Why Do Not You Have A Girlfriend? Top 15 Reasons That Will Explain Everything

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Why Do Not You Have A Girlfriend? Top 15 Reasons That Will Explain Everything
Why Do Not You Have A Girlfriend? Top 15 Reasons That Will Explain Everything

Video: Why Do Not You Have A Girlfriend? Top 15 Reasons That Will Explain Everything

Video: Why Do Not You Have A Girlfriend? Top 15 Reasons That Will Explain Everything
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Why do not you have a girlfriend
Why do not you have a girlfriend

Most of the guys who don't have a girlfriend were very close to a new relationship. But most likely, they were hampered by a lack of perseverance or some small, in their opinion, detail - like the absence of a front tooth in their mouth or a higher education diploma in their pocket.

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  • 1 Reason 1. You don't try enough times
  • 2 Reason 2. You're too picky
  • 3 Reason 3. You are lazy
  • 4 Reason 4. You live under your mother's skirt
  • 5 Reason 5. You're just too good
  • 6 Reason 6. You are dirty
  • 7 Reason 7. You get lost in the crowd
  • 8 Reason 8. You're an introvert
  • Reason 9: You're a whining and complaining champion
  • 10 Reason 10. You're an incorrigible workaholic
  • 11 Reason 11. You're out of shape
  • 12 Reason 12. You have no money
  • 13 Reason 13. You think girls don't like you
  • 14 Reason 14. You are dressed anyhow
  • 15 Reason 15. You have a bloated ego

Today we will talk about the main (and not very basic) reasons why you may have difficulties with the fair sex. After you read about all of these reasons, we strongly recommend that you make a selection plan to overcome the existing obstacles. And, of course, start acting in accordance with the developed strategy.

Reason 1. You don't try enough times_1

If you are serious about finding a girl, then you need to do your best. Once again: all the efforts that you have. Not meeting three, five or ten young ladies, and that's the end of it. And continue to act despite the setbacks. Few people like rejection, but you can't let fear of rejection prevent you from getting a decent option.

Reason 2. You're too picky_2

Most likely, you have already flipped through a ton of magazines on the same topic, and they did their dirty deed: hundreds of ideal porn models have already drawn in your imagination an unrealistic vision of a perfect girl. However, too many requirements and required features invariably lead to failure. So lower your expectations a little - and you will certainly meet that one.

Reason 3. You are lazy_3

Success doesn't fall into the hands of procrastinators and idlers. They can only dream of him lying on the couch. Do you want a real girl, not the fruit of a dream? Kindly show persistence. If the same one told you that she does not have time for a date today, this does not mean that she will not have time next Thursday. And to melt the ice, hand her a bouquet of daisies, give her a teddy pony, or at least make her laugh with a funny joke. In short, do something that will lead you to success.

Reason 4. You live under your mother's skirt_4

Sorry guys, but if you live with your parents, then you are complete losers. Girls don't like dating guys who live under the same roof as mom and dad. So if you work and you have the opportunity to provide yourself with at least some kind of hovel - do it immediately. If, of course, you need at least some kind of relationship with the female sex.

Reason 5. You're just too good_5

It is not good to be good. Remember this. Because if you are too nice and courteous, you will never be able to get a girl. Many ladies are crazy about confidence and some rudeness. So if you don’t pretend to be an exemplary nerd, then you will definitely have a chance.

Why do not you have a girlfriend
Why do not you have a girlfriend

Reason 6. You're dirty _6

You will never find a girl if you have a problem with it. Bad breath, greasy hair, dirty clothes, the smell of urine from shoes … Or maybe you carry from under your armpits so that you can even hang an ax? With this approach to hygiene, forget about girls.

Reason 7. You get lost in the crowd_7

If you constantly communicate with more popular guys, being in the shadow of their glory, do not blame me: you will have to come to terms with your position as the second number. If your friends are much more attractive and sexier, your super cute personality will always be perceived as much less valuable. Therefore, you should not try to score extra points at the expense of friends. Otherwise, you have to spend millions of years to get a girl.

And if in your group you occupy a far from leading position, you may even have to change your social circle. Find new friends who don't know you have always played supporting roles. And become one of the key decision-makers in your group. After all, women are always attracted to status leaders - so become one of them, and you will easily find a girlfriend.

