TOP-8 Really Working Ways To Interest A Guy

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TOP-8 Really Working Ways To Interest A Guy
TOP-8 Really Working Ways To Interest A Guy
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How to get a guy interested
How to get a guy interested

When a girl wants to seduce a guy she likes, she uses all her natural talents. But not always a young man is attracted only by his appearance. To conquer the chosen one, beauty alone is not enough. Of course, appearance plays a big role, but when there is nothing more than a cute face, then the young man cannot be kept close for a long time. But how to interest a guy, here you need to know a subtle psychological approach.

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  • 4 When a guy fell in love
  • 5 Get the ex-man interested again

Important rules

So, as soon as the very person meets in life who fits the ideal in all respects, you need to remember the well-known saying "They meet by their clothes, but they are escorted by their minds." First of all, guys pay attention to their appearance. Don't wear too much makeup or dress vulgarly. It is enough just to emphasize your natural beauty. To draw the guy's attention to yourself, you need to follow some rules.

  • Be confident in yourself and be aware of your actions. A person with adequate self-esteem automatically attracts other people.
  • A good mood decorates a girl, it is easy to communicate with her and a feeling of comfort in her company is created. But a bad mood and constant complaints about life, on the contrary, are repulsive.
  • A good sense of humor and the ability to sometimes laugh at yourself says only the best about the lady. Such a companion in life will not focus on the negative aspects of being, but will look for pluses everywhere.
  • You can try to secretly find out about everything that the young man loves and prefers, and then in the course of the conversation pass it off as your preferences. Then an interesting conversation will start and the guy, without realizing it, will be carried away by the girl.
  • Tactile communication brings people closer together. During communication, you sometimes need to touch his body: arms, shoulders, knees. The gentle touch of women's hands drives men crazy.
  • Be natural. Guys immediately notice if a girl is acting fake, imitating a famous person, or lying. You need to maintain your individuality, this attracts the opposite sex even more.
  • Avoid using foul language when communicating with a guy and generally monitor your speech. Gossip and ridicule should not be allowed behind other people's backs.
  • In no case should you flirt with a guy holding a cigarette or beer in your hand. Even if the girl is smart and beautiful, he will come up with a lot of reasons and leave so as not to breathe tobacco smoke or a foamy drink.

After the first spark in communication has lit up, you need to interest him in a conversation on any topic. It is important not to start building relationships with lies, you cannot attribute to yourself non-existent qualities and achievements. After all, if it turns out that the young man is destined for the girl by fate, then later you will have to be ashamed of the deception. In the process of communication, you should not immediately tell everything about yourself, otherwise the guy will not be interested in later getting to know his companion better. When he begins to tell something, you do not need to interrupt him, this is a sign of bad taste.

girl in pink
girl in pink

Excessive gesticulation does not paint a woman, so you need to hold back on dates and do not wave your arms again. Usually men are anxious about emotional young ladies and try to stay away from them.

How to get interested in social networks2

Most people nowadays spend their time on the Internet. Communicating in various topics, users get to know each other, get to know each other better. But not all girls know how to hook a man in correspondence. And it's pretty easy, just carefully study its page. Preferred music, statuses, posts and the general design of the profile all speak about him. Having roughly understood what kind of person he is, you can safely write him a personal message first.

You need to express your thoughts and write competently without using a large number of emoticons. This characterizes the girl on the positive side. Usually, all people display the results of their hobbies on their pages. If he has a lot of photos from the concerts of a famous performer, the girl can write to him that she was also at the performances of this artist and share her opinion. It is important to set your real photo on the page before this. Men are also curious and, if the young lady is attractive, he will definitely answer her message.

You can write one comment on several of his photos, the main thing is not to overdo it and not to compliment him personally. It is enough to admire the place in the photo and say that I also took pictures in this place. Even if you just put classes on some of his posts and statuses, the guy will already have an interest. After that, he will definitely go to the girl's page to familiarize himself with her profile.

It is not advisable to write stupid formulaic phrases, such as “Hello. How are you?" or “So boring. Do you know how to cheer up? " Guys often ignore such questions. You need to imagine yourself in his place and think about how you can intrigue him. If, for example, beautiful pets are displayed on his page, you can ask about the breed, age and habits of these animals. At the same time, express a desire to have the same charm and ask where you can buy the same puppy or kitten.

girl in pink
girl in pink

During the conversation, the guy can offer his help. Then this message should be ignored so that next time there is a reason to write to him again. About two or three days later, turn to him with the question “Do you remember that you offered your help? Is it still valid? Show me where to buy such a puppy / kitten. " Of course, the guy will give a positive answer and this will be an amazing reason to meet in reality.

How to get interested on a date3

When the girl managed to lure the guy, he invites her out on a date. To continue the seduction process, the young lady should carefully prepare for the meeting. Clothing should not only suit the weather and season, but also emphasize the image of the girl. The place of the date is also of great importance and the appearance must match, because no one will go, for example, to a restaurant in a tracksuit. Here you need to take into account one nuance - his preferences in clothing. If a guy likes to wear jeans and shirts, then a girl in an evening dress will look inappropriate next to him.

