How To Start A Conversation With A Girl - Rules For Shy Ones

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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl - Rules For Shy Ones
How To Start A Conversation With A Girl - Rules For Shy Ones

Video: How To Start A Conversation With A Girl - Rules For Shy Ones

Video: How To Start A Conversation With A Girl - Rules For Shy Ones
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How to start a conversation with a girl
How to start a conversation with a girl

Before becoming real "sharks" hunting young girls, guys often feel embarrassed when meeting them. Naturally, a huge problem for many is how to start a conversation with a girl when they first meet. After all, if you miss the moment, you can just lose the girl of your dreams.

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Street Datingi

Despite the worldwide computerization of society and the rapid advancement of social networks, the usual acquaintance on the street or in a cozy cafe has not yet been canceled. Who knows, maybe this is where the beautiful stranger awaits.

But, many guys who are used to communicating on the Internet have completely lost their dating skills in real life. The advice provided, combined with a keen sense of intelligence and situational awareness, will make the acquaintance successful and can guarantee the subsequent development of the relationship.

Greetings 2

It would seem that difficult in an elementary greeting. However, this business has its own certain nuances. When you think of greeting a girl on the street, first of all, take care not to scare her.

It is unlikely that at least one of the fairer sex will like it when, unexpectedly, “Hello” is shouted into her ear from the back. One should greet in such a way that the girl sees her interlocutor in advance. Blocking the passage can also be regarded by a potential interlocutor as a threat. After greeting, it is best to introduce yourself immediately.

How to talk to a girl
How to talk to a girl

You can find more tips on how to get a girlfriend in our article here.

Delay questions3

At the next stage, you need to take care to detain the girl and provoke her to maintain a conversation. If a stranger walks the dog, this is just the perfect option. Girls tend to love their pets. Therefore, in most cases, questions about the breed, age or character of a four-legged companion in most cases will be followed by extended answers. All that remains is to keep the conversation going.

If the girl is alone, you need to navigate the situation and come up with a question to which she cannot give an unambiguous answer. At this stage, it is best to give the girl the first compliments. The main thing is that they are not banal and intrusive.

In many ways, sweet and kind jokes help in the first communication. However, here it is worth strictly controlling so that there is not a single ounce of sarcasm or evil irony in the humor. Helps to make an acquaintance on the street and an ordinary balloon presented as a gift (if there is nearby, where to get it).

If there is no ball, a bouquet of fallen leaves or a lonely flower (in great secret plucked from a nearby flower bed) will do. The main thing is to give your first present with a kind and sweet smile on your face.

How to start a conversation
How to start a conversation

If the first meeting took place in a cafeteria, everything is much easier, you can try to treat a beautiful stranger with a cup of aromatic tea or coffee and start a conversation about gastronomic preferences. In general, in order to start the first conversation and interest the interlocutor, you need to show maximum improvisation.

First date conversation4

The advice of psychologists on this matter is not too different from the previous ones. The only exception is that here, in addition to everything, it is customary to tell something about yourself. This "live" acquaintance differs from its counterpart on social networks. Using the Internet, a girl already makes a first impression about a guy by posts, likes and groups, knows his interests and tastes. Reality suggests that young people will talk about all this on their first date.

The main thing at that stage is not to start bragging about your exploits, especially if they are completely fictional. What to talk to a girl about ?! Here the guy needs to try to talk less about himself and, conversely, be as interested in the personality of the interlocutor as possible. Her hobbies, passion in the literature of cinema should take first place.

In no case should you interrupt the interlocutor and talk in parallel with her. That will assure the girl that the guy is not familiar with the rules of good manners is unlikely to leave a chance for the subsequent development of relations.

How to meet a girl
How to meet a girl

Not the best topic for conversation on a first date and personal life. It's best not to talk about her ex-boyfriends and relationships, and even less talk about your successes or failures. Before starting a conversation with a girl, a guy must strictly forbid himself to touch these topics. The funniest thing in this regard are the guys trying to convince a new acquaintance that they have never heard a refusal. In this case, they can count on a strict and firm "no".

Result 5

Most psychologists are inclined to adhere to the opinion that a woman assesses the entire expediency of a relationship with a man on the first date. So you shouldn't "jump over your head" and pretend you don't know who. The best helpers in such cases have been and remain sincerity, kindness and lack of vain manners.

Girls are intuitively capable of feeling lies. A guy who lied on a first date will never get a chance for a long-term relationship.

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