How To Recognize A Girl Of Easy Virtue - The Main Signs

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How To Recognize A Girl Of Easy Virtue - The Main Signs
How To Recognize A Girl Of Easy Virtue - The Main Signs
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It is believed that a woman is the keeper of the hearth, a synonym for holiness and purity. But this is not always the case: either the centuries-old system of values ​​began to falter, or are exceptions only confirming the rules?

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  • 1 Obsessive candor
  • 2 Thirst for attention at any cost
  • 3 Kept woman
  • 4 "Gray mouse" in the past
  • 5 Gone away

Today women try on different roles: a woman - a hunter, a warrior, a seducer. What unites girls of these types? Restless craving for attention from men, reaching into lecherous behavior and sex without obligation. I don't want to hang labels or talk about whether this is good or bad. The main task is to consider the types of girls of easy virtue in order to accurately determine and understand who is now in front of you. And then the cards are in hand: either bypass them, or play by the same rules.

Obsessive candor

This type of girls is in perpetual search. Only they are not looking for a prince to connect with him all their lives, but for easy pleasures and exclusively physical relationships. The main goal is regular and varied sex. Such craving is associated with internal problems and a desire to prove to yourself and everyone around that a girl is needed and popular. The girl does not want to think about the fact that this "popularity" is one night long.

Special Features: Recognizing such a person is not a very difficult task. The girl does not hide her true desires in any way, and jokes and frivolity on a sexual topic are given to her with ease and publicly. This behavior shocks others: after all, for the majority of both men and women, there are topics that are spoken about in whispers. This taboo applies to all only not such a companion.

The girl is frank not only in conversations. She was used to acting. Very often, representatives of this type with ease and without hesitation are the first to meet: on the street, in clubs, at the bar. Of course, there are just active and sociable girls, or the guy really liked it. If a woman came up first, then it is impossible with absolute certainty to rank her among the easily accessible ladies. But if a frank and loud speech about sex is added to her initiative in acquaintance … There is no need to guess.

Easy Virtue
Easy Virtue

Thirst for attention at any cost2

For representatives of this type, the main thing is to be in the epicenter of events, to receive compliments, gifts and flowers. At first glance, there is nothing reprehensible in this. But only the companion itself is not important for such a woman, moreover, he should not be alone. In the arsenal of such a girl there is always a whole "company" of men with whom she is ready to meet on certain conditions. Well, you already figured out which ones.

Special Features: Look at such a girl's social networks. Surely, there are plenty of glamorous photos with bouquets and "compliments" from different suitors. It does not bother only men looking for one-day, i.e. "One-shot" relationship.

Kept woman3

Only the scope of desires will help to distinguish the kept woman from the one who is eager for attention. This woman does not exchange and does not give up only for a bouquet. It is important for her to be completely provided for at the expense of someone else's man. It is a stranger. After all, being a breadwinner in a family is the main task of a husband. Some might argue, but generally it is. In response to material wealth and financial assistance, the wife creates comfort, takes care of the man, cooks and does laundry for him.

What does the kept woman do? He just gives his love, or rather the body. While a man is on horseback and is ready to fulfill all her whims, she will idolize him and reward him with unrestrained sex. You can forget about borscht and cleaning. Her gratitude is sex and blowjob instead of cutlets for dinner, nothing personal.

kept woman
kept woman

Distinctive features: The girl asks for gifts and money for everything: from a manicure to a car (depending on the income of the boyfriend), and pays exclusively with the bed. At first, it can be difficult to recognize a representative of this type. Only a detailed examination of her personal life will help to extradite the hunter: where does she work, what does she live for, where does she spend her evenings?

Typically, lifestyle does not match requests. For example, a girl works in a modest job or does without it at all, but finds money for new dresses, shoes, and jewelry. As they say, the result is obvious - she has a sponsor. But one more won't hurt!

"Gray mouse" in the past4

Sometimes nature loves to joke. Only here someone perceives these jokes, and someone does not. It happens that in adolescence, a girl did not stand out among her peers, or even was an "ugly duckling", and then, as if by a wave of a magic wand, she was transformed. This is where it all begins.

Yesterday, a notorious and uninteresting girl begins to make up for lost time. The stronger sex is also to blame for this story: no one wanted to look at the little girl, and today every second person is drooling and spinning vicious stories in his head with this “newly made” beauty. So, some girls are just happy with their transformation, while others - what is called "drowned". And there was a mess of fans and unintelligible connections.

Gray mouse
Gray mouse

Distinctive features: Since the appearance did not go to her initially, she, with a manic obsession, tries to support and improve it. And show everyone. Look at the page of such a beauty on social networks: continuous calls for a healthy lifestyle, sports, diets. Some of the "fit babies" fall into this category.

In general, girls are good. But they are very much obsessed with their beauty, and this leads to an inflated ego with all the ensuing consequences. She considers herself an ideal, so the girl deserves all the best: expensive gifts, admiration, compliments - and the more men participate in this game, the better.

Gone away5

Rounding out the hit parade are girls who have decided to have a full blast. Often, the start to such a "marathon" was the ended relationship: divorce or separation from a guy. For women, this is a severe emotional shock, with feelings of course, accompanied by depression and suffering. But at some point, it overwhelms and comes the understanding that life is one and can be much more fun. Then the girl, after a stable relationship in the past, begins to look for easy and not entirely appropriate connections.

Highlights: Years of decency are behind us and now it's time to catch up. For too long they have been the standard of fidelity and purity, raised children, took care of their husbands, but a breakup or misunderstanding in the family pushes them to a desperate step. Such a girl firmly decided not to waste time, therefore, frank flirting, unambiguous hints and impertinence will ooze in her behavior. She wants affection, attention and finally be desired.

sex hunter
sex hunter

But such a hunter is careful and knows how to wait: throwing herself at any man is not her lot. It is important for her to hear compliments from a potential boyfriend and catch his enthusiastic glances on herself. A man who shows warmth will be rewarded.

Each girl is a separate world: now calm and settled, then exciting and disturbing. Sometimes even a storm comes to a quiet harbor and turns everything upside down. And let this girl seem to you of easy virtue today, perhaps in a year, having met her, you will not believe your eyes.

For women, like men, polygamy is sometimes characteristic. The thirst for new forbidden pleasures covers the head. The only difference is that some girls find temporary consolation in this, while others cannot imagine life outside of this game.

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