Chastity Belt For Women: What It Is And Who Invented

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Chastity Belt For Women: What It Is And Who Invented
Chastity Belt For Women: What It Is And Who Invented

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chastity belt
chastity belt

The chastity belt, otherwise called the Venetian grating, is a device that prevents sexual intercourse. Some variations of this device even inhibit masturbation. It is used to ensure that a woman maintains devotion to her man, or in other words, chastity during a long separation. The belt consists of two strips, where one goes around the waist and the other between the legs.

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Historical facts

For the first time the chastity belt was invented in Ancient Greece. It served more as a protection against pregnancy. During the bearing of the fetus, the slave could not work, which did not suit the slave owner. Later in the Middle Ages, this device gained popularity among many peoples.

The German emperor introduced the tradition of wearing a chastity belt on wives every time before going to war. The device was a heavy iron structure, on which there were many small locks, and the husband kept the key. Blacksmiths made only one small hole in the belt for natural needs. The woman could not wash her genitals, since the belt was tightly attached to the body, so there was no question of any hygiene procedures.

A little later, the Venetian grille came into fashion throughout Europe. A bulky device was converted into a lighter one, the product was made of leather with metal elements. People with refined taste decorated their belts with gold and silver. Extensive production of belts began in the 16th century.

In those days, only people from the privileged class could afford such a device, since it was expensive in price. Women from wealthy families used to wear a chastity belt on their daughters in early childhood and kept the key until marriage. After the celebration, the key was handed over to the groom, who became the full owner of such a value. Since there were very few virgins at the age of 15, brides with a Venetian lattice were considered a real treasure.

Truth or Fiction2

Chastity belts were used only during the hikes. The conquest of new territory lasted from several months to several years; many men did not return from the war. Throughout this period, women were forced to remain faithful, wearing an iron structure. This led to numerous wounds, bedsores and blood poisoning. To prevent the spouse from dying from such suffering, a messenger was sent to the husband with permission to remove the marriage shackles. When the warrior gave permission, the belt was removed from the woman by locksmith intervention.

There were cases when young ladies really died because of the iron device. It rubbed the labia to blood, painful calluses appeared at the attachment points. Then cunning jewelers began to resort to tricks, due to which they were doubly enriched. They gave one key to the owner, and secretly made a duplicate and gave it to the woman. As soon as the husband left the gate to the war, she either took off the belt herself, or gave the key to her lover. Here, historians are of the opinion that the fact of wearing the Venetian grille is just a poetic fiction.

However, the reliability of the use of the belt dates back to the 16th century. The proof of this is the found corpse of a woman, who was wearing a rusty iron device. Not so long ago, archaeological excavations were carried out in Bavaria, where skeletons of women with a chastity belt were also found. Historians have come to the conclusion that these are the widows of the warriors who kept loyalty in chains until the end of their days.

chastity belt
chastity belt

Currently, according to the craftsmen, chastity belts are in demand in Europe. Jealous husbands order about 150-200 items a year. The modern device is made of more delicate materials, has a mechanical lock and electronics. Thanks to jealous people, such a business in the 21st century is one of the most profitable.

In China, girls wear a chastity belt these days for fear of being raped. And in some massage parlors, the administration insist that workers wear such shackles. Thus, they show visitors that they are not providing sexual services.

In 1889, this invention was first released in England for boys. Residents were convinced that during puberty, even a reflex erection at night led to blindness and fatal diseases. In 1903 the belt was improved. A spring with a current was put on the male member. As soon as the penis entered an erection state, the circuit was closed, and an electrical discharge was obtained. A little later, the abuse of the male sex became even more.

After many guys became even more excited by a weak electric current, the so-called samovar suit was invented. It was used mainly for masturbation lovers. It consisted of shorts with an iron tip and suspenders. The suit could not be removed without assistance. In 1909, a real trap was invented. It was put on the penis and testicles, tightly pinching the blood flow to the penis.

Currently, in many European museums, you can see examples of chastity belts from ancient times. As design prowess flourishes, 21st century belts are found alongside medieval items.

Chastity belt
Chastity belt

Modern models3

Nowadays, the chastity belt is mainly used by a couple for sexual pleasures, and not for keeping faith. It is made from soft leather material or stainless steel. The lock can be either built-in or hinged. The device has all the necessary holes for natural needs and hygienic processing. To prevent chafing of the skin and genitals, the belt has a hypoallergenic silicone that absorbs body sweat. The invention differs from the medieval one in that it can be adjusted to any size of the figure.

The upgraded chastity belt has a built-in memory program. That is, only one man can open it by fingerprint identification. In addition, this program tracks the whereabouts of the woman. To do this, you need to enter the system by typing in your username and password. Modern models are decorated with lace, have different colors for every taste.

You just need to remember that now everyone has equal rights, regardless of gender and age. Therefore, not every girl can agree to wear a Venetian lattice. If she doesn't agree, don't insist.

Is there a danger4

In the Middle Ages, wearing chastity belts was really dangerous. Firstly, it was the strongest humiliation for the wife. Secondly, it injured physical health. Situations often happened when the spouse went to war, and later it turned out that the wife was pregnant.

When to wear a chastity belt
When to wear a chastity belt

At the time of childbirth, she died with the child in long agony. In addition, the belts negatively affected the digestion process, many women suffered from stomach diseases. Cases of poisoning with metal oxides have been recorded. Then the church for the first time defended women, allowing them to remove devices in case of danger to health without notifying the husband.

Some women managed to go for one little trick - to lose weight. Then the chastity belt was easily removed from the body. But more often than not, the observance of the necessary rules for wearing was under the strict control of vigilant relatives. For this reason, wives died in the shortest possible time if their husbands died in the war.

Modern belts are made of high quality materials and are not hazardous to the body. They do not disturb blood circulation, do not chafe the skin and genitals. However, long-term wear is not recommended in hot climates. Lack of air circulation can lead to diaper rash and, as a result, to skin diseases.

According to doctors, modernized devices are not as terrible as they were in the Middle Ages. To this day, they are popular in many countries and orders for them are growing more and more. In any sex shop, you can now order a model according to your taste and preference.

Additional items and cost5

Nowadays, people have a rich imagination and many different materials for beauty belts. Additional accessories include a steel bra, a leather lash for the best effect in sexual foreplay, men's chastity panties, and ankle bracelets. There are also special braces and corsets that are firmly fixed on the body and give an unusual look in appearance. If a girl acts as a mistress in a role-playing game, from such dressing, any slave will be at women's feet.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Now all these accessories are sold freely in any sex store. The cost of products depends on the quality of the material and design work. Simple chastity belts in the form of a regular chain can be purchased in the range of 2500-3000 rubles. If the device is made with detailed consideration of the peculiarities of the skin, its price is 10,000 rubles. The kit includes special disinfectants and moisturizers.

Precautions 6

It doesn't matter for what purpose the chastity belt was bought, for sexual pleasures or for keeping faith during a long separation, you need to take certain precautions. A firmly attached product is difficult to remove without assistance. In order not to end up in a hospital in a deplorable state, it is necessary to keep the key in one place and not allow it to be lost.

It is advisable not to keep on the same bunch with other keys, as they tend to get lost frequently. It is best if the key is kept by the one on whom the Venetian lattice is put on, so that at any time you can get rid of this type of marriage amulet.

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