Learning To Recognize The Signals Of A Man In Love

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Learning To Recognize The Signals Of A Man In Love
Learning To Recognize The Signals Of A Man In Love

Video: Learning To Recognize The Signals Of A Man In Love

Video: Learning To Recognize The Signals Of A Man In Love
Video: Signs When Man Is In Love.17 Gestures That Are Louder Than Words When A Man Is In Love With You 2023, November
How to understand that a man is in love, but hides his feelings
How to understand that a man is in love, but hides his feelings

Men, by nature, do not know how to hide feelings. It is women who carefully disguise their love and will never show it first. Especially young guys, with all their looks and phrases, give out affection for any girl, however, it is completely wrong.

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  • 1 Non-verbal signs of a guy in love
  • 2 How to understand that a man is in love, but hides his feelings? We analyze the external signs of love
  • 3 Colleague in love
  • 4 What a girl should do
  • 5 Some nuances

Adult young ladies, already taught by life experience, know how to understand that a man is in love, but hides his feelings, and suggest to young ladies the main features in the behavior of young men.

Non-verbal signs of a boyfriend in love

Boys at school age are already in love. Basically, they have feelings for classmates, but they cannot explain their feelings due to their small age. They try to draw attention to themselves in every possible way, doing absurd things: they pull the girl by the pigtail, push her, take any object from the desk so that she runs after him in order to take it back, etc.

In high school, boys already understand their feelings, but they cannot openly express. Then, they strive to stand out from the crowd, to perform any actions so that the girl looks only at him alone. It often happens that a teenager offers to take a passion home.

He is often interested in her pets, finds any reason to meet outside of school time. Some boys deliberately begin to study poorly, referring to the fact that they do not understand the topic of the subject and ask the girl to study with it additionally.

Already in their youthful student age, guys with confidence give an account of their feelings.

They do not speak directly about falling in love, but by their behavior one can judge about indifference. Some of them don't know how to interact with girls and how to get attention. Therefore, they can throw an offensive phrase, and then ask for forgiveness, others are often invited to the cinema or to a disco, while others offer to take a walk in warm weather.

But the modern generation is more relaxed. Guys in most cases have adequate self-esteem, so they can calmly express sympathy with hugs, love messages on WhatsApp, and they are not shy in words. But there are also those who, at the sight of an object of adoration, begin to feel embarrassed and blush. They are afraid to say something superfluous, so they are often silent and catch every word of the girl.

Grown men at the moment of falling in love become like youths. They display all the same qualities as adolescents, only in a bolder form. They, like young men, are afraid of being rejected by a woman, so they carefully collect their thoughts so as not to look like an idiot when they meet.

understand that a man is in love
understand that a man is in love

But how to understand the feelings of a man if he is very far away is another question. Whether he went to the army, or went on a long business trip, and did not have time to communicate his feelings, it means that he will definitely write an SMS or send a message through someone.

If a girl does not think about this guy at all, and he suddenly dreamed of her, it means that she occupies all his thoughts. As strange as it may sound, it has long been a proven fact. The thing is that when one person often thinks about another, his thoughts are transmitted through space, affecting the aura. People may not even know about it.

Many stupid young ladies laugh right in the face when they see a man embarrassed and lost in words, instead of entering his position. And this very much hurts his pride. It often happens that after a while the woman still pays attention to him and is the first to take a step forward.

But after the insult she experienced, he suffered and forgot. Then she realizes how she offended the man, but it's too late. Therefore, there is no need to make sudden conclusions and in vain to mock the guys, because this way you can pass your fate.

You will find expert advice on how to understand a man in our article at the link.

how a man hides his love
how a man hides his love

How to understand that a man is in love, but hides his feelings? We analyze the external signs of love2

First of all, a man in love changes his appearance. He begins to visit the hairdresser more often, to shave, to monitor his clothes and appearance in general. With strong love, some even completely change their wardrobe in order to please the lady more. If a woman hinted or said directly that she did not like the smell of his cologne, he would immediately change it to the taste of his beloved.

A loving representative of the stronger sex begins to be interested in the same as his chosen one. Finds any excuse to discuss her hobbies. If he has a car, he offers to give her a ride home from work or just take a drive around the city at night.

To understand from external behavior, you can immediately understand that a man is in love. His gaze is always directed to the object of adoration, the entire torso and toe of the shoe are turned in her direction. If he happens to be in a large company, he listens only to this lady and no one else. At the party, he always makes sure that her glass and plate are full, and during a slow composition he invites only this girl to dance.

The boyfriend's speech changes dramatically. If yesterday he boldly joked, freely started any topic, today he is more silent for fear of saying something stupid. And if he starts a conversation, then the intonation and gestures are completely different. The voice becomes softer, the tone is softer, and the hand movements are light.

he loves but hides feelings
he loves but hides feelings

If this is love at first sight and the young lady sees the young man for the first time, she may hear bewilderment from his friends and acquaintances that he has changed dramatically. This is a reason to think, which means that she won his heart.

Men of any age are nature defenders. If he saw or learned from third parties that his beloved had any problems, he would quit his business and run to rescue the girl. At this moment, he is driven by an animal instinct to protect the female he likes. And if the lady herself asked for help, he agrees without hesitation.

