7 First Date Questions To Find Out Everything About A Person

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7 First Date Questions To Find Out Everything About A Person
7 First Date Questions To Find Out Everything About A Person

Video: 7 First Date Questions To Find Out Everything About A Person

Video: 7 First Date Questions To Find Out Everything About A Person
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7 questions for a first date
7 questions for a first date

Many people are afraid of first dates; after all, in front of an unfamiliar person there is always a risk to make the wrong impression and goofy. But it is during the first meeting that we get a chance to find out whether this or that person can harmoniously fit into our life. And even before heading out to a meeting, many people start thinking about dating questions.

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  • 1 Opinion of professional psychologists
  • 2 1. "What are your priorities and values?"
  • 3 2. "Do you make your bed every day?"
  • 4 3. "How do you spend your weekend?"
  • 5 4. "Tell us about your family and childhood"
  • 6 5. "What do you regret more than anything else?"
  • 7 6. "What future do you dream about?"
  • 8 7. "What was your worst date ever?"

Opinion of professional psychologists i

Fortunately, there is no need to rack your brains, as everything has already been invented by professionals. Including a list of date-relevant questions. Psychologists Rachel DeAlto and Jessica Griffin talk about the best questions to ask on a first date.

“On the first date, you constantly have to balance between the appropriateness of the topic of conversation and the collection of information about the person. It’s impossible to know without asking if this or that candidate is right for you,”explains Griffin. “But on the other hand, some slippery topics should be avoided. These include religion, politics, finance, conversations about past relationships."

1. "What are your priorities and values?" 1

This is a fairly broad topic, but it does cover some very important areas. A person can tell a lot about himself by answering this question. Maybe he himself will tell about his religious views, the habit of spending his free time, or even his relationship with the law. In any case, you do not have to ask unnecessary questions: if the interlocutor starts talking, he will lay out all the information about himself, like on a silver platter.

“Ask your counterpart what exactly makes him happy? What does he consider the most important thing in the world? This will help you get to know him better and roughly estimate your compatibility,”says DeAlto.

2. "Do you make your bed every day?" 2

This question may not seem so important. Ultimately, does it make a difference in what condition the sofa is all day while the owners are not at home? But there is one very important detail here. There are people who can be brought to a boil in a matter of seconds by a straightened bed or scattered socks.

Tricky Date Questions
Tricky Date Questions

And there are those for whom there are more important questions in the world. “There is nothing wrong with being in this or that group,” Griffin explains. “However, if you are a fan of creative disorder, and your new acquaintance is a pedant and clean to the core, then you should find out about it on the first date. Believe me, the life together of people with different understanding of everyday issues can turn into hell. And for both parties."

3. "How do you spend your weekend?" 3

Also, Dr. Griffin believes that it is important to find out from a new acquaintance and favorite way to relax. “Just ask a question about what he or she usually likes to do. The interlocutor will tell you about his interests, priorities, social life. Is he an introvert who enjoys spending his day off reading books? Or does your new acquaintance love to go to sports events?"

“It may also happen that your interlocutor sees no other way to have fun than drinking alcohol. So such a question will also help to quickly identify a person with addiction and insure yourself against exhausting relationships with an unhealthy person. If this or that way of rest seems to you of little interest or, on the contrary, exciting - preliminary conclusions about compatibility can be made already at the first meetings."

Questions to ask on a date
Questions to ask on a date

4. "Tell about your family and childhood" 4

This is a very simple and always relevant question. “By asking it, you can get some idea of the conditions in which the personality of your interlocutor was formed. And also adolescence is an equally important period of character formation. So listen carefully to a new acquaintance and draw conclusions,”explains Griffin.

5. "What do you regret more than anything else?"

Each person in his biography has awkward life moments or even some shameful experiences. “Of course, you shouldn't“dig too deep”, learning about such facts - first dates are not yet a reason to get into a person’s soul. However, sometimes this question also helps to find out more information about a person's values and what he considers more important to himself,”says DeAlto.

6. "What future do you dream about?" 6

Of course, you shouldn't turn a date into an interview for a vacant position. So questions like "What do you want in 5 years?" it is better to omit, since they always evoke associations with the questioning of an HR manager.

The date should take place in a relaxed manner, where no one strains and does not seek to present himself in the best light. “You can ask the interlocutor what he would like if he had a magic wand in his hands? Or if he won the million dollar money lottery. Your friend's story will help you better understand whether he is able to make plans for the future, work on their implementation, and make efforts to transform his life,”Jessica recommends.

Questions for a date
Questions for a date

7. "What was your worst date ever?" 7

“If the answer to this question is not“This is a date,”then usually this situation causes mutual laughter of relief,” explains DeAlto at the end of the interview. "And laughing is always useful - and besides, you can understand whether a person has a sense of humor."

By the way, when asking these questions, you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to answer them yourself. After all, the interlocutor will be no less interested in hearing about the features of your biography and character. We hope that this list of questions will be useful to our reader and will help to find the romantic partner of your dreams.

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