Pros And Cons Of Bachelorhood: Loneliness Is Not A Vice

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Pros And Cons Of Bachelorhood: Loneliness Is Not A Vice
Pros And Cons Of Bachelorhood: Loneliness Is Not A Vice

Video: Pros And Cons Of Bachelorhood: Loneliness Is Not A Vice

Video: Pros And Cons Of Bachelorhood: Loneliness Is Not A Vice
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Bachelor life
Bachelor life

Eh, a bachelor life is good! As the main heroine of the movie, a girl, said: "I want halva, I want gingerbread!" Indeed, the question of the choice of food, drinks and personal pastime concerns only one single person. For some, loneliness is cruel karma, for others, sweet freedom. A bachelor life has a lot of advantages or is woven from some disadvantages, everyone decides for himself.

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  • 1 Lonely and unhappy
  • 2 Free and happy
  • 3 Lonely Man's Den
  • 4 "Girls" for marriage
  • 5 Age is not a hindrance to happiness
  • 6 Pros of a free life
  • 7 Cons of a bachelor life

Lonely and unhappy

The first option of a bachelor life. The man has never been married. He is distrustful of the fair sex, as a teenager he was ridiculed by a pretty classmate and now one glance at a man in a skirt causes strong tremors and excitement. The guy dresses clumsily, gets his hair cut in the style of the 80s, watches programs in the evenings and drags out his existence miserably. His life goes in a circle: work is at home.

He is engaged in a vegetable garden or fishing. Sometimes he agrees to meet the "second cousin-in-law" of an elderly neighbor, hoping that a worthy woman will turn up for him. The man suffers from loneliness. He longs to have a clever woman and a hostess in the house, with whom they can create coziness and respectful relations. A young (or not so) person does not particularly believe in love, since he has not yet met confirmation of a bright feeling.

To a greater extent, he is attracted by simple, nondescript ladies who look like him. Bright and emotional women scare away an inveterate bachelor. He tries in every possible way to avoid communication with them, so that God forbid, do not let the "fury" into his heart and not experience the pain of disappointment and loss. A man feels bad and sad when alone. He sadly spends his next birthday with a sad look out the window and daily dreams: "When will I get married!"

Free and happy2

The second type of bachelor life has a completely opposite structure. The guy enjoys his freedom and uses all the positive aspects of his being. Basically, he looks after himself and dresses up in fashionable clothes, but sometimes he allows him to relax: lounging on the couch, not shaved or washed in a stretched T-shirt. He lives alone and spends time for his own pleasure.

The boy works and spends money on entertainment with friends or on numerous dates with different beauties. Lovelace know a lot of ways how to drag a favorite beauty into bed and how to get rid of her beautifully. He absolutely does not suffer from the lack of female caring hands in the house: sweaty T-shirts and smelly socks are washed by an automatic machine, dinner is prepared by a multicooker … He learned how to cook a branded omelet, boil purchased dumplings and is quite satisfied with his own diet.

The bachelor life of men
The bachelor life of men

In principle, beer with fish in the company of cheerful friends is much more interesting than a boring dinner in the company of borscht and some woman. The young man conquers women's hearts with pleasure without caring about the future. He has a great weekend, vacation, holidays. His life is full of interesting events and vivid impressions.

He frowns and laughs off the question of his relatives: "When, are you getting married?", And at the same time he gladly comes on dates organized by friends and relatives. Why not meet a pretty woman and spend another evening with her? The biggest man disagrees. Perhaps somewhere deep in his soul he longs for a meeting with that one and only, but every time, saying goodbye to another lady and not experiencing any heartache, he sighs with relief: "Ugh, it has blown …"

Lonely man's den3

The dwelling of bachelors looks in accordance with the lifestyle of its owner. It can be a landscaped oasis, a studio apartment with all sorts of conveniences and household technologies, or a "homeless man's hut" with scattered socks, pants, beer bottles and greasy sheets. Most single men benefit from the caring help of a loving mom. The home furnishings reflect the adult woman's vision of everyday life. The bed is covered with chintz sheets, the flowers are watered, the cutlets are in a saucepan, the panties are ironed.

The bachelor life of a man and a woman
The bachelor life of a man and a woman

Mom day and night cares about the well-being of her daughter-in-law, looking for a suitable passion for the "dear", not forgetting to harshly criticize every madam in a skirt who appears on the doorstep of a dear child. Regularity: the older the son becomes, the stricter the "casting" is. The son, as a result, gets used to the overprotection of the parent, compares women to the mother, and finds fault with every "gap".

"Girls" for marriageableness 4

In women, bachelorhood has similar parameters. Some ladies drag out a lonely existence painfully. They are ready to marry the first comer, give birth to children and enthusiastically cook borscht for their wife. Others enjoy freedom and, with the steadfastness of a tin soldier, reject every hand and heart that worthy gentlemen wish to offer them. Women are divided into two categories: free and single.

Lonely people dream of marriage, raising children and household chores associated with marriage. Free people enjoy independence. They easily break men's hearts, improve, dream of a career, world fame, a trip around the world or a new dress, but not family troubles. Usually, both of them have the same image and reasons that led them to their present position.

Single women have the following symptoms:

Insecure "gray mice" with a lot of complexes

Girl's bachelor life
Girl's bachelor life
  • Pretty ladies who tend to take care of men like little children.
  • Excellent housewives who know a bunch of recipes for making apple pie, excellent gardeners who have created their own variety of cucumbers. They are so immersed in household chores, forgetting about their own attractiveness and sexuality.

