity to find a person who is close not only spiritually, but also living in the same city. On the other hand, there is a fairly large number of problems that are not resolved over time. It is worth doing this only at your own peril and risk.

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