Dating Sites: Rules Everyone Should Remember

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Dating Sites: Rules Everyone Should Remember
Dating Sites: Rules Everyone Should Remember

Video: Dating Sites: Rules Everyone Should Remember

Video: Dating Sites: Rules Everyone Should Remember
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surprised couple
surprised couple

Online communication is now even more popular than meeting in a bar or with friends. Online dating greatly facilitates the task of finding a partner; however, the rules are completely different in the virtual space than in the offline one. And before embarking on this type of communication, you should definitely study its most important aspects.

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  • 1 1. Don't use your real name
  • 2 2. Set the time frame that you will spend on online communication
  • 3 3. Do not reveal all the cards at once.
  • 4 4. "No" to empty hopes before starting real dates
  • 5 5. Always tell family and friends where you are going
  • 6 6. First date - simple and short
  • 7 7. Don't Ignore Alarms
  • 8 8. Set Your Own Standards and Limits
  • 9 9. Don't be limited to meetings with one person
  • 10 10. Be yourself

1. Don't use your real name1

Or any other information that would reveal your identity. On the one hand, there is nothing easier than just entering your true data in the column. But on the other hand, you can never know what kind of people will view your profile. Do you really need dubious individuals to have information about your name, place of work or residence? The question is rhetorical.

2. Set the time frame that you will spend on online communication2

If you and your interlocutor are interested in continuing communication, you should transfer him to the real world as soon as possible. Before the first date, no more than 2-3 weeks should pass from the moment of meeting. If a potential partner writes to you from abroad, this period, according to psychologists, should be no more than 2 months. Find out as soon as possible if this person is right for you or not; and whether it is worth continuing to invest your time and internal resources in communicating with him.

3. Do not reveal all cards at once 3

This point has many things in common with the first. You should not immediately tell the interlocutor about where you live, work, what brand of car you have, how much you earn. Yes, this person may seem like a cutie with whom you want to quickly move from online flirting to a telephone conversation. But to begin with, it's always a good idea to clarify the interlocutor's intentions. After all, now there are many scammers on the Web who constantly hone their communication skills. They act like wolves in sheep's clothing, forcing people to divulge personal information.

Voice your phone number only after you are ready to communicate. Many sites now provide their customers with an incognito call function - with its help, when making a call, the phone number remains hidden. And also you can always use a free phone number from Google Voice.

4. "No" to empty hopes before starting real dates4

Everything that is available to you during online communication is, in fact, just a profile of the interlocutor on the site. Remember this when the wedding bells suddenly ring in your head and you want to make plans for the future about it. To decide finally, you should definitely first have a real date. And then make preliminary conclusions.

The guy and the girl are texting
The guy and the girl are texting

5. Always tell family and friends where you are going5

You should always have at least one close friend or girlfriend who knows where you are going and who you are dating. If, God forbid, something unexpected happens, they will know where to look for you. After all, you never know for sure who you are dealing with. Of course, the vast majority of dates go well - but it's always worth remembering about your safety.

6. First Date - Simple and Short 6

You can just have a cup of coffee with each other. This is enough to determine how further communication will go. If the conversation does not fit, and by all indications, further communication is unlikely to be successful, then you do not have to spend the whole evening going to the cinema or a boring dinner at a restaurant.

7. Don't Ignore Alarms 7

Sometimes you want to believe in the best, and drown out the insistent voice of the instinct of self-preservation. But you shouldn't do that. Pay attention to how your interlocutor communicates, how you feel during the conversation; how he treats other people - for example, waiters. Yes, of course, he or she can be ultra charming, but the main thing is still character.

Girl with phone
Girl with phone

8. Set Your Own Standards and Limits 8

Decide in advance which attitude is acceptable for you, and which - under no circumstances. For example, you wouldn't want a new acquaintance to show up on a date drunk. This means that under no circumstances will you continue the meeting, even if he is slightly drunk. Of course, this is just an example. By practicing this approach, you don't have to put yourself in a dualistic situation. Defining your own personal boundaries will greatly simplify life in the future.

9. Don't be limited to meetings with one person9

It is unlikely that you will immediately be able to find the personality that suits you perfectly. On the other hand, emotional attachment can arise from the very beginning of the first dates. In this way, you will start a relationship without even allowing yourself to make a choice. Therefore, at first, there is nothing wrong with meeting several people at the same time. This does not mean that you need to have sexual intercourse with each of them. You meet and choose - just like your potential lovers do.

Girl with laptop
Girl with laptop

10. Be yourself10

You don't have to say that you adore children if you are sick of one kind of babies. Even if you want to prove yourself the ideal mother-to-be. Well, if you adore working with cars, despite your belonging to the female sex, then you should not hide it. If you are looking for a real relationship, then you need to show your true character. The same goes for love preferences. Often, for example, men can hide their addiction to polygamous relationships. But what if a new friend is also not averse to this format? It is much better to start a relationship without unnecessary embellishments and masks than to face difficulties later.

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