Facts From The Biography Of Melania Trump. 8 Unique Photos

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Facts From The Biography Of Melania Trump. 8 Unique Photos
Facts From The Biography Of Melania Trump. 8 Unique Photos

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Melania trump
Melania trump

Almost more is said about the wife of the 45th President of the United States than about Donald Trump himself. This is due to the fact that his wife, Melania Trump (née Knavs), achieved a lot on her own long before their wedding. Therefore, one should not assume that all her popularity and fame is due only to a successful marriage with a very famous person.

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Melania is a very strong, interesting and creative person, which is perfectly evidenced by her biography. She tried herself in many fields of activity, and as a result, she significantly succeeded in modeling and design.

Melania's early years

Melania Knavs was born into a family of ordinary Yugoslav workers in a small town called Sevnitz at the end of April 1970. Her father, Victor, was engaged in the repair and trade of used equipment and cars, and her mother, Amalia, was a worker at a city textile factory.

They lived in a neglected and not very prosperous area, which was located between several factories. Many people became seriously ill from heavy pollution. Melania's childhood was spent in poverty and need. Her family did not even have a home - they huddled in a small high-rise apartment built for workers and their families.

The girl had to learn to cope with problems from a very early age. By the time it was time to go to school, Melania was already known as a quiet, diligent, obedient and intelligent child. This was also noted by her classmates with their teachers. The girl was an excellent student, she perfectly mastered all the material. And, more importantly, no one has ever seen her enter into any conflicts.

According to the recollections of people who knew her personally, Melania Knavs was a very polite, tactful, modest and friendly girl. She did not even use the dirty curses that surrounded her outside of school every day, because she lived in a disadvantaged area among uncultured workers.

The girl graduated with honors from her school and applied for admission to the capital's university. At that time, the capital of her homeland was the city of Ljubljana. She chose the Faculty of Architecture because she understood her inclinations for creativity and creation. But circumstances turned out so that Melania could not continue her studies.

all about Melania Trump
all about Melania Trump

Instead, she began collaborating with a professional photographer named Stane Erko. He managed to convince the girl that she could achieve incredible success in modeling. Of course, he hardly knew how right he was about this girl. Six months later, when all preparations were completed, Melania went to Milan in order to start modeling. And he changes his last name to Knaus so that it sounds better in the midst of European society.

Melania Knaus modeling career2

Thanks to her first photographer, Stan Yerko, Melania has acquired an impressive portfolio. The employers really liked her first pictures, so the girl almost immediately found a job for herself. But after several contracts of modeling agencies, it became clear to the girl that she would have to change something in her appearance in order to attract more attention to her photos. Therefore, Melania decided on several plastic surgeries.

First of all, she turned to surgeons to correct the shape of her nose. Then she already decided that it was necessary to increase the volume of the lips. Well, the final touch was the operation to change the size of her bust.

interesting about Melania Trump
interesting about Melania Trump

The results of these changes were not long in coming - soon Melania completed work on photo sessions for the erotic magazines "GQ", "MAX". This was a watershed moment in her career, as the surge of worldwide popularity allowed her to get a job in larger and more serious international publications. Thanks to this, she was able to move to the USA in 1996 and settle in New York.

In the same period, Melania began to participate in photo sessions for American fashion magazines. Having a permanent job allowed her to easily get the opportunity to permanently reside in the United States. Everything went well in her modeling career. It is worth mentioning her first photographer, Stane Yerko, who was terribly mistaken after spending only a couple of photo sessions with the girl.

He decided that Melania has an excellent appearance, but she lacks emotion and energy in order to find success. The girl refuted his words, because her hard work and discipline allowed her to master all the necessary skills for modeling. In one period, she even tried herself in cinema, but this experience turned out to be unsuccessful, and Melania left it in the past.

She has been designing professionally since 2010. Melania admitted that in the modeling business she lacked precisely the creative aspect, so she secretly always dreamed of trying herself in something else. Therefore, when she began to allow her own earnings, the woman released her own line of women's jewelry.

The life and history of Melania Trump
The life and history of Melania Trump

They were positively appreciated by the public, and the Melania brand began to gradually spread throughout the world. She did not stop there - soon many lines of cosmetics and perfumery products under her brand also saw the light. And the final touch in strengthening her creative career was her work as a designer of wrist watches.

Personal life of the first lady of the USA3

It should be noted that Melania was not particularly interested in any relationship while she was building her career. Her work took too long. Although there were a huge number of cavaliers for her. Everything changed radically in 1999, when the girl met with one of the future US presidents - Donald Trump. Their acquaintance took place during the shooting of the girl for the fashion magazine "Allure".

Almost immediately, a passionate relationship broke out between them. Subsequently, she often met with condemnation that she entered into a relationship with a very wealthy businessman, ostensibly following a mercantile look. Only now Melania's career went uphill and without the participation of such a rich man, so she did not need funds and at the same time did not lose her natural modesty.

