What Do All Girls Really Think About Men And Do They Think?

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What Do All Girls Really Think About Men And Do They Think?
What Do All Girls Really Think About Men And Do They Think?

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Men live in their own world and at the same time try to get to know women, applying their own measures, assessments and rules to them. Only now they do not take into account (or do not know) the fact that women differ from men simply in a colossal number of aspects. And, of course, the stronger sex is mistaken in theories about what girls think about men. Only women themselves can tell about this, but not even the fact that men will be able to realize this through the prism of their perception. Unfortunately, people see, hear, remember only what they want. But you can try to convey this information to them and try to dispel the prevailing stereotypes.

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The world is full of male illusions about how women perceive their appearance. The only problem is that women … do not perceive her almost in any way. Yes, a lady will be repelled by an unkempt, neglected person, from whom he smells of either slop or fumes. But men will also experience such disgust. The main problem is that men believe that women prefer cute guys or beefy athletes. That is, they are sure that women choose their partner only according to his external data. In fact, it is not women who do this, but men themselves.

What do girls think about men and their appearance? Of course, girls are able to appreciate the appearance of this or that guy, but this is unlikely to be a determining factor for them when choosing a partner for a relationship. They are more concerned with other masculine qualities. You can see many examples of stunning ladies in relationships with unsympathetic, ugly or downright ugly people. Why? Apparently because those qualities that are important to them prevail in them. Of course, young girls with an unformed worldview are capable of getting a fan of cute actors, musicians or other famous personalities. Only in a pair they will choose a reliable, promising and caring person.


Oh, there are a lot of opinions that women in men are only interested in their money, among representatives of various cultures. Men are firmly convinced that a girl enters into a relationship only for the sake of obtaining some benefit. But if we put emotions and stereotypes aside, then you can see the real picture. Evolutionarily, it so happened that women were in the role of those who chose a partner for themselves to create offspring. The one who was stronger, healthier and younger was a priority for them. Why? These qualities were the guarantee that the girl would not starve to death near this person, their children would be healthy, strong and well-fed.

What do girls think of guys
What do girls think of guys

What is money? This is an indicator of the success of this or that person. A resource with which you can improve your life or the life of your loved ones. And women understand this much better than men. They choose richer or more promising people because they want a better future for themselves and their children in decent conditions. There is no need to talk about values, worldview and so on. A banal and honest natural selection works. The one who is more successful - those who want the same successful offspring are drawn to this. There is no need to blame women for the fact that mechanisms that have developed and evolved over the centuries and millennia work in them.

"A man should" 3

Unfortunately, today men are forced to deal with a generation of women brought up on traditional values. Mothers and fathers praise their daughters, call them princesses, let them whatever they want. And the result is a person who is confident that the world will treat him with the same care and attention that his parents treated him. Only this is a very big mistake in upbringing, which led to the fact that a huge number of arrogant girls appeared. Moreover, it is difficult to blame them for this, because they grew up in an environment where they were praised by everyone around them.

What girls want from guys
What girls want from guys

For many men, it will be sad to learn that some women do not even consider the stronger sex as human. They believe that men owe them simply because they are attractive to them. They demand gifts, attention, courtship, not realizing that this is offensive to men. But the good news is that not everyone is like that. Some are smart enough to know that they are on an equal level with men. Such ladies know how not only to accept something, but also to give something of their own. For such men hold on with all their might, because they are a truly rare phenomenon in modern society.

Many myths, rumors and illusions are circling around what women think about the representatives of the opposite sex. But they would not have appeared without reason. The women themselves commit acts that lead to the appearance of notoriety. Moreover, this happens very massively, because stereotypes of this nature are observed in various cultures and societies. Men can only wish to learn not to believe rumors, but to adequately assess each person who meets them.

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