Tips On How To Communicate With A Girl On A Dating Site

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Tips On How To Communicate With A Girl On A Dating Site
Tips On How To Communicate With A Girl On A Dating Site

Video: Tips On How To Communicate With A Girl On A Dating Site

Video: Tips On How To Communicate With A Girl On A Dating Site
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phrases for online dating
phrases for online dating

Few will remember, but once upon a time in ancient times the World Wide Web did not exist. People had to overcome their shyness and fear of backlash in order to make new acquaintances, confess sympathy to an interesting girl, or voice their claims to friends.

The content of the article

  • 1 Avoid platitudes
  • 2 Ask questions
  • 3 Compliments
  • 4 Sincerity

Now our life is easy and simple, in social networks you can thoughtfully and consistently state your position on any issue. At the same time, people feel freer and more relaxed. On the other hand, online dating phrases are rarely original.

Moreover, many resort to the help of special applications in which the first phrase is replaced by "swipe" or "like".

Let's remember today where to start meeting a new person, how to interest him from the very first messages, to make sure that he will definitely agree to meet in real life.

Avoid platitudes

Everyone knows the catch phrase “Hello! How are you?". Usually, few people respond to messages of this content, especially from a stranger. Getting started with this commonplace is not the best way to meet an interesting girl or a nice guy.

The person who received the message with the text "How are you?" on a subconscious level, he feels a lack of strong interest in his person. It seems that at least five other girls received such a message on this cloudy evening. Anyone who answers it can count on the same standard communication with a guy who, after a couple of hours, will call her for coffee in a network cafe.

If, however, from the first message it is clear that the interlocutor flipped through the page, looked at the photos, paid attention to the musical predilections of the stranger, the chances of making new acquaintances increase several times. So we can show that we treat our choice consciously, it is important for us to get a positive reaction in return.

These are, of course, general rules. Below are some original phrases for online dating.

  • Hello! Your photos have amazing landscapes. Can you tell me what these amazing places are?
  • I've been waiting for when you finally decide to meet me. I can't wait any longer, I write first.
  • Hello! I see you have a labrador? I have long dreamed of having such a dog, can you tell the subtleties of care?

There are a lot of variations, it all depends on what you liked about the person. Think about this question and submit your questions in the original version. Your efforts will most likely be appreciated.

Ask questions2

This point is closely related to the previous one. You saw a girl on the Internet or in an online dating application that you liked so much that writing to her is already a matter of honor and possibly the future.

the best phrases for online dating
the best phrases for online dating

Remember how pleased you are when people around you are actively interested in your life, hobbies, thoughts, opinions. So, absolutely everyone likes it. Including avid introverts who are not very open to communication. Study personal information in the questionnaire on the page of the object of your interest.

Open the playlist, perhaps this is where the gold mine for communication is hidden. Surprisingly, musical addictions brought together more than one happy married couple. There are millions of topics for conversation here: favorite directions, performers, attended concerts, video clips, personal lives of famous musicians.

First, when a stranger offers to talk about music, it will not embarrass anyone. The topic is as neutral as possible, not requiring much to open your soul. But at the same time, there is an opportunity to understand a person better, to find out which melodies invigorate him, which ones drive him into sadness

Second, as you continue to communicate, knowing your partner's musical preferences can give you a head start when planning a meeting in real life. Basically, people first meet in a coffee shop or restaurant, where they drink, eat and chat about everything in the world. Here a more original option arises - to invite a person to a concert

There are much more opportunities, because at such a moment you give your partner emotions and a charge of positive energy, which he will definitely direct at you. In the atmosphere of idol performances, you can relax, get to know each other better, dance and laugh. Rest assured, dating like this leaves a bright mark on your soul.

the best phrases for online dating
the best phrases for online dating

What else can you ask? With a little creativity, any question can be useful when building new contacts. Ask about work, school, friends, dressing habits, childhood experiences, movies you like. The main thing is that the question is presented tactfully and in an original way.


Even more than taking an interest in our personality, we all value recognizing our benefits. From the very first correspondence, it is worth paying due attention to praises and compliments to a new acquaintance. His gender is not important either - both boys and girls are delighted when they are told about beauty, a good figure and a charming smile.

You can find out how to properly compliment a girl about her beauty in our article. Follow the link.

The only caveat is that you shouldn't overdo it. People can tell exaggeration from reality. Some men start comparing a potential girl with ancient Greek goddesses, beauty queens and winners of the Miss Universe pageant. Such hypertrophied statements are likely to scare away the desired object.

Better to be honest from the start. If the girl has beautiful hair, just tell her beautifully. And if a guy has an attractive athletic build or stunning blue eyes, focus on the real moments that draw you in.

how to find words when chatting online
how to find words when chatting online

If a person from the beginning of their acquaintance jokes appropriately, says flattering and objective things, this causes a positive response. Say what you feel. Sincerity always captivates.

But here, too, it is important to analyze and not put pressure on the sexual instincts. It's not a good idea to write compliments to a completely unfamiliar girl on the spicy parts of her body. This approach will demonstrate to the new acquaintance that she is considered exclusively as an object of sexual attraction. Of course, there are women who put all their charms on display and they often receive messages of erotic content.

However, it will be much more pleasant for her if you express your admiration for her wardrobe and the ability to combine clothes and accessories, than once again remind you of the fourth breast size. Save flattering reviews on this matter until the moment when the person begins to trust you and it will be appropriate to voice it. Excellent options for the best compliments for a girl are collected in our article.


The last point in our conversation today about online dating phrases is being sincere. There is no denying that lies are not always immediately recognized. You can talk as much as you like that you visit the gym, admire the work of Valery Meladze and love to drink coffee while sitting in a romantic restaurant overlooking the night Petersburg.

how to communicate on the Internet
how to communicate on the Internet

Ultimately, all fictional things will come out. At this point, you can lose confidence, start a long time explaining your reasons and motivation. The person will no longer believe. Therefore, we recommend that from the very first message speak about everything honestly, without exaggeration and embellishment.

You also want the person to enjoy communicating simply because it brings him pleasure. You shouldn't brag about an expensive car, trips to foreign resorts and so on. As a result, you will be asked to show photos from your vacation, but in fact you traveled with friends to Sochi.

It's also good, you don't have to be a client of Michelin-starred restaurants in Nice for a new friend to be genuinely interested in you.

You will definitely become a master of short compliments to a girl after reading our next article.

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