Reason 8. You're an introvert _8

Do you sit at home for days, never leaving the grocery store? Then the question is: where are you going to look for the lady of the heart - under the sofa, behind the trash can? Or maybe on the grocery shelf between cans of pickled beans?

Reasons why there is no girl
Reasons why there is no girl

To get to know each other, you need to go out and visit crowded places and events. Where, in principle, you can meet someone. So if you suffer from excessive introversion, we recommend that you work out this quality properly - otherwise you will have to while away your life alone until your gray hair.

Reason 9. You're a whining and complaining champion _9

Those suffering from the habit of always complaining about everything will never get a relationship. Even if objectively they deserve female attention. Seriously bro! Stop constantly complaining about everything and start thinking positively. This will transform your behavior and believe, women will reach out to you.

Reason 10. You are an incorrigible workaholic_10

In this case, everything is understandable. If you spend most of your waking hours at work - so that you don't even have a couple of minutes a day to meet girls - you will never have a woman. In fact, it is not so important whether you will have it: even if you start a relationship, in the end you will be left with nothing. It is unlikely that any girl is ready to wait for her beloved for days, grieving at the window. Indeed, in this case, there will always be someone who, in your absence, will dispel her nostalgia.

Reason 11. You are not in shape_11

This does not mean that for the sake of relationships, you need to turn blood from your nose into a rocking one. It just means it's time to get rid of the dangling fat and beer belly. And in order to pump up muscles a little and drive off extra pounds, you will have to make an effort.

The guy has no girlfriend
The guy has no girlfriend

You don't have to become perfect; but it is definitely worth adjusting your appearance a little. Since if you are in good shape, this cannot but attract girls. Remember, friend: sport truly works wonders.

Reason 12. You have no money _12

Yes, it sounds very mercantile, but many pretty pretty ladies peck at the money. You can think whatever you want and call such ladies whatever you want in your thoughts. But the fact remains: many girls just want money. You can be courteous like an English lord and three times handsome like Alain de Laon. But if your monthly earnings are barely enough to pay for a communal apartment and a bus pass, it is unlikely that any sane lady will contact you.

Reason 13. You think that girls don't like you_13

“I'd better not talk to her, she doesn't like me anyway”, “We are from different social strata, so you can forget about hope”, “It seems that she already has a boyfriend” … How many times have you repeated these excuses? But one has only to move away from the usual notions for a minute - and you will see that the real situation is completely opposite to the fables that you compose in your mind.

For example, you can find out that this or that female person is madly in love with you, while no signals from her side indicate this. Moreover, this lady may think like this: since you are not taking any action, then you have no interest in her. So you don't know the truth until you can talk frankly.

Why doesn't a guy have a girlfriend
Why doesn't a guy have a girlfriend

Or consider a different situation. You see the girl you like at the bar talking to another guy. And naturally, the thought occurs to you that she is in love with him, and your train has left. But what if this interlocutor is in fact her creepy boss, whom she cannot stand? And she really hoped that you would interrupt this conversation and save her from an unpleasant conversation?

Reason 14. You are dressed anyhow_14

Unfortunately for women, millions of men care less about their appearance. But you understand that attracting the opposite sex is the whole point of the fashion industry, right? It is the poem that women spend hours and days on makeup, hair and clothes. And they never come to the party twice in the same dress. The reason is simple - they want to be visible to potential boyfriends.

This also applies to us. The clothes two sizes larger that you took out of Grandpa's chest will always make Mr. invisible of you. Did you know that one of the first things that interested women look at are shoes? So the next time you walk down the street, pay attention to how many passers-by girls first looked you in the eye, and then at your shoes.

Possible reasons why there is no girl
Possible reasons why there is no girl

Reason 15. You have a bloated ego_15

Do you remember about the ChSV - the one that Castaneda spoke about? So, if you consider yourself the navel of the earth, and women are pitiful slaves who must serve you, then you will definitely have problems finding a girl. Try removing the crown from your head for a while. Or maybe even clean it up and tidy it up for a month or two in a distant box. With helpers such as modesty and a sincere interest in another person, communication with girls will go much faster.

So, if you are going to find a girl, then you should seriously consider how you live. Analyze the facts and draw appropriate conclusions. Accept the fact that finding a girl is only possible through trial and error. But when all the obstacles are overcome, then you will definitely get the woman you deserve.

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