Melania Trump life story
Melania Trump life story

The public became aware of their relationship when they themselves announced it on The Howard Stern Show. On the air, Donald called Melania the love of his life, which greatly moved a huge number of people. Of course, there were also ill-wishers, but no one paid special attention to them. For their engagement, Donald presented his partner with an 11-carat diamond ring. The price of this gift was simply staggering - almost one and a half million dollars.

And in early 2005, their wedding ceremony took place. The celebration took place in Florida, where winter could not stop the newlyweds. A funny fact is that their wedding was attended by the future rival of Donald Trump in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton. The celebration itself was very widely covered in the press. After all, the wedding of such a major figure as Mr. Trump attracted a lot of attention.

The journalists especially noted the sophistication and high cost of jewelry and the ceremony itself. For example, the bride's dress from Dior was valued at over $ 200,000. It was hand-sewn by several professional tailors. And the weight of pearl jewelry and precious stones that were on the dress was more than 25 kg. The cake prepared for this celebration also attracted a lot of attention.

Melania Trump story
Melania Trump story

Its height was more than one and a half meters, and many confectionery flowers adorned its perimeter. There were more than three thousand of them. A year after the wedding, the Trump family replenished - a boy was born, who was given the name Barron William. For Melania Trump, this was the first child in her life. But for her husband, Barron became the fifth son. From other marriages, he already had four children - two sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, and two daughters, Tiffany and Ivanka.

Melania is an avid fan of sports and fitness. The woman devotes a lot of time to her favorite cardio exercises, Pilates and tennis. But she does not limit herself in food, she is skeptical of any diets, and at the same time Melania has an excellent figure. Even junk food, age and childbirth could not diminish her beauty. A woman does not get tired of saying that sport is one of the important elements of her life, and she is not going to give it up. After all, it is with the help of him that she maintains her body in perfect condition and retains its beauty for many years.

When Donald got into politics seriously, Melania's life changed. She had already attracted a lot of attention to herself - first as a model, later - as the wife of the richest man. And now her husband has become one of the candidates for the presidency of the United States. The woman understood that she would face many unpleasant and stressful situations.

the life of Melania Trump
the life of Melania Trump

But she boldly and decisively supported her husband, including in public. In 2016, when Melania made a speech in support of Donald at the Republican Party convention, there was a small scandal. She was accused of the fact that part of her speech almost completely coincided with the words spoken by the wife of the previous US president several years ago. But this accusation was denied by representatives of her husband.

In the fall of 2016, after the final results of the vote were announced, Melania became the first lady of the United States. And her husband is the 45th president. Only now, the consequences of this step, Donald did not particularly please Melania herself. Very often, in photographs of journalists and on live broadcasts, one could notice that she was in a sad mood.

The fact of her upset feelings confirmed Melania's decision not to move to the White House. Later it became known that she is very worried about her son and wants him to continue living a calm and ordinary life, despite the fact that his father is the President of the United States. The public, who believed in the misfortune of the first lady, did not even convince their family reunion in the summer of 2017.

As expected, the president has a huge number of ill-wishers. Many of them tried to discredit him by exposing his past wrongdoings and questionable decisions.

Melania Trump who is she
Melania Trump who is she

The situation escalated especially in early 2018, when Donald Trump found himself at the epicenter of a sex scandal. Information has reached the press that the president, even before the start of the race, paid for the silence of a porn actress named Stephanie Clifford.

As it turned out, they had an intimate relationship after Trump married Melania. The wife herself persistently refrained from commenting on this situation, but from her behavior it was not difficult to understand that she was in a state of serious resentment against her husband. For some time it was not at all noticeable in his company.

But a month and a half after this scandal, the Trumps again appeared before the people of the United States, and it was clear from them that the problem was settled. According to some information, Melania agreed to forgive this betrayal for the sake of love for her son. She wanted to protect him from scandals and actions of the president's enemies.

The life of the first lady of the USA now4

At the moment, Melania Trump is one of the most attractive and image-conscious first ladies in history. On social networks, she has formed a huge community of fans who actively discuss her life, actions, and even outfits with accessories. An official Instagram account was even created specifically for Melania.

Melania trump
Melania trump

People love to make the wife of the President of the United States one of the main rivals in appearance for the wife of the President of France - Bridget Macron. Although in reality these two women do not consider each other rivals. Often they demonstrate their friendly relations at any political events, where they find themselves together.

In the spring of 2018, the White House announced to the public that the president's wife had undergone surgery to remove a benign tumor from her kidneys. At the same time, it was reported that everything went perfectly, there were no health consequences, and the operation itself was strictly planned.

Melania herself, most likely for security reasons, did not disclose other details of her condition. Moreover, she spoke to the public, announcing the launch of her own social program to help children overcome the problems they face in modern society. And at the same time, by her appearance, it was impossible to notice any signs of illness.

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