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3 Top Tips To Be A Happy Woman

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3 Top Tips To Be A Happy Woman
3 Top Tips To Be A Happy Woman

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How to be a happy woman
How to be a happy woman

Every woman imagines the state of happiness in her own way. For one, it is the presence of status cars in a personal vehicle fleet, fur coats, jewelry made of precious stones and metals, a rich lover at your side, for the other, it is enough to see loved ones and loved ones next to you, for the third - the opportunity to realize oneself in a career, to be independent of a man in material terms, to independently decide on which heel to buy shoes or what color to dye your hair again to global decisions that can change your whole future life for several years in advance, at least.

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  • 1 "If a woman is happy, she can make the whole world happy."
  • 2 "Women's happiness - would be cute next …" or …?

And yet, how to become a happy woman? Are there general ways to achieve this wonderful state, despite its different types of manifestation?

(S. Yesenin)

Tons of literature are devoted to the topic of happiness, women's happiness, a lot of research has been done on this subject. Considering how much money has been spent on the study of this problem, the thought inevitably comes that the problem of global warming in the whole world is inferior in importance to the search for the essence of happiness. It seems sometimes easier to come up with a new mathematical formula than to understand what makes a woman happy. And, unfortunately, not everyone finds in themselves the understanding that she, the one and only, needs to be happy, because there is no single recipe for happiness, just as there are no identical women.

It so happened in society that the opinion of others is important to many. This phrase: “what will my relatives / neighbors / colleagues think / say about me?” Can knock me out of a colleague for a long time and does not contribute to inner harmony, which means feeling happy. Because only with inner peace, balance, a person can feel this wonderful state - Happiness.

This does not mean that you do not need to take into account the opinion of other people, express some kind of constant protest against society, but at least sometimes you need to learn to defend your beliefs and interests, to do what you feel is necessary for you. Someone will think this is selfish, but if you do not think about yourself beloved, who else will think about you?

become a happy woman
become a happy woman

All my life I dreamed of changing the hair color from chestnut to blond, so go to the store for paint, or better to the hairdresser, it doesn't matter if you don't like the result, you can fix it; I want to walk barefoot through the puddles in the city center after a summer rain - go, do not think about passers-by, they envy you, your courage and your happy appearance, most importantly, your state of harmony with yourself. This will be the first recipe.

"If a woman is happy, she can make the whole world happy" i

Many representatives of the fair sex dissolve in their men, children, household chores, work … And at the same time they feel absolutely happy. This is also wonderful, it is their choice. But it really hurts when suddenly what gave the state of happiness suddenly brings pain and disappointment. It's great when there is a strong, reliable shoulder of your beloved man nearby. But there is no guarantee that this shoulder will one day become a support for some younger beauty.

Children always need maternal care and love, but they grow up, they have their own worries, a desire to be independent … A career can also end abruptly or stop bringing pleasure. Therefore, a woman just needs to accept herself as she is, find something to do, a hobby that allows her to develop her creative abilities (and everyone has them), to enjoy it.

It doesn't matter what you paint like a first grader or knit hats and scarves that no one needs. The main thing is that this activity brings you pleasure here and now and you like the result of your activity. Have always dreamed of doing photography, baking - start doing it, without delaying "until tomorrow."

recipes for finding happiness
recipes for finding happiness

Who knows, maybe your hobby in the future will be able to bring not only pleasure, but also income. Do not be afraid of the opinions of others, you feel the desire to create in yourself - create and get up (of course, within the reasonable framework and in compliance with the norms of the criminal code)!

And here is the second recipe "how to become a happy woman" - a favorite pastime, hobby.

"Women's happiness - would be cute next …" or …? 2

It's great when a man who loves her is next to a woman. But if this man openly uses the kindness and love of his wife, and he himself considers it a feat to give her several branches of mimosa on March 8, or he abuses alcohol, drugs, does not want to work and support his family. Is it possible to be happy next to such a man?

Besides, if a girl for some reason lives alone, she cannot be happy? From early childhood, girls are taught that they should get married. But after all, each has its own destiny. If it happens that a woman does not marry, well, she will not find the only man with whom "in sorrow and in joy" and "die in one day." At the same time, she knows how to cook perfectly, she has excellent taste and in general, she is smart, beautiful, successful and independent. Doesn't she deserve to be a happy woman?

Thanks to the opinion imposed by society, which in the 21st century remains predominantly patriarchal, this woman cannot be happy. This is a deep delusion that has ruined the life and spoiled the mood of more than one woman. Some girls, remembering this opinion of society, run to marry almost the first comer …

happy woman
happy woman

After falling in love comes an understanding of what has been done, followed by regret, depression. Therefore, a woman needs to learn to be happy regardless of whether she has a husband or not. History knows the names of many women, bright, talented, but at the same time it is unlikely that anyone will now think of condemning them for being unmarried: Jane Austen, Mireille Mathieu, Coco Chanel …

So, the third recipe, defined by the already mentioned Jane Austen: "Look for yourself, and you will find a husband."

Be happy with yourself, Women!

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