If the date is in the park during warm summer weather, you can wear a T-shirt and regular pants so that the clothes do not restrict movement. A sweater with trousers is suitable for an evening movie session. When meeting at home on the territory of a woman, in no case should you wear a dressing gown. It is impossible to continue the seduction process with this piece of clothing.

When meeting, you need to maintain a slight intrigue, and it is better to start the conversation from the moment at which the conversation stopped last time. While on a date, don't forget about smiling and body play. You shouldn't make sudden movements. By nature, women are endowed with grace and body plasticity. The easy gait and fluid action quickly captivate men.

Before going out on a date, you should leave all annoying personality traits at home. Even if someone ruined a girl's mood, she should not show anger when she first meets a guy.

girl in pink
girl in pink

Unfortunately, in the modern age, crime is all too common. For your own safety, it is recommended that you inform your best friend or mother about the place and time of the first date. It is best to do this in the presence of the chosen one, because no one knows what is on his mind. Thus, the girl will demonstrate responsibility, which is very attractive to the opposite sex.

When meeting a guy on a first date, it is better to discuss neutral topics: movies, music, creativity. There is no need to talk about unsuccessful romances in the past or any disappointment in life, otherwise the young man will think that the girl is a failure. But you can tell him about your pet, about his funny habits.

When a guy fell in love4

After all the manipulations to seduce a young man, many girls are tormented by the question of whether he is in love or not. A guy may not talk about feelings because of modesty or fear that the chosen one will not reciprocate. In this case, his habits and body will speak for him. Namely:

  • On social media, he posts funny videos or postcards. By SMS, he sends wishes of a good day and good mood.
  • When meeting, his torso and the toe of the shoe are directed towards the girl. During the conversation, she looks straight into the eyes, eagerly catching her every word.
  • She finds any excuses to touch her beloved: remove a curl from her face, take a hand, straighten a collar, etc.
  • Begins to actively monitor their appearance so that it is flawless.
  • She often pronounces the girl's name, and during communication, she involuntarily laughs and talks loudly.
  • He is interested in the life and affairs of the chosen one. Even if her hobby is not to his liking, he involuntarily begins to do the same.
  • The main factor of a guy in love is mood. If you look closely at him, he sings songs, dances, jokes.
  • If he offered to meet his mother, this undoubtedly speaks of his high feelings for the girl. In addition, this indicates the seriousness of his intentions.
girl in pink
girl in pink

Psychologists note other signs of falling in love, it all depends on the individual characteristics of men. Well, if a guy said that he often dreams of a lady of the heart, one can without hesitation conclude that he is in love. This means that all his thoughts are occupied by the chosen one and the brain gives out her image in dreams.

Interested in ex-man again5

Often, after parting, the girl's feelings do not disappear, and then the question arises of how to interest the man with whom the connection was interrupted. It would seem that after a long relationship, people know each other very well and it is no longer possible to arouse interest, but this is not so. Over time, everything changes, new hobbies appear, tastes become different and so on. It's hard to fall in love with him again, especially if the breakup was painful. The guy may remain resentful or even angry. But in this case, you should not despair.

If the initiative for parting belonged to a man, a woman needs to do everything so as not to catch his eye for a while. During this period, arrange a photo session and post joyful photos on your page on the social network. Either he himself or his friends will see the happy face of his former lover, which will make him sad. There is no need to publish dreary statuses about unhappy love, otherwise it can make him rejoice.

You shouldn't be the first to write to him or call him, let alone inform about your intentions to return the relationship. The guy will ridicule this and he will try to move away as far as possible, to the point that he will not answer phone calls at all. You have to act wisely here.

how to interest a guy
how to interest a guy

Setting up a seemingly random meeting at a party is now easier than ever. You can ask a friend to invite him, referring to a reason for the celebration. It is desirable to prepare for this meeting both externally and morally. Forget past quarrels and grievances, remember a few funny anecdotes and radically change your appearance. Seeing the ex-girlfriend in a new image, he will want to win her attention again, here you can understand the ex-man, he is always driven by interest.

As a rule, at such events, after a certain amount of alcohol, the guy always comes up and starts the conversation first. You do not need to ask him about life and affairs, it is better to pretend that the feelings have passed. During the conversation, do not forget about a charming smile and good manners. After a few minutes of communication, you need to refer to what your friends have called, politely say goodbye and leave him, throwing a mysterious look at last.

A great method of intrigue is to agree with any other guy ahead of time as if he's a new fan. The ex-boyfriend will see another person's courtship, and he will be tormented by jealousy. After that, he himself will want to restore the old relationship.

And then everything depends on the girl herself. The wiser she does, the more her ex-boyfriend will be interested. The main thing is to act slowly, thinking everything over in advance. In any relationship, everything always depends only on the woman.

girl in pink
girl in pink

Before you again arouse interest in the ex, you need to decide for yourself why to restore the former connection. In no case should you do this out of resentment and revenge. If you return the relationship with the goal of then defiantly leaving the guy, in the future he will never be able to trust again. Worse, it is not known how he will behave in a fit of anger.

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