5 Ways To Make Your Ex-girlfriend Jealous

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5 Ways To Make Your Ex-girlfriend Jealous
5 Ways To Make Your Ex-girlfriend Jealous

Video: 5 Ways To Make Your Ex-girlfriend Jealous

Video: 5 Ways To Make Your Ex-girlfriend Jealous
Video: 3 Ways To Make Your Ex Jealous (Subtle Tricks That Create Real Jealousy) 2023, March
Make your ex jealous
Make your ex jealous

Do not hang your nose and get upset ahead of time! There are several effective ways to make your ex jealous.

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  • 1 Murderous method number of times
  • 2 I am in demand among girls!
  • 3 Be sure to change your image
  • 4 Dissemination of information using the Internet
  • 5 Wrong SMS
  • 6 Experts advise
  • 7 Interesting survey results of both sexes

“I need it, but nothing will work out, why stir up the past, it's better to forget everything” - this is the first thing that comes to mind at the peak of emotions. Of course, you can leave everything like that, suffer, feel sorry for yourself, suffer. But is it worth doing? Wouldn't it be better to prove to her, to the whole world and especially to herself, how wrong she was in losing your relationship. Jealousy is not a very pleasant feeling and at the same time an effective method. The ex is jealous of you, as if she will look at you with different eyes, will begin to doubt the correctness of her action.

So, what are the most effective ways to make your ex jealous? But before that, answer yourself the question - why is this necessary? Perhaps another desire is hidden behind jealousy - how to get your ex-girlfriend back?

Murderous method number times

For a while, disappear from her field of vision. What effect will this have? At first it will not be interesting for her, then it will cause a slight bewilderment “where did he go? why doesn't she run, don't call, don't ask me to come back? " and at the end there will be excitement. “Well, wow, I left him, and he won't even deign to answer. Probably the "poor" is suffering, he cannot find a place for himself. " And here the search will begin, at least some information about you, or attempts at a personal meeting even from afar.

Believe me, women's logic is structured just like that. It is better not to pick up the phone at this time, not to answer SMS. Well, not at all take and not answer, but very rarely and carelessly, you can call back yourself in a few hours, they say, very busy. But in order for her to know that you are not quite that grieving, there is a second method.

I'm in demand among girls! 2

Yes Yes. You just need to communicate with other representatives of the fair sex. Go on dates, chat with girls as much as possible. Of course, it's better for your ex-girlfriend to find out about it somehow. Injections of jealousy will not keep you waiting for a very long time. Here you need to understand what the goal is.

If you want to get her back, you shouldn't be too zealous, changing girls like gloves. It is enough that she learns that you are still in good demand among girls. Believe me, you shouldn't fall into despair, keeping faithful to her. Dating and meeting others is essential.

Firstly, you yourself will raise your self-esteem, and secondly, SHE will know about it and understand that she is not indifferent to you. But there is a small nuance here. And we'll talk about it below.

ex is jealous
ex is jealous

Be sure to change your image3

This does not mean, it is straightforward to radically change it, BUT go shopping, pump up a little press would not hurt. After all, the goal that we are pursuing: to make the ex jealous, cannot be achieved simply by lying on the couch.

It is necessary to show that you have become much better, more interesting, in the end, prettier than you were with her. Ohh, believe me, it will hurt her more. How does she know about this if you do not see and communicate with her? Let's move on.

Dissemination of information using Internet4

Yes, no matter how stupid it sounds, but it is simply necessary, infa in social networks. Your photos with a new image, a new girl, or just in nature with mutual friends will touch her to the quick. "How did he become better, more interesting, he is not at all bored without me, in this photo he is with someone, not with me."

Even if in the photo you are at a corporate picnic, or drinking coffee with friends in a cafe. Create the appearance that you are doing well, you are happy, you live a full life and you have a lot of fun without it.

how to make you jealous
how to make you jealous

Wrong SMS5

To advance on all fronts. Send SMS to her number, like you made a mistake and sent SMS to another girl. "Everything is in force, we will meet where we agreed, I will be, as promised." A second SMS in a minute. "Sorry not for you, wrong number." Jealousy, anger and a flurry of emotions are provided.

Experts advise6

  • How many people have so many opinions, you can give up on everything and leave "as it will be, so it will be." According to the results of studies of men who are active and trying to get their relationship back in this way - 72%, you must admit, is quite a lot.
  • Do not act too zealously in an attempt to make your ex jealous, because the temperaments of the girls are different, and you can only aggravate the separation and never return the old relationship.

Interesting survey results for both sexes7

“If a girl dumped you, she absolutely doesn't care about your life. She no longer loves you, and you are unlikely to make her jealous. But if she still has feelings for you, then the most effective thing is flirting or ignoring."

ex is jealous
ex is jealous

“It is worth or not worth returning the former. Well, I don't think so categorically. There are many examples when people got smarter, changed, matured, and even if they slept with others, they still converged with their ex, created families and lived happily."

“It's a great tool to ask some pretty girl to go with you to where your ex will be. She must see you with this girl, and you cannot imagine what is happening to her. In short, we did not communicate for a long time, and then, after the meeting, she immediately called me, said that she had loved me all her life, and if I did not forgive her, she did not know what she would do to herself."

So if you're serious about getting your ex back, follow these methods, don't doubt yourself. Your ex will see how cool you look, how successful you have become, will increasingly remember you, miss you, because you are still a close person to her. And now she is ready to call you. Everything will be fine!

And how to make a man jealous, you should find out in our article further on the link.

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