How To Love Two Men At The Same Time - The Psychology Of Such A Relationship

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How To Love Two Men At The Same Time - The Psychology Of Such A Relationship
How To Love Two Men At The Same Time - The Psychology Of Such A Relationship

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I love two men at the same time
I love two men at the same time

For most women, the concept of falling in love excludes feeling for two men at once. But is it possible to experience crazy, passionate love at the same time for several people? And if you do not feel strong emotions, and just sympathize with two or more guys, is it acceptable to date them in parallel?

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  • 1 Falling in love is not a shame
  • 2 Mechanism of double love
  • 3 Exclusivity does not lead to commitment
  • 4 wants and injects
  • 5 What to do when there are two or more of them

It's not a shame to fall in love

Of course, love can spread to several people at the same time. Think about family members, children, dear friends. Deep feelings for everyone live in your heart at once. Likewise, it is easy to get carried away by several men at once.

Why should it be shocking to think that it is possible for a woman, regardless of her relationship status, to date more than one man? The thought of dating others when you are already in a relationship seems wrong, even shameless to most women.

Yes, we were taught that falling in love means exclusivity. We have absorbed the concept of this black-and-white norm of behavior: either you meet with one, or - with no one and "prowl" in search of a pair.

But there is a much grayer area of ​​relationships. And if you are not bound by marriage or commitment to a partner, consider whether you are ready to lock yourself in a prison cell of fidelity and throw away the key? And if you manage to fall in love with two guys at once, it only means that you are just a person with desires, striving for connection, love and communication. It's difficult, but there is no reason to be ashamed.

Double Love Mechanism2

You can fall in love with someone passionately while in a relationship with another, because this feeling is involuntary, like a shot in the heart, and you are not able to help yourself. This often happens when the relationship becomes more friendly, or something is lacking in it, so you fall in love with the one who reignites your sleeping passion.

One man reveals your sexual side, helps build self-confidence, and you don't want to give it up. With the second, you experience a deep connection, safety, comfort, feel loved. And suddenly your brain is releasing dopamine towards both of them, because both, albeit in different ways, make you feel special and wanted.

Exclusivity does not lead to commitment3

If you are in a relationship with a man who has not yet confessed his love to you, is not bound to you by promises or obligations, then you should continue to date other applicants. By doing this, you leave the possibility of choice, and you will not waste time and energy on a person who is not yet sure what role is assigned to you in his future. In Western terminology, you are making your relationship “non-exclusive”.

I love two men at the same time
I love two men at the same time

All over the world, women from childhood were taught to believe that a girl should remain a friend for only one man, the relationship with whom must be exclusive (exclusive). And only this behavior will lead to a long-term, committed relationship. This is a complete lie!

In truth, the moment a woman makes a man the center of her universe, he begins to feel less romantic about her. As soon as a guy realizes that you devoted yourself only to him before you received any obligations from him, he begins to think much less about you. Exceptional devotion to a man does not automatically lead to lasting love and commitment. Leave the other options open and focus on what you need.

Wanting and injecting4

Falling in love at the same time can be unnerving and stressful. Our society tends to instill in people the idea that this is some form of fraud, and you ask yourself the question: "Am I doing the right thing?" In addition, if one of your partners finds out about the other, then, most likely, everything will collapse, because the men themselves, being creatures not inclined to monogamy, remain ardent owners.

Love two men at the same time
Love two men at the same time

Everything looks great with the Americans and the British, when the couples conclude an oral and even written agreement on the rules of "hikes to the left". And at the same time, no resentment and jealousy arise, because their psychologists, together with the media, have put everything in their place: relationships are exclusive and non-exclusive, and marriage is monogamous and open.

The best policy is honesty, and it is better to agree on all "other relationships" in advance, then nothing goes beyond the limits of modern morality. But they have it. But what about us?

First, you need to decide if you can pull off alternating dates with two men at all. It will take more time, effort, emotion, tension. In addition, you cannot count on the devotion of each of them when you yourself are in a "dual" position. And if so, then think carefully: will you stay calm knowing that one of your partners is taking a random beauty home?

What to do when there are two or more of them5

Is it necessary for the guys or one of them to tell that you are dating the other at the same time? It all depends on the circumstances, the characteristics of your relationship and the characters of men. If you all have common acquaintances, or you live in a small town, then, with a high degree of probability, everything will soon become known to your boyfriends.

if you love two men at the same time
if you love two men at the same time

When your dates are periodic, you are not connected by anything other than mutual sympathy and sex, then it is not necessary to devote your partner to the area of ​​"other" relationships. You may even suspect that he is open to other connections as well. You will have to restrain yourself from impulses to questioning what he does and where it happens when you do not see each other, and who is this girl with whom he was seen the day before. By doing so, you will give him the same right to control your life outside of dating.

In any case, you should not refuse to meet with two or more guys at the same time. When you compare the attitude of different partners towards you, you can better understand who you need and what you really want from a man. Perhaps this will give you the necessary attitude to find the right person and the eternal inspiration of his love and devotion.

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