There are guys who manage to approach the process of winning a girl with cunning, although this trait is not inherent in them by nature. He can find out from mutual acquaintances what the chosen one is interested in, maybe collects something. He will do everything to find out what item in the collection is missing and buy it. And then give her with the words that this thing has long been at his house. He does not need her, and the girl will be pleased with the new thing.

Colleague in love3

It is quite possible to understand that a man is hiding his feelings for a colleague. Even if he believes that he is secretly in love, he still pretends to be as follows:

when a guy hides his feelings
when a guy hides his feelings
  • Coming to work, he looks with his eyes for an employee with whom he is in love. She can involuntarily ask other colleagues if she has come yet.
  • At meetings, she tries to praise her work and distinguishes her from other women. Constantly sets an example, speaks with lust of work experience and results.
  • Helps put on or take off outerwear.
  • Without noticing it, he stares intently. Especially when his gaze falls on her lips, it's all his subconscious mind screaming about sexual interest.
  • She daily notes what she is wearing and what new jewelry items have appeared on her.
  • May ask the boss to create a joint project with a lady. And when the director approves, he almost jumps for joy, like a small child.
  • Each individual has their own personal space. Someone has it at arm's length, someone more. A man in love is trying in every possible way to break into this space of a passion during working hours. Namely, he asks to take a closer look at a new ring or pendant, can fix the collar on her blouse or remove a curl.
  • She constantly tries to be where she is. If earlier he went home for lunch, and she dined in the office, then, having fallen in love, he will have a meal with her.
when a man hides his feelings
when a man hides his feelings
  • A colleague in love always strives for tactile contact. Congratulations on all sorts of trifles, even if she said that she had a parrot, and at the same time hugs her around the waist. Can sit in a chair next to a woman, leaning slightly towards her.
  • She looks forward to a corporate party and talks about it at every opportunity. After all, this is an amazing opportunity to chat with a lady in an informal setting.

A colleague in love can give himself away in other ways. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the man. If he shows all these signs of falling in love, we can safely say that he has sincere feelings for the employee. And when only a few of them flash by, then you shouldn't dream, perhaps he just treats a woman well, nothing more.

What a girl should do4

If a woman has known a man for a long time, and he recently began to behave differently towards her, you can seriously ask what is happening. Perhaps this will open the way for him to action. There is no need to play with the feelings of men, they also know how to love and suffer. Even if the young lady had an unsuccessful romance, after which she wants to take revenge on all men, you need to remember that everyone is different. If one betrayed, then the other will never allow himself this.

understand that the guy is in love
understand that the guy is in love

A woman immediately needs to understand herself, whether she sees in him a candidate for life partners or not. If he doesn’t sympathize with her at all, it’s better to immediately dot the “i's” and not fool the person. When feelings are mutual, but a man due to modesty cannot take the first step, you need to give him a sign that the path is free and he can boldly begin courtship.

This is done in any way: at every opportunity, touch his hand, send SMS with romantic content, offer to watch a movie together in the evening, etc., there are many ways.

As soon as the young lady felt that the man was not indifferent to her, one should not cause jealousy in him, demonstratively flirting with other guys. Girls often think that he will rush into battle and disperse all rivals. But in reality, everything can turn in a completely different direction. He just won't interfere and quietly leave.

There is one more subtle trick, but it is more suitable for brave women who are confident in themselves. If a man has all the signs of falling in love and the feeling is mutual, but he does not show it in any way, and counter steps are rejected, you can invite him to your home under the pretext of repairing some equipment. As soon as he comes, tell him straight to his eyes that we intend to meet with him.

If he does not immediately react in any way because of embarrassment, then completely disappear from his life for a while, do not write to him and do not call. Perhaps he was dumbfounded by such a surprise, so it will take him a while to recover. Brain processes in men work more slowly than in women. After such courage on the part of his beloved, the young man will definitely show himself in all his glory.

And sometimes the guy decides on this only after parting. And here's what to do if the ex confessed his love, read our next article and listen to your heart.

recognize that a man is in love
recognize that a man is in love

Some nuances5

The big age difference makes a man even deceive himself. If he is suitable for a young person as a father, then he suppresses the desire to communicate with her closer. This is evidenced by psychological characteristics. He constantly thinks that he cannot compete with young guys.

Conversely, when a young guy falls in love with a woman, just like his mother. The young man is afraid to confess his feelings because of the fear that she will expose him to ridicule or will constantly see him as a child.

Another option is the man's lack of freedom. He is either married or already dating a girl. It is much more difficult for representatives of the strong half of humanity to break off an already established relationship, so they do not advertise their feelings. It is preferable for them to weigh the situation, check themselves with time, think a lot.

Some guys can keep secret love in themselves for several years and demonstrate it only when they meet with the object of adoration. More courageous people speak directly to their eyes about their love, but for various reasons they are obliged to maintain a family connection.

Be that as it may, but in such a situation, a woman herself needs to understand that a man is in love and decide whether to extinguish the beginning of falling in love with a man or rekindle it. The most important thing is to treat his feelings with respect, not to allow ridicule. If she is not mutually in love with him, there is no need to feed his fire blazing in his chest with various SMS or flirting, then he will eventually burn out himself.

recognize that a guy is in love
recognize that a guy is in love

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