Why Do Kept Women Receive Material Assistance From Men?

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Why Do Kept Women Receive Material Assistance From Men?
Why Do Kept Women Receive Material Assistance From Men?

Video: Why Do Kept Women Receive Material Assistance From Men?

Video: Why Do Kept Women Receive Material Assistance From Men?
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material support for a woman
material support for a woman

When a couple meets, the man gives the woman gifts, pays for her, shows all sorts of signs of attention. Married people have a family budget, they are connected by everyday life and common activities. But there is a relationship that is based only on material support for a woman. They are called "by convenience" or "kept woman and sponsor."

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  • 1 Men willing to provide financial assistance
  • 2 The nature of the sponsor-kept relationship
  • 3 Why do girls receive financial support?
  • 4 Features of material support for kept women
  • 5 How to get such help from a man?

An interesting study was carried out by Russian scientists at St. Petersburg State University. They interviewed female students and humanities faculty members whether they would like to live off a man or not. 60% answered that they are ready to live at the expense of a man and would not insist on a legal relationship.

Such connections are a modern phenomenon. In Russia (Leningrad), a similar survey was conducted back in the 1980s. At that time, only 20% were ready to live on financial support from the stronger sex. At the same time, the issue of legalizing relations was not discussed. The overwhelming majority of women answered that they would like to make a career and earn money themselves, not depending on a partner.

So why does a woman get money in this format of communication, and how does a man behave with her?

Men willing to provide financial assistancei

In a relationship where a woman lives at the expense of a young man and can use his means at her own discretion, there are wealthy and status men. They don't have to be millionaires. Mid-range businessmen also make similar connections.

Why a man gives money to a woman and what goals he pursues in this case, we will tell in our article at the link.

Such men, most often, are successful in financial matters, but not so happy in their personal lives. Among them there are those who are unlucky in love, divorced guys, as well as married, but tired of problem family life and unable to get divorced for a number of reasons. Therefore, they get to know other ladies who are ready to date them and receive rewards in return.

Money-based relationships
Money-based relationships

In this case, the woman's material support is manifested in money for personal care, food and household needs, travel. This includes gifts: appliances, things, trips abroad, cars, real estate and even business. The girls who meet their sponsor live on these incomes.

For a man, having a kept woman means confirming his social position, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem. A beautiful, sexy woman who is nearby is a kind of proof of his success and wealth.

For the guys themselves, this is very convenient if they do not need a serious relationship, are busy with work and want to spend their free time in the pleasant company of a wonderful companion. They get stable sex, communication, good mood and lack of brainwash and other problems that accompany normal relationships.

The nature of the sponsor-kept relationship 2

This format is fundamentally different from the removal of a prostitute or fornication. In the first case, sex is the basis of meetings. Young people pay a predetermined amount for it, and this is where it ends. But kept women don't sell their bodies. Yes, they have an intimacy with a sponsor. But this is far from all that is expected of them. Most of these girls are smart, emotional and well-mannered. They brighten it up with their presence in the life of single men.

material support the basis of the relationship
material support the basis of the relationship

This is not a lover who can also receive material support. The kept woman has nothing to do with her sponsor, she does not talk about his family, does not demand, does not be capricious and never puts herself above others. She often accompanies him at social events, because a man is not ashamed and not afraid to be with her in society. However, she does not "climb" into his personal and work spheres of life.

Why do girls get monetary support? 3

Contrary to the notorious belief that kept women are paid for sex, they receive material benefits for a whole range of things. She is well versed in male psychology, thanks to which she knows when to support, how to properly care and give attention. Such girls easily keep up a conversation on any topic, as they are well-read and literate. They clearly know what things should not be discussed with sponsors. And most importantly, they do not expect feelings or love from him.

Women looking for a sponsor spend time with a man wherever he wants. They walk, make love, attend parties and private events. At the same time, this couple is connected only by material support, and not by falling in love.

To always stay "in shape", they read a lot, always learn something new, have interesting hobbies. They watch their appearance and figure, understand clothes and modern trends. They adhere to people with dignity and easily find a common language with them, without looking accessible and frivolous.

material support the basis of the relationship
material support the basis of the relationship

Of course, these ladies can do a lot in bed. Sex life with a sponsor is very important for them, because the duration of the relationship depends on its quality. The girl receives a reward in the form of money for the fact that the man next to her rests both soul and body.

All of these things make sponsoring kept women more profitable for men than getting married or having a relationship with a regular girl. And there, and there, they spend money on the fair sex. Just being a sponsor, you can forget about what conflicts, everyday problems and misunderstandings are.

Features of material support for kept women4

Many men immediately stipulate what they want from the girl and what they are ready to give in return. The young lady herself cannot ask a guy at the first meeting about his income or voice the required amount. This will show that she only needs money. In fact, this is true, but a man does not need to demonstrate this. Only then can you count on financial leverage.

In such a relationship, a man does not immediately shower the girl with millions. Initially, the costs are not very high - for a spa, shopping, manicure, haircuts. Over time, trust increases, and the guy shells out: he rents an apartment where she can live, gives her expensive gifts (jewelry, equipment, a car), and gives her monthly cash for personal expenses. At the same time, a woman receiving such support is not required to report on what she spends her money on. She just thanks the man in all sorts of ways.

material support the basis of the relationship
material support the basis of the relationship

It is impossible to say exactly what amounts figure in such a relationship. It all depends on the status of the man, the characteristics of the girl herself. It is worth saying that young people, entering into a relationship with a kept woman, will not save on her. Material support for a woman for them is not a big blow to the budget. Therefore, such a relationship promises a comfortable life for the fair sex.

How to get this kind of help from a man? 5

It's very easy to get to know a sponsor if the girl is good looking, educated and sexy. It is enough to register on a dating site or a specialized resource where men are looking for women in order to provide them financially.

The rights and obligations in such a “pair” are usually discussed in advance, even when we meet. In the course of relations, they do not return to this issue. A girl, in order to attract a man who is ready to provide for her, needs to constantly work on herself and the man's pleasure. She should look good, always be in a good mood, at least when she is with the sponsor.

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