10 Tips For Getting The Attention Of The Guy You Like

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10 Tips For Getting The Attention Of The Guy You Like
10 Tips For Getting The Attention Of The Guy You Like

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How to get a guy's attention
How to get a guy's attention

For women, the question of how to get the guy's attention will always remain relevant. All men have different tastes, so you cannot rely only on your attractive appearance and chiseled figure. We will talk about what attracts the stronger sex further. And you will understand that you can get the attention of any man, become for him the one and only.

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  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Self-confidence
  • 3 Beautiful and cultured speech
  • 4 Smile
  • 5 Talk about what is interesting to a man
  • 6 Compliments


Surely, one shouldn't say that every woman simply has to be neat: clean hair, no regrown hair roots, a snow-white smile and fresh breath, ironed clean clothes. But this is not all that the representatives of the stronger sex "peck" at. If you do not know how to draw a man's attention to yourself, for sure something is wrong in your appearance. Let's figure it out in detail:

Do not neglect high heels, it is not for nothing that they were created for ladies. The hairpin will transform any figure, make the silhouette more elongated and slender, the legs are long, and the gait is flying. As for the gait, you need to discuss this point in more detail. Don't wear high heels if you've never worn one. Practice walking on stiletto heels at home until you gracefully maneuver on them. Move sneakers away, give preference to shoes, ballet flats, you must remain feminine in any situation

  • Emphasize the advantages of the figure, hide its flaws. For example, if the waist is thin, then you need to wear belts, belts. With wide hips, you will have to forget about leggings, but with a short neck, wear only blouses with a moderate neckline. You can't dress vulgar, everything should be tasteful, but fashionable, feminine, but not too flashy.
  • In the wardrobe of any girl, there should be purely feminine things that attract men. These are stockings, but not tights, which always strive to get off, and they have to be corrected. Fitted jackets with lace (but do not overdo it), hats, berets, graceful gloves, scarves made of delicate fabric.
  • A little makeup never hurts, no matter how beautiful you think you are. Do not be afraid to ruin powdery skin, today there are many cosmetics that are completely safe and inexpensive. Tint your eyelashes, even if yours are naturally long - men pay special attention to their eyes.
win attention
win attention

It is not necessary to dress in expensive boutiques to look always attractive and graceful. The wardrobe should be varied, the guy is unlikely to pay attention to the girl who walks in the same dress every day. Change, be diverse, it will attract eyes to you


How to attract the attention of a man who has long liked him, but still does not fit to meet? Men are attracted to confident people who are in the spotlight. If you met your hero in bowling, be sure to roll the balls too. At karaoke? Sing something while casting languid glances at the subject of adoration.

But remember one thing, he can come up at any time and strike up a conversation. The main thing is not to be discouraged, to remain the same perky and self-confident girl. If you are actually a shy person, then rehearse an example conversation at home in front of a mirror.

500 days of Summer
500 days of Summer

Beautiful and cultured speech3

Selective swearing and collective farm speech from a woman's mouth can shock any man, not only ideally educated, but also a notorious criminal and illiterate redneck. Watch what you say, no words like "che", "schA", "hawala" and so on. A girl should be able to express herself beautifully, her good breeding and culture will always attract the attention of men.

Perhaps in the future you will understand that foul language or distorted words are permissible in communicating with your chosen one. But at first, while you are just trying to get his gaze, follow the spoken language.


A girl who knitted her eyebrows and looked sullenly at her feet might attract attention, but only out of a feeling of pity. But the one that smiles, illuminating everything around with her radiance, attracts eyes like a magnet. If you are interested in the question of how to attract the attention of a man, do not let yourself be sad, no matter how bad your mood may be.

How to get a man
How to get a man

Talk about what is interesting to a man5

It is unlikely that the problem of waxing the bikini zone with wax can lure a male interlocutor. Also, he won't be interested in how many times your kitty has been nasty this week, and what an incredible sale took place in the cosmetics department. You can always discuss this with a friend. And how to get the guy's attention without being silent? Of course not.

If you are an expert in computers, cars, or plumbing, you can always keep up a conversation with a man. But you do not need to express your opinion on these points, if you do not understand them at all, it will be stupid. You can always maintain a conversation on an interesting topic, even if you are a complete "teapot" in it. Programmer guy?

How to please a man
How to please a man

Great, ask how to set up or install a program. Is the man doing auto repair? Complain that your / dad's car is cracking when you change gear. Let the guy start talking about possible problems with pleasure, and most importantly, with the look of an expert. This is how the right girls behave.


Men love compliments as much, and perhaps more than women. Feel free to compliment his biceps (even if they don't), his sense of humor, his dress style, and so on. But don't be cunning, otherwise you will look like a fox luring cheese from a crow.

Man's attention
Man's attention

Knowing how to get a guy's attention will always help you achieve exactly who you like. Use all female tricks, tricks, for that you were born a girl to conquer men's hearts!

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