Dating Site Mamba - A Detailed Overview Of The Site And Its Users

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Dating Site Mamba - A Detailed Overview Of The Site And Its Users
Dating Site Mamba - A Detailed Overview Of The Site And Its Users

Video: Dating Site Mamba - A Detailed Overview Of The Site And Its Users

Video: Dating Site Mamba - A Detailed Overview Of The Site And Its Users
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Mamba - dating site
Mamba - dating site

The portal that many people know as mamba or mamba dating site is actually a commercial network of sites. All Internet resources included in the network have a dating section, which is intended for communication. But now we will focus on the main site, where many people are looking for satellites for a wide variety of purposes.

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  • 1 Resource description
  • 2 Interesting options
  • 3 Registration
  • 4 Tips for job seekers
  • 5 Financial issues
  • 6 Paid services
  • 7 Versions and software
  • 8 Reviews of real visitors
  • 9 Negative ratings
  • 10 Against sex
  • 11 Register or not

Resource description

Mamba is rightfully considered the oldest dating service in the Russian segment of the Internet. It was created in 2002 (in 2003 according to other sources). Today the portal has over 30,000,000 users of both sexes. Therefore, without exaggeration, this is one of the most popular dating site! Among the target audience there are young people from 18 years old and more mature visitors who have crossed the 50-year mark. So you can find a person for every taste and color.

In previous years, the main population of the site was people from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other states of the former councils of republics. But in 2013, the company paid for a brand called Wamba. This name is used for an international dating site. Now the brand occupies worthy places in the markets of other countries, so that among the profiles you can often find foreigners (Americans, Australians, Europeans and others).

Unlike the competition, a mamba dating site is a site with very broad goals. Users are looking for a couple for the following activities:

  • Building a serious relationship and family, finding a husband / wife.
  • Finding a boyfriend / girlfriend for dates and walks.
  • Search for friends and like-minded people in hobbies.
  • Sports activities together.
  • Travel companions and couples.
  • Normal correspondence and virtual communication.
  • Sexual relationships, including one-time and commercial intimate dating (now not welcome).

Permanent online in very rare cases drops below 50 thousand people, so there are always live people on the site.

Interesting options2

The portal offers an interesting feature called geosearch. Jobseekers can use the location determination, after which they will have access to the nearest in distance profiles of other visitors. In addition, the most accurate distance is indicated (1-2 km, etc.), but the detailed location of the person is not disclosed.

The resource also invites everyone to get acquainted with a special blog (Encyclopedia of Dating). It contains interesting material about relationships: how to please another person, how not to mess up, and other useful articles.

strange guy
strange guy

This site is more than just a repository of questionnaires and the possibility of correspondence. There are all kinds of games, quizzes and other interesting services here. They also facilitate new acquaintances and communication.


The guest can create his own profile after the account registration process. The procedure itself can be carried out in two ways:

  1. By name and email with gender and date of birth. In the future, a letter from the administration will be sent to the mail to complete the procedure.
  2. Using an existing account in one of the many social networks. Mail ru, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, etc. In this case, there will be no publications on the social network page.

A mandatory action will be to enter a mobile number. It is needed to confirm the identity and transfer the profile to the appropriate status.

People who care about their own anonymity should read the privacy policy of Mamba CJSC. This also applies to payment issues.

Tips for applicants4

After all the formalities with creating an account, it is better for the visitor to start filling out his own profile. To do this, you can look at a couple (or a couple of hundred) examples of other users. The vast experience of the site allowed regular visitors to identify several patterns that will be useful to beginners:

strange guy
strange guy
  • In the evening and at night, those users who are looking for sexual relations go online. It is at night that the greatest concentration of sponsors is observed, people with unusual tastes and who simply love sex.
  • To find a person for a serious relationship, it is better to visit the portal during the day.
  • There is an indecently huge number of profiles on the resource, this fact allows you to find a person who is suitable for any requirements. But this also works in the opposite direction - your own profile can get lost among millions of others.
  • To raise interest in yourself in the eyes of other users, you should upload at least 5 personal photos to the page. It is recommended to add the most interesting photos to your private photo album. In its settings, you can configure the display only to your favorite contacts.
  • It is also worth paying attention to the questionnaire itself, the information should be as detailed and interesting as possible.

Having finished the design, you can start achieving your goals in the form of finding the right person, or get to know the whole system better (look at additional services, etc.).

Financial issues5

Mamba was originally a free dating site for finding soulmates, friends, etc. But do not forget that this is, first of all, a commercial organization, which means that financial aspects will always take place, especially if it is the finances of applicants. No, this does not mean that finding a soul mate will not work without investments, just paid features make it possible to do it faster.

strange guy
strange guy

Each user has the following free features:

  • Create an account, add personal information and photos.
  • The ability to keep a diary is a special page where people leave their notes, and even polls. The diaries are visible to the entire public.
  • Search for people, correspondence with interlocutors.
  • The ability to use additional services and free games.
  • The right to comment on and view open photos.
  • Publication of announcements and questions that are displayed on the personal page.

