The First Thing Men Pay Attention To In A Woman When Flirting

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The First Thing Men Pay Attention To In A Woman When Flirting
The First Thing Men Pay Attention To In A Woman When Flirting

Video: The First Thing Men Pay Attention To In A Woman When Flirting

Video: The First Thing Men Pay Attention To In A Woman When Flirting
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what do men pay attention to
what do men pay attention to

From where and for how long a man looks when communicating with a woman, says a lot about his future intentions. If a man lays his gaze on a woman's eyes, then this signals a completely different attitude towards her than when his gaze immediately slides further down. The first impression is very important for the fruitful continuation of communication. To produce a stunning effect on the opposite sex, you need to know what men pay attention to in women in the first place when flirting.

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  • 1 Person
  • 2 Eyes
  • 3 Nice style
  • 4 Games with red
  • 5 Luxurious packaging makes every gift mysterious
  • 6 Naturalness fascinates
  • 7 Smell
  • 8 Humor is contagious
  • 9 Self-respect attracts
  • 10 Intelligence is sexy
  • 11 Call accepted
  • 12 Smile
  • 13 Body position matters
  • 14 Feminine gait
  • 15 Well-groomed appearance
  • 16 Content is more important than packaging
  • 17 Voice
  • 18 Authenticity


Men first look at the woman's face. At least if they are interested in a long-term relationship. In this case, the male gaze lingers longer in the eyes of the woman. This is the conclusion of a recent study by the University of Texas, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. But if a man is only interested in a quick affair, then his gaze quickly falls below.


Although it is still customary in society to expect men to initiate dialogue, in fact, young ladies invite gentlemen to flirt. Often, it is women who are the first to establish eye contact with the man they like, and her smile plays an important role in this. Men pay close attention to whether a woman is looking in their direction and whether she smiles at the same time. Only when a man is convinced of the woman's sympathy will he turn to her. In the end, representatives of the stronger sex minimize the risk of being rejected.

Good style3

Another secret that men pay attention to in women is style. Clothes create an image. And this image can be damn sexy or, on the contrary, it is not profitable to emphasize the flaws. Someone who dresses old-fashioned or boring looks much less attractive to those around them. On the one hand, the style of clothing (for example: sporty, elegant, alternative, conservative) speaks of a person's preferences and hobbies. Bold or modest wardrobe choices, calm or playful and bright colors give out character traits. On the other hand, through the wardrobe, you can understand the presence of common interests.

What men pay attention to
What men pay attention to

Games with red color4

Guys actually find girls in sinful red outfits very erotic. Red is intended to attract attention and seduce. In addition to clothing, nails or lips colored red can also create very sexy accents.

Luxurious packaging makes every gift mysterious5

To radiate femininity and self-confidence, the fairer sex should wear elegant and sexy lingerie, even if she knows that no one else will see it. When a woman knows how sexy she looks under her clothes, she feels more relaxed and confident in herself.

Naturalness fascinates6

Long artificial nails and hair, an abundance of cosmetics or even the presence of plastic surgeries - few of the stronger sex like this. Most guys prefer it when the partner looks natural. However, what men mean by natural beauty is not always only natural beauty. Self-care plays an important role. A well-groomed woman also feels more confident in herself and behaves more decisively. But women who look artificial seem too superficial to men.

which women do men like to flirt with
which women do men like to flirt with


Men like it when a woman smells good. A pleasant smell is even more important than clothes, eye and hair color. The rule here is "less is more." Too much perfume is perceived as intrusive and artificial. Men don't want to smell until they get closer to the lady. For this effect, no more than three small sprays of perfume are enough. The most delightful accent is a drop of perfume in the hair, where the fragrance spreads imperceptibly but lasts for a long time.

Humor is contagious8

Laughing together unites and creates a good base for starting communication. A girl with a good sense of humor demonstrates that she does not take everything seriously, and sometimes laughs at herself. And this is important for building relationships. Nothing makes a face more plausible than a sincere laugh. When a woman laughs at a man's jokes, she can win his heart. A good sense of humor also symbolizes erudition and intelligence.

Self-respect attracts9

People who prefer to stand in a corner or stare at the floor for long periods of time are easily overlooked. On the other hand, undeservedly exaggerated self-esteem is repulsive. Arrogant manners in women are unpleasant for the stronger sex.

what a guy will pay attention to in a girl
what a guy will pay attention to in a girl

But calmness and self-confidence, as an expression of self-respect, are very seductive. Women who are in harmony with themselves and are aware of their value seem very attractive to men. An upright posture and a confident look play a significant role here.

Intelligence is Sexy10

Smart women are sexy. It is a fact. Men like it when they can talk to their partner. Deep conversations and heated discussions about philosophical, cultural or political topics create intimacy. An intelligent woman with her own views, who has strong arguments and can make intelligent debates, is very charming.

Call accepted 11

Women who are easy to get hold of quickly lose their attractiveness to the stronger sex. A man should be given a chance to compete for the lady's attention. After all, every woman deserves to be choosy in choosing a partner. But a lonely woman who clearly needs male attention and craves flirting produces a repulsive effect.


A good mood and a smile are always charming. This shows that the person feels harmonious.

what men look at when flirting
what men look at when flirting

An open smile helps women look more ready for communication, then guys are more likely to start a conversation. But smiles and laughter can be very different. It is important that the eyes are smiling, otherwise it looks unnatural. Those who radiate genuine and honest joy have a powerful positive effect on those around them. A radiant smile can charm any person. Therefore, men dare to take the first step faster when the girl smiles at him and thereby shows him her openness and willingness to flirt.

Body Position Matters13

Most people know after a few minutes of dating whether they can fall in love with their interlocutor. This small amount of time can be deliberately used to your advantage. What do you need to do to make the best possible impression in a short period of time? First you need to straighten your back, take your shoulders back and tighten your stomach. You should never cross your arms, and your body should be in balance.

Feminine gait14

A study by Texas A&M University showed that Shakira is right: “Hips don't lie”! The charm of women is increased by 50 percent when they naturally sway their hips while walking. Especially in high heels, it is important for the fairer sex to have a beautiful gait. When a woman walks along one line, confidently stepping with one foot in front of the other, she looks sexy.

what they pay attention to when flirting
what they pay attention to when flirting

Well-groomed appearance15

It is very important for men that a woman takes care of herself. Above all, guys appreciate specious, smooth skin and shiny, lush hair. This instinctively signals to the man that the woman can give birth to healthy offspring. Good results can be achieved with a healthy lifestyle and daily self-care.

Content is more important than packaging16

Luxurious female breasts and round butt, no doubt, please men. But these qualities do not guarantee a happy relationship. Seventy-five percent of men say a woman's intrinsic values are more important than her good looks. Men are not as critical about their partner's weight as women are used to thinking. Men are much less likely to worry about extra pounds than their owner. On the contrary, curvy shapes often promote femininity and make a woman more attractive to a man. The main thing is that the body is fit, and the appearance is neat. Men like it when women do not hide their femininity. When a woman feels comfortable in her body, then she radiates self-confidence. It makes her sexy.


A study by Albright College in Pennsylvania found that men find deep female voices erotic. A low female voice signals to a man that she "knows what she wants."

what will he pay attention to in flirting
what will he pay attention to in flirting

But a high female voice awakens the male defender instinct. Whether a man likes high or low heads depends on whether he is more a protector or a hunter to nature.


One of the main criteria that men pay attention to in women is authenticity and naturalness. A woman should remain herself and feel comfortable, which is even more important for men than all of the above points. A man doesn't need a copy, but a real, honest and open-minded woman who is confident and happy with herself.

The dream woman has many qualities. Men prefer well-groomed, smart, charming, self-confident, attentive, docile, honest, open ladies. But above all, for men, such inner values as loyalty, reliability, honesty and empathy are important in women. The beautiful appearance of a woman, of course, is welcome, but is not the primary factor in choosing a partner for a long-term relationship.

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