Where To Find A Rich Man And How To Attract Him?

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Where To Find A Rich Man And How To Attract Him?
Where To Find A Rich Man And How To Attract Him?

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Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses

Nice, smart, likeable, hardworking, and funny are the perfect characteristics of the average guy. But alas, this is not enough for today's girls, now give them rich, influential and generous. At one time, the cult film "Pretty Woman" worked to defeat the entire brain of the female half of humanity. And now the question "where to find a wealthy man" does not give rest to any modern girl.

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  • 1 Poirot method
  • 2 Places of bite
  • 3 Instructions for Amazons

Poirot's method

Before succumbing to the search for the ideal companion, you first need to know some of the nuances that will not allow you to make a mistake with the choice and run into a potential homeless person. Any mama's son who has an iPhone holster or a card from Auchan can put dust in the eyes. Therefore, girls need to learn to recognize the signs that show that they are a true oligarch. So, let's get down to the exposure.


Even a very wealthy man may seem like a simple rural laborer if he is not dressed in a suit, and the girl is poorly versed in brands of expensive clothes. A knit sweater that is a little stretched, and worn jeans can be confusing. However, this werewolf will certainly give out the shoes. They always approach her choice thoroughly, as they want comfort. It is expensive, clean and neat shoes that will hand over it to you with all the giblets, no matter how disguised it is.


Yes, exactly how it smells will come to the rescue of the hunter. A man of high status always smells expensive. No fumes a mile away or smell from Lucky Strike. If there are cigarettes, then only high-quality tobacco.


Another small detail that will give him away is the watch. A rich man will not wear a fake, only real brands from famous world brands. But, if suddenly, you saw "Rocket" on his arm, you should not run away into the night distance. It is likely that he is just a collector, because such watches have long been a rarity.

How to interest a successful man
How to interest a successful man


There is a certain difference between a guy who got millions on a silver platter and a serious man who achieved everything on his own. The first behaves defiantly, litters with bills and flaunts all his wealth. The second communicates quietly and calmly, is restrained in the manifestation of emotions and does not show how many millions are on his account. And if the first rides a Ferrari, then the second may have a rather modest car by their standards, but a miracle of 1000 horsepower is hidden under the hood.

Biting places2

Now that you have learned how to distinguish an oligarch from a Coca-Cola sales manager, it's time to consider the places where you can catch not just a catfish, but a whole whale.

A restaurant

In this case, we are not talking about kiosks with shawarma, but about fashionable establishments where a portion of oysters costs like a one-room apartment in Khimki. One of the main advantages of a rich person is the ability to eat deliciously, expensively and tasty. Moreover, informal business meetings are often held in such places.

How to hook a rich man
How to hook a rich man

Charity event

Where to find a wealthy man, if not here. There are a lot of potential suitors at such evenings. Everyone gathers to show the breadth and generosity of their pocket, saving striped dwarf snails or pink monkeys from extinction. As a bait, a phrase will serve where the girl can praise him, along the way admiring his kindness and sensitivity to these cutest creatures.


Of course, very rich people either do not have time to visit such places, or it makes sense, since in their castles they certainly have facilities equipped for sports. However, you can try to catch a large pike here too. But then it is advisable to opt for the luxury complex itself. By the way, here you can immediately show yourself and see him in all its glory.

World resorts

The rich also need to rest. Therefore, in order to catch a bigger fish, and at the same time to have a full fun, we fly to Cannes, Nice, Switzerland, Miami, etc. Here he has a good mood, rest, and a mood for romance, and time is full of the works of the righteous.

Where to find a successful man
Where to find a successful man

Secular reception

Through acquaintances, friends or relatives, you certainly need to find an invitation to such an event. Although not all oligarchs are lovers of such a pastime, the status and the possibility of new useful acquaintances oblige. So bring the marafet and into battle.

Sports entertainment section

The yacht club, car races, racetracks, tennis courts, a golf club are all great places to fish.

Eco food

Many rich men can be found in organic food stores. Such food is now expensive and few can afford it.


Girls who work in car dealerships, branded boutiques of men's clothing, footwear or accessories have a lot of chances to present their number to one of the clients. The same can be done by those who work in the tourism industry, oil and gas companies, or prestigious banks.

the Internet

Another option for finding a rich husband is dating sites. However, not everything is so easy here. There is a high risk of running into a psychopath with a sweet smile or a bored janitor from a nearby house.

Where to find a wealthy man
Where to find a wealthy man

Instructions for Amazons3

Well, the girl found a millionaire, recognized him in the midst of the crowd, but what's the use of this if she herself does not look like Princess Diana. Well, he won't look in the direction of the one who looks like a waitress from a gas station and behaves accordingly. It is only in the movies that they are carried on by maids, prostitutes and journalists. In life, everything is much more prosaic. A companion, even if she is not a wife, should look like him. So you need to watch your appearance, be neat and well-groomed.

The fact that you have to invest before you get it, exactly for such a case. It is worth spending a little so that later you will be able to take a bath of champagne. And for this the girl needs:

  • visit a cool stylist who will choose a hairstyle and makeup;
  • do shopping in decent boutiques, and not in the Cherkizovsky market;
  • learn etiquette at the table, learn the purpose of devices;
  • attend thematic forums and trainings to increase knowledge about something.

Oligarchs who are fond of silicone young ladies are in an active search again after a month, since silicone leaves no room for the main thing in a girl - for the brains. In order not to repeat the fate of such girls, improve yourself. Study art, economics, politics. You need to listen to the news to keep abreast of events in the world.

Where to find a rich man
Where to find a rich man

With such a man, especially if communication takes place in public, you should not smoke or drink a lot of alcohol. There is clearly no place for alcoholics in his life. Mate, although strong and mighty, but it is also better to forget.

Unfortunately, today many girls do not consider it necessary to learn how to cook or do housework. This is a huge mistake. The housekeeper may be included in the kit to the oligarch, but in order to really interest him, keep him and fall in love with himself, it will not hurt to be able to do something herself. He will definitely be pleased if, despite all her sleekness, the girl can cook his favorite dish herself, iron his shirt and tie a tie. Therefore, before going out on the hunt, an Amazon should be well prepared. And having figured out where to find a wealthy man, how to charm him and how to behave - any lady has a chance to become the wife of an oligarch.

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