Paid services6

Some preferences are available to those wishing to enter real funds during private dating for sex, which are purchased for coins (the special currency of the site). 1 coin = 100 rubles. First of all, they are spent on the purchase of an elite VIP status. The approximate cost of a VIP is 300 rubles / month. However, when subscribing for several months at once, the buyer will receive a pleasant discount. VIP status allows the following:

strange guy
strange guy
  • Visual highlighting of the questionnaire in the search. Such a technique allows the eye of the applicants to "catch" on the outstanding person from the list and increases the chances that the opposite sex will be interested in the "elite". There are several design options available.
  • Sets of special emoticons (stickers) that diversify the text and give it more emotion. Yes, on a mamba, you have to pay for stickers.
  • Advanced search filters - allow you to set more flexible requirements for the searched profiles.
  • Cancellation of the limit on the number of sent messages, viewed pages and other restrictions. Perhaps one of the main advantages of the subscription.
  • You can filter on incoming messages from other applicants. No spam or excessive popularity.
  • Invisibility mode. It is similar to the well-known Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte (when it was available there through the application). You can go about your business, the questionnaire will display the status offline.

In addition to subscribing to the site, there are other ways to spend your hard-earned money:

  • Move your profile to the top position. When the opposite sex is looking for interlocutors, the profile of the buyer of this service will be displayed first. The cost is 1 coin.
  • You can add your photo to the so-called. "Tape of faces". These people can be seen in a special crawl line. Another way to boost your popularity. The cost is similar to raising yourself up in a search.
  • Various compliments and gifts to the interlocutors cost 1-6 coins.
  • Leader themed entertainment - 1 coin per bet.
  • Ability to change your location (specified).

The administration offers the following ways to replenish the account: EPS (Webmoney, etc.), bank cards and SMS payments. Buyers are also waiting for a nice bonus in the form of 40% to the credited coins.

In the first few years of the site's life, SMS transfers accounted for about 70-80% of total income. Now, however, card payments are replacing this somewhat archaic method.

It is better to find out the current bonuses and the cost of services on the site itself, because the administration can change prices.

Versions and software7

The resource itself opens in any browser, one for smartphone lovers there is a mobile version. It is most optimized for the nuances of mobile devices. Additional services are also available from phones (games, etc.).

Those who do not want to constantly load pages in the browser are invited to download the application of the same name from the official online platforms (AppStore for Apple devices and Play market for owners of devices based on Android OS). In the programs, you can also search for fellow travelers and perform all available browser versions of the action.

strange guy
strange guy

Reviews of real visitors8

Mamba dating site is a classic of networking. The oldest and most visited service. Unsurprisingly, in over 16 years of his work, he has garnered a huge amount of feedback from his audience.

No one has any complaints about functionality and design, however, some of the not very positive ratings are associated with a huge number of "fake" users and spam in private messages. The moderators of the resource, of course, fight against bots and spammers, but millions of profiles are an impressive figure, and new accounts are created every day.

It was also noticed that there are slightly fewer active visitors than existing profiles. About ten times. But, even if this is true, three million living people are enough to search.

Some people criticize the users themselves. A couple of girls hinted at rudeness from the interlocutors. One man detailed his dissatisfaction with the fact that finding a girl for "pranks" is quite easy - many agree to come on a date, spend time (often in bed), but then disappear.

strange guy
strange guy

Others are not satisfied with moderation. They say that normal entries in a diary and photographs are blocked as indecency, and a complete "strawberry" and not the most adequate entries are sometimes skipped.

And users are annoyed by the abundance of advertising.

While there is no absolutely perfect site, everyone just has their own favorite. Some have visited Tinder as the best dating site. You can read about it in more detail in our article further along the link.

Negative ratings9

Gathering together a huge number of comments, we can conclude that the resource was much better before. This is due to the attempts of the owners to monetize everything that is possible. As a result, additional limits and restrictions appear, especially when it comes to searching and communicating with foreign people. This fact does not suit the visitors extremely. So now the site can only be conditionally called free.

But among the displeasure and comments, there are people who, thanks to the mamba, were able to find real second halves. Not just a person for a relationship, but a life partner. And this gives hope that not all is lost. Also, many in search of a loved one were able to find real friends.

Against sex10

Around 2012, the executive director of the service, Y. Sergeev, announced that all items related to sex would be removed from the questionnaires. Now on the portal it is impossible to indicate such a purpