How To Get Acquainted With A Girl On The Internet Or On The Street?

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How To Get Acquainted With A Girl On The Internet Or On The Street?
How To Get Acquainted With A Girl On The Internet Or On The Street?

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How to get to know a girl correctly
How to get to know a girl correctly

Quite often, men prefer to meet girls with whom they regularly meet at the behest of circumstances: colleagues at work, fellow students at the institute, neighbors. Sometimes from such communication, alliances and happy families are formed, and sometimes it is limited to fleeting relationships.

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  • 2 Mystery of the first phrase
  • 3 How to charm a stranger?
  • 4 Meeting point - social network
  • 5 Secrets of a Perfect Dating

As a result, a small office or college romance after completion begins to weigh on: people after a breakup rarely maintain good relations, and you have to see each other regularly if you work or study together. In order to expand their circle of communication, it will not be superfluous for guys to understand how to get to know a girl in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The street as a meeting point

There are no places where it would be impossible to strike up a new acquaintance with the opposite sex. A fateful meeting can happen on the street and it is important not to miss the moment, because there is only one attempt left.

If you want to meet a girl - always be ready for decisive action. On the street, a smile and eye contact are a good sign for dating. Be the first to show your benevolence, and a lot will become clear from the female reaction: if you see an interested look or a reciprocal smile, then it's time not to miss the moment and try to make an acquaintance:

  • nod to the girl from afar;
  • when you are level, say hello to her;
  • start a dialogue.

Sounds simple. And in fact, everything is so. The hardest part is deciding to approach.

The mystery of the first phrase2

But what can I say? How to start a conversation? The first phrase is important, so it is necessary to work on it in advance and, having met a pretty girl, use a ready-made technique. A thoughtful phrase is necessary in a bustle of the street: everyone is in a hurry and busy with their thoughts. There are several rules to help you make the first phrase as effective as possible:

  • brevity. The message should be just a few words. Remember - you and her are limited by time;
  • frankness. You can not hide your desire and say: "Let's get to know each other!" Straightness may surprise you a bit, but it will not be overlooked. Women love confident guys. Just don't go too far: no impudence, vulgarity and excessive persistence;
  • compliment. Here you will have to work hard and prepare an "unfixed" version, because you will not surprise anyone with a banal phrase. If you have a fantasy, then try to connect it.
how to get to know a girl correctly
how to get to know a girl correctly

If you are thinking about the first phrase and how to get to know a girl correctly, then do not forget about your appearance and benevolent mood. Your image should be holistic and attractive. Every little thing matters, from body odor and breath to clean shoes.

How to charm a stranger? 3

It is logical that after the first phrase the second, the third should follow and then the dialogue will take place. So that communication is not limited to just a greeting, and the girl does not run further on her business, you need to realize that for a relaxed conversation, a stranger must understand your motives and feel safe.

In the first minutes of communication, tell the girl your name and what she piqued your interest. You can add a little information and tell who you work or who you study for. And don't forget to smile!

If she is interested, she will react to a joke and happily chat. But often girls are quite squeezed during the first communication, especially so spontaneous. Remember that you were preparing for the meeting, but for the girl this is a complete surprise. On autopilot, she may refuse and go further, catch up and tell about your intentions (who you are and why you are following her). Just do not go with the girl for a long time, otherwise you will only frighten her.

how is it right for a man to meet a girl
how is it right for a man to meet a girl

If no contact is made, ask for a phone number or quickly write your own and, with all a sparkle in your eyes, tell them that you will really be waiting for the call. Girls are very fickle creatures. Even if she said no now, but after two hours, after calm thoughts, this no may well turn into yes.

Meeting point - social network4

How to start dating a girl on social networks? Elementary! Don't underestimate the power of the internet. Modern people spend much more time on social networks than in real life - take advantage of this. In addition, communication at a distance does not require huge efforts and lightning-fast reactions from you: there is always time to think about the message.

The only disadvantage of online dating is high competition. You will clearly not be the first guy to write to meet you, so you need to take into account several nuances and stand out from the "gray mass":

  • We put a good photo on the profile picture. The first thing a girl will pay attention to after a message is your profile. We select a good photo for your profile picture. If it's made at home, be sure to pay attention to the background. The room should be free of debris, scattered clothes, falling off wallpaper walls. The girl will notice all the flaws and draw conclusions about you, without even starting communication.
  • We look through the feed and what has been repost recently. Were there complaints about women and memes about how bad they are? We delete it immediately. And also we get rid of obscenities and vulgarity.
  • Emphasis on social status. Confident and successful people get a lot more attention. Have you recently traveled and have some cool photos? Use this. If you know how to dress beautifully and stylishly - use it.
  • We show an active life position. Meeting with friends, going to clubs or outings, sports and hobbies. Your page should show you active and passionate.
  • We are looking for a group of interests. Communication between people is easier when there are points of intersection: common hobbies, sports, music, films, humor. Find the girl you like in the thematic group and prepare a message.
How to meet a girl on a social network
How to meet a girl on a social network
  1. We write a message. We exclude the option “hello” and “how are you” right away. Take the time and think over a few lines to write. Consider the thematic group in which you chose the girl: subtly show common interests. Better yet, if both of you are fond of, for example, skiing, then on your page there must be a photo confirming this fact.
  2. Literacy. The message is written and ready to send, but don't rush. We check for literacy. Girls love smart guys, and messages with errors are perceived negatively at first.

These are basic rules that cannot be ignored. Of course, if you are a very timid and insecure guy, then you don't need to artificially create a brutal page. But it is definitely worth raising the bar. Plus, the internet can help boost self-esteem. Communication with girls is easy and you can play any role. Try on a new image of a successful and confident guy, suddenly you like him.

Secrets of a perfect dating5

Taking initiative is a primordially masculine quality. No matter how modern girls are, deep down they dream of a strong man nearby. Let's summarize everything that has been said about how to meet a girl:

  • confidence and goodwill. Smile and show your interest;
  • openness. You should not come up with fables: if you like a girl, tell her so;
  • appearance. The whole outcome depends on the first impression. There can be no minor details here: clean shoes, ironed clothes and a pleasant smell. If only one factor is missing, your dating attempt will fail;
Secrets of a perfect dating
Secrets of a perfect dating

communication, communication and communication again. Only through conversation can a new acquaintance be struck. Think over topics and build mental dialogues

Initiative and enterprise breaks down any walls. Apply what you read about, because no one needs any knowledge without practice. And communication skills can only be developed by regularly doing them. Remember that you are a man and that “hunting” is your calling.

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