How Do You Know That Your Affair Will Grow Into Something More?

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How Do You Know That Your Affair Will Grow Into Something More?
How Do You Know That Your Affair Will Grow Into Something More?

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the affair will grow into something more
the affair will grow into something more

In all his life, everyone at least once, but makes casual connections. This is not at all a sign of the disintegration of society or the degradation of relations, this is just a way to feel wanted again without unnecessary obligations. What is the beauty of an affair? You can enjoy all the bonuses of the romantic period without making plans for the future and without taking responsibility. Hugs, kisses, sex - all this without a husk in the form of promises to be together until the end of their days.

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But all this does not mean at all that the affair is not capable of developing into a serious romance. There are those for whom it has become a lifelong choice and brought a lot of happiness. That is why if at the moment you are basking in the rays of the attention of a casual partner, but you cannot identify your relationship in any way, then it is better to find out in advance about what distinguishes a casual relationship from a real romance. Then you can adjust your behavior and achieve great results.

Love at the apparatus

A sincere feeling appears where there is a lot of attention. Even a little thing like a phone call can say a lot. For example, you are constantly texting each other, where you often ask about business, hobbies, everything that happened during the day. Or, at any free time, try to call your partner, unconsciously bored in separation. All this suggests that you are not just companions for one or two nights. These are signs of nascent emotions that can grow into something more.

Joint appearance2

Another "bell" that determines the seriousness of your or his intentions - one get-together. You feel comfortable in the company of his or your friends, you are constantly together and you have no desire to change your companion - all this is a sure sign that love is not far off. Free people rarely appear together at all events, especially if nothing binds them. Therefore, if you are not the first week in a row together to go to a friend's birthday or become an invited couple at someone's wedding, then do not miss the moment and develop relationships in the same vein.

short romance
short romance

Sudden jealousy3

You want to visit your "friend", but it turns out that some girlfriend is already visiting him. Or maybe the girlfriend just doesn't answer calls because she's chatting with some guy. And now jealousy is obscuring your eyes, although before that you were sure of that. That you won't care. But jealousy is a sign that you consider a particular person yours and do not want to share his attention with anyone. This feeling is a litmus test of whether you are really just having an affair, or, deep down, you are counting on something serious.

Enduring Associations 4

When someone often appears in the company of another person, they begin to associate him with him. Friends started asking questions, where did your companion go? Do they stubbornly call you a couple and give "+1" everywhere on the guest lists? In this case, it is worth thinking about whether your relationship is so free and easy, or have you become full-fledged lovers? If so, then it's up to you to stay in the same status as just acquaintances, or move on to a more serious relationship.


Non-sexual dreams 5

Another feature of intrigues is that they are always tied to sex and flirting. Each meeting is an occasion to get physical pleasure, throw out emotions and entertain your own ego. If you periodically sleep together, but do not make love, then it means only one thing - you feel good together, and this does not require closeness. You feel joy just being around, and when you wake up you want to see only your partner nearby. It definitely doesn't sound like simple "friend sex", it's a much deeper feeling.

Long-term memory 6

Small secrets and nuances of their lives that people trust each other are an occasion to see a love subtext in a simple friendship. Even if you are absolutely sure that your partner is dating you only for the sake of sex and pleasant leisure, then do not rush to conclusions. It may turn out that he still remembers the name of your favorite cat as a child or which cartoon character you liked the most.

Although you told this information at the first meeting and were generally drunk. If someone remembers such insignificant details about you, it means that he is thinking about your relationship and this one seems important to him.

couple in love
couple in love

There are many common signs that distinguish between a light affair and a serious romance. However, the best helper in this case will be your heart. Just listen to your own feelings, look at all your meetings from the outside and try to imagine yourself separate from this person. If everything inside resists such an outcome, then you are not just friends, but a possible couple.

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