Tips With Which You Can Win The Beauty

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Tips With Which You Can Win The Beauty
Tips With Which You Can Win The Beauty

Video: Tips With Which You Can Win The Beauty

Video: Tips With Which You Can Win The Beauty
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pop up girl
pop up girl

When it comes to dating, there is nothing worse than the phrase "she is not your level." This sounds like a death sentence. As if in the Russian language these four words exist on purpose to remind once again that there is a certain category of women, out of your reach.

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  • 1 Drop clichés
  • 2 Relax
  • 3 Be fun
  • 4 Don't be afraid to be romantic
  • 5 Don't insist on sex
  • 6 Don't focus on how beautiful she is.

Fortunately, this is (at least usually) stupid. There are a number of examples when a flawlessly beautiful woman strikes up a relationship with a guy who is not worthy of her (at least according to the estimates of others).

So how do these guys do it? The answer is primitively simple: they treat beautiful women the same way they treat anyone else. If you are lucky enough to have such a woman, there are some tips to help you in your relationship with her.

Drop clichés

There are many stereotypes that the mind of a person is inversely proportional to his beauty. That is, if a person is beautiful, his thinking activity leaves much to be desired. When meeting a pretty girl, do not think that she is not brilliant. Stop living with stereotypes.

Often, guys, seeing a charming woman, think that she must be "narrow-minded." Based on this, they compose a dating scenario: they call the girl for a stupid comedy with superficial humor, load her with typical conversations "about nothing", joke inappropriately and make thick hints. Doesn't sound very tempting. The girl is unlikely to agree to a second meeting. Be yourself and let her reveal herself not only as a beauty, but also as a person.

how to please a girl
how to please a girl


Oh, this excitement in front of a beautiful woman is difficult to calm down, especially if the man himself is not handsome. Her attraction is fascinating, and it turns off the mind. This leads to the fact that the guy begins to noticeably worry: he takes an unnatural posture, twists his fingers, lowers his eyes. Already at this stage, a tense atmosphere is created - the woman thinks that she is embarrassed and emotionally closed with her. At such moments, especially often there is an uncontrollable desire to shake up too much or become clumsy.

Most likely, the girl does not think: "I am attractive, there is no one better than me in this cafe, and therefore everyone should dance in front of me" - that a woman is attractive is the subjective opinion of a man, and she probably does not even know about him. fully. So take it easy, be casual and natural (at least try) and take action. You’ll have a much better chance of getting a beautiful woman if you don’t try to get out of your way and pretend to be someone you are not.

Be cheerful3

Seriousness and bombast will not help conquer a woman. Of course, girls are looking for serious guys for long-term and reliable relationships, but when meeting and at the initial stages of relationships, these are not the best qualities.

how to behave with a girl
how to behave with a girl

Show that you know how to joke and understand the jokes of others. A sense of humor is one of the leading qualities that women appreciate, and the presence / absence of which they notice immediately.

Ease, laughter and goodwill will become faithful companions on the path of winning a beautiful lady. But do not overdo it - excessive jokes, ridicule and laughter can make you look not in the best light.

Don't be afraid to be romantic4

Have you ever heard of a guy named Cash Warren? Not? Well, the main thing to know about him is that he is a regular guy (although his name makes him look like the villain in a 1980s Dickens-style action movie script) who has managed to win the heart of Jessica Alba.

The woman herself finds her husband romantic, courteous and understanding. Doesn't sound very glamorous, does it? She argues that the main thing is to be romantic, and that almost all women enjoy romance to one degree or another.

Do you want to win the heart of a beautiful and successful lady? No need to brag about your achievements in business - it's better to show attention, give a bouquet of flowers (not necessarily super expensive), tell a lyric poem, or just talk - this captivates much more than praising yourself and personal achievements.

girl in curlers
girl in curlers

Don't insist on sex5

You have an incredibly beautiful girl with a seductive figure. It is natural that you want to possess her physically. However, do not be too persistent in this regard. She may think that sex is the only thing required of her. Do not try to harass her - it is better to be patient until she herself expresses a desire. But then all the laurels will go to you!

Don't focus on how beautiful she is6

If you often repeat the same words all the time, they begin to lose their meaning. Saying every day that the girl is beautiful, she will only hear the words, and their true meaning will be worn out and lost.

Instead of once again focusing on her beauty, it is better to compliment her intellect, her ability to cook delicious dishes. Make her feel like you love her for more than just her outer beauty.

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