How To Recognize A Manipulator And What Are Its Signs?

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How To Recognize A Manipulator And What Are Its Signs?
How To Recognize A Manipulator And What Are Its Signs?

Video: How To Recognize A Manipulator And What Are Its Signs?

Video: How To Recognize A Manipulator And What Are Its Signs?
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Girl kneeling
Girl kneeling

Manipulators are people who can suck energy from other people through their influence. They quite accurately notice our weaknesses, which they use to achieve the necessary goals. Thanks to this ability, people lose self-control and give all their strength to another person.

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  • 1 Know your rights
  • 2 How to recognize a manipulator?
  • 3 Emotional impact
  • 4 Maintain distance and chain of command
  • 5 Don't take words to heart

Such actions can go on indefinitely if the manipulator can one day break your spirit. In order to protect yourself from harmful influences, you need to know how to recognize the manipulator and what measures should be taken. This article will tell you how to stay away from such people.

Know your rightsi

To learn how to keep your distance with "superfluous" people, you need to know about your rights in society. These fundamental rights allow you to restrict yourself from unnecessary persons and protect your personal dignity. Everyone has the right:

  • Respect for other people;
  • To express your thoughts, emotions and wishes;
  • Prioritize communication and actions;
  • Deny people without having a sense of glimpse;
  • Express an opinion that is different from that of the majority;
  • Protect yourself from the negative effects of other persons;
  • Make plans for your further existence, depending on your goals;

By setting such rules in front of people who begin to get into their personal life, you can protect yourself from negative influences and manipulation.

How to recognize a manipulator? 2

Before you understand the mistakes made when communicating with such people, it is necessary to highlight who and for what purposes forces you to take certain actions.

Speaking of mistakes. It is thanks to our loyalty and gentleness that we allow people to influence our lives, allow them to take liberties, and provide them with a number of services that we do not need.

The manipulator is the person who makes you make certain actions and concessions, outside the framework of your desire, in order to make his life easier. Of course, in our social circle there will certainly be people who do this unconsciously. Such people simply cannot exist normally in society without our help. And it is thanks to his emotional attachment to us that he asks us to do him favors, to give in forever and to contribute to his development.

recognize the manipulator
recognize the manipulator

If such communication still slows you down and makes you feel insecure, stop facilitating it. Let's analyze this model of behavior on a child. Every parent, regardless of desire, wants to assist his child in order to make his life easier.

But sometimes this kind of help goes too far. In this case, you need to let the child out of the parental embrace so that he can survive and adapt on his own. Of course, such a process should not be allowed to take its course. But also remain an eternal lifeline too.

We examined the model of behavior of a person who always needs help. Now let's consider a model in which a person influences us in every possible way in order to receive some service. Thanks to this, we will be able to learn about all of his techniques.

Emotional impact3

To understand how to recognize a manipulator, let's turn to its most important technique. This is, of course, an emotional impact. How often do you hear from your comrades and colleagues boasting that forces you to take action? If often, you are faced with the most aggressive, but invisible form of attack.

ways of manipulation
ways of manipulation

The fact is that one feature distinguishes a person from a monkey. Man, by nature, needs encouragement and assessment of his abilities. Thanks to the fact that someone praises him, a person has motivation and an unconscious desire to keep moving forward in what he loves.

Manipulators are very aware of this line and use it against you. They appeal to your talents in every possible way and ask you to render them a service in this matter. For example, if you are doing a wonderful job with office equipment, having heard praise from a colleague and a request to "help fix" the printer, it will not be so difficult for you to accomplish this task. A colleague, realizing that he can influence you through praise, will use it quite often.

Also, master manipulators use their position against you, in your attitude. If he is an old enough acquaintance or friend, he may tell you that he simply cannot cope without your support and help. And you are the only person who will pull him out of a hopeless situation. But you need to remember that there are no hopeless situations, and your friend chose the path of less resistance, taking advantage of your kindness.

To prevent this from happening, we will use further tips that will tell you how to behave with manipulators.


Maintain distance and chain of command 4

The manipulator can easily switch one behavior model to another. Sometimes he will tend to express immense gratitude and sociability towards people. In another situation, he will be quite rude. Also, he will put pressure on other people with his behavior in order to get what he wants.

Try to contact such a person as rarely as possible so as not to experience discomfort in communication. If this person is with you at work - try to be courteous to him, but never use his techniques in relation to him. This will output it. It is very difficult for manipulators to be in the same society with the same people.

The reason for this behavior lies in the upbringing of children. You will not be able to fix it, you will only waste your nerves. The task of re-education is a matter of time, situations and other people's concerns.

Don't take words to heart5

Thanks to their mastery of playing on other people's emotions, manipulators often use this ability. Because of this, the people around them feel inferior, insecure and depressed.

Everything happens because he creates the impression that if you do not fit his model, then you are an extra link in society. This is done on purpose to make you feel guilty. In such situations, manipulators love to return to your flaws, mistakes, in order to play on them.

what to do with the manipulator
what to do with the manipulator

To avoid confusion in communicating with such people, try to highlight the following questions for yourself:

  • Does the person respect your own dignity?
  • How serious are his reasons for seeking your attitude, help and assistance?
  • Is your relationship reciprocal? Maybe one of you is experiencing benefit, and the second loss?
  • How does the attitude of such a person affect your perception of your personality?

If you understand these questions, it will be easy for you to understand if other people are taking advantage of you. Maybe the whole problem lies with you if you think that people are constantly demanding something from you.

manipulation in relationships
manipulation in relationships

But if this is not the case, learn to sharply and competently refuse people. The fact is that we are not obliged to follow the lead of every person in order to make their life easier. The main thing in such a matter is not to crumple and try to refuse a person as harmoniously as possible. But at the same time, you should not lose self-control and control over yourself, because you can lose your relationship with a person altogether.

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