How To Know When It's Time To Divorce Your Wife Or It's Time For A Change

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How To Know When It's Time To Divorce Your Wife Or It's Time For A Change
How To Know When It's Time To Divorce Your Wife Or It's Time For A Change
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it's time to divorce my wife
it's time to divorce my wife

Divorce is always stressful. But there are situations when, because of life with the wrong person, much more nerves and vitality are wasted, but in order to decide on such a serious step, you need to weigh the pros and cons. And at such moments, men wonder how to understand that it is time to divorce their wife. Most importantly, you need to understand that an ordinary quarrel in the first year of marriage is not a reason for divorce. All people are different, with their own views and values, with their own life position and upbringing, therefore, quarrels can occur between even the closest people and this is quite normal.

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  • 2 "Let's live together!"
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  • 4 "I love my job, I will come here on Saturday"
  • 5 Irritation
  • 6 Sex is not the same
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To find the answer to the question - how to understand that it is time to divorce your wife, the following signs, which have appeared long ago or are just beginning to appear in your relationship, will help.

Say a word i

Perhaps the first sign is that you are less likely to communicate. You no longer have, or there are very few topics for conversation, common interests. Arriving home in the evening after work, you may not say a word. First of all, you turn to friends and acquaintances for advice. Sometimes it seems to you that it is better to do something yourself than to ask your spouse. Don't ask if you need help.

"Let's live together!" 2

The second sign may be more frequent quarrels between you, and they can often be witnessed by children and you do not care much. If you or your wife are looking for a quarrel, while a child is in the same room with you, then most likely, in this way, you subconsciously want to show him that not everything is good in your family life, and also, possibly, enlist his support in the future … But this is extremely wrong.

For a child, a quarrel between parents is always a great stress. In guesses and assumptions, the child can go so far as to blame himself for your divorce.


Your views on the family budget have changed a lot. If you or your spouse are making an expensive purchase for yourself, without thinking that it could be money for a family vacation or a child's education, then this is one of the signs of seriously talking about your relationship.

when there is a divorce
when there is a divorce

"I love my job, I will come here on Saturday" 4

You are not in a hurry to go home after work, and in the morning you want to leave as soon as possible. Every time you look for excuses to return home later.


Another sign that you may be at risk of divorce may be irritability. It happens that your significant other starts screaming from scratch, noticing what you have been doing for years and this has already become a habit.

And maybe something that you always liked began to greatly enrage and annoy. But you should understand that it is possible that you or your spouse have problems at work, or even depression, in which case you do not need to be offended and blame your soul mate for everything, you should try to talk everything over and try to help.

Sex is not the same6

Loss of interest in your personal life can be another sign. You are no longer attracted as much as before. Your wife has stopped pleasing you by wearing beautiful dresses and lingerie. Sex once a month has become like a duty that must be experienced and continue to go on with their own affairs.

it's time to get divorced
it's time to get divorced


In most cases, one of the main reasons for divorce can be treason. Here the reason is not as important as the fact itself. Cheating on one of the partners leads to a loss of trust and a feeling of betrayal. And even if the spouse was able to forgive the betrayal, this relationship will never regain its former trust.

In addition, there are reasons why you are only thinking about divorce, but have not yet decided. It can be children and the attitude of family and friends. Of course, it is difficult for a child to go through the divorce of his parents, but on the other hand, it will be much more difficult for him to live between two fires, when there are constant quarrels at home, each parent tries to hide behind him and use him to hurt the other more.

This can have a very negative effect on the psyche of the child. In addition, you should not be afraid of condemnation from family and friends. This is your life, and if you feel that in marriage you are choking both yourself and your spouse, then you need to think about you, and not about what others will say.

Of course, it is impossible to draw a conclusion about the need for a divorce only on one of the above signs, but in aggregate they can say with almost 100% probability that divorce is inevitable. If you have noticed only a few prerequisites for the fact that a divorce is approaching in your relationship, then you should not take hasty and rash actions.

it's time to file for divorce
it's time to file for divorce

First of all, it is worth talking with your spouse about the current situation. And if ordinary conversations are not enough, then perhaps it will not be superfluous to contact a family psychologist. There is no need to be afraid to contact a specialist, because there is nothing shameful or bad in this. Moreover, this way you can show that you care about your relationship.

It is worth understanding that a psychologist is not a friend who will listen to you and say: "Do what you want, I will support you in any case." A real specialist will not just listen to you, he will also help you figure out where this problem came from, what its consequences and solutions might be. In addition, any psychologist has a set of exercises in stock that will help restore and strengthen relationships, look at your problem from the other side and through the eyes of your spouse.

Why do people get divorced? You can find out about this and not only in our article on the link below.

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