Free women are more “heartbreakers”, therefore they are not indifferent to their appearance and wardrobe. They know how to maintain a conversation, make tea, dance and conquer men with a smile. For unknown reasons, they force the representatives of the stronger sex to see them as a "life partner", but having received an offer to live together, the young ladies are afraid. They are ready to run away, take cover, change the topic of conversation or delay for a long time with an answer, and they have a lot of good reasons for such a reaction:

  • Disappointment in the first (or main) love in your life. The girl still keeps in her heart the image of a guy who offended or hurt the feelings of a loving "fool".
  • Bad marriage, painful divorce. One of the popular reasons most women shy away from marriage. The former spouse could turn out to be a tyrant, an egoist, demanding strict obedience, impeccable order in the house and variety in food. A woman is tired of obeying, obeying, receiving cuffs (not a rare occurrence in modern families) and acting against her own desires. She is afraid to take her relationship with a new partner, even a loved one, to a serious level so as not to repeat the sad experience. In most cases, her decision is supported by the presence of children from her first marriage. The woman is worried that the relationship between the child and the stepfather may not work out.
what is bachelor life
what is bachelor life

In searching of love. Lyudmila is looking for the noble Ruslan, and she comes across plain Ivans and Lesha. Where are you, my soul mate? Some women sacredly believe in the presence of a soul mate and hesitate to get married, waiting for a meeting with the betrothed "mummer". And such a meeting can happen tomorrow, in a week, a year, or thirty years. But romantic ladies are patient and persistent in their desire. Let him be gray-haired and wrinkled, but it will be "the same man"

Whatever the motives of both single and free women, sooner or later, each of them will sigh dreamily (or bitterly), looking after the tenderly kissing lovers. That's how she is, female nature.

Age is not a hindrance to happiness5

A person's life seems to be built according to the established scenario: "Grew up, studied, worked, got married." But not everyone has this view. Despite the fact that most of the population of the planet Earth automatically acts according to generally accepted principles, "white crows" want to arrange life according to their own rules. Who said that the girl's age is short, and after 25 the girl does not shine personal happiness?

Modern women look luxurious having crossed the fortieth line, and with a crowd of promising fans behind them. The same can be said about men who keep themselves in shape and are able to conquer young girls.

Bachelor life of men for women
Bachelor life of men for women

Both married and bachelor life are filled with advantages and disadvantages, and each person should decide for themselves in which direction to move.

Pros of a free life6

A bachelor life seems sweet and inviting. Indeed, when a person is not burdened with the attitudes and opinions of another individual, he enjoys various "benefits of the world":

  • The financial side. Nobody will reproach for a small salary, will not release most of the income for "unforeseen expenses." A bachelor spends money on his beloved, saves up for vacation, buys what he has long dreamed of. It could be a car, a new handbag, a radio-controlled plane, or a porcelain doll that a woman has dreamed of since childhood. No one will contradict and interfere with spending finances at their own discretion.
  • A home to your liking. The atmosphere in the apartment and the order in it depends on one single owner (or mistress). You can throw clothes to the right and left, or create a flower greenhouse from the living room - no one will say a word. There is no one to grumble about the reigning disorder, and there is no need to shout displeasedly after someone: "Do not stomp, just washed the floors!"
Bachelor life what it is
Bachelor life what it is
  • Eating royally. Halva and gingerbread are always available. Today borsch for lunch and pizza tomorrow for dinner. Or ice cream. Or a glass of dessert wine.
  • With whom I want, with that I am friends. Guests come to the house when the owner decides, and not the sullen wife or strict spouse. You can arrange hen parties, bachelor parties, go with an overnight stay to relatives or friends - whatever your heart desires. No one will order in a threatening tone into the phone: "Home immediately!" It seems to be called: to live for your own pleasure.
  • Rest for the soul. The bachelor decides for himself where, when and with whom he will spend the weekend, vacation or holidays. That year the celebration was held among relatives, this year it is planned to be in a restaurant in a friendly company. And there are also cooperatives with interesting employees … Eh-eh!
  • Hobbies and hobbies. An important fact for creative individuals. The picture touches when the newly-made husband, in the voice of a strict mother, orders a young wife: "Forget about your dances, you have a family now!" That's it, the end. Finish strip. There are also despots among women who forbid their husbands to go fishing, play musical instruments or write poetry. Lifemates consider having a family a serious step, for the sake of which it is required to give up "oneself" and join the gray mass of everyday life.
Woman's bachelor life
Woman's bachelor life

Bachelors list the huge advantages of a free life and shrug their shoulders in fright at every mention of marriage.

Cons of bachelor life7

In defense of married life, it is worth mentioning the disadvantages associated with the life of bachelors. They are not unimportant and have a rather big advantage:

  • Absence of a native shoulder. So I want to come home from work, complain to a loved one about a harmful boss, an employee Lariska or overtime tasks, and there is no one at home except a dried cactus and a hungry cat. The other half will support, listen, and regret. And loneliness is not.
  • Financial and home help. It is not always easy to pull off household chores yourself. Men need a hostess to scrub and feed, and women need a man's hand to turn the tap and turn on the light bulb. It is easier to save up storage for a new car or your own home.
  • Lack of sex. A free life is full of a variety of sexual partners, and having a family gives the right to daily sex. There is no need to look for a woman or a man to satisfy carnal desires when the other half is waiting in a warm bed.
what does bachelor life mean
what does bachelor life mean

Lonely Holidays. Friends and girlfriends tend to have families, and then bachelors spend the holidays in unfamiliar companies or all alone. And, so you want it, like in the movies: a Christmas tree in balls, joyful kids, your favorite life partner next to you

Philosophers say: "It doesn't matter that there is no loved one nearby, the main thing is that there is not a loved one nearby." Correct thought. Perhaps bachelors are right to remain lonely before they meet a soul mate. Who will give up love and family happiness if he meets the other half of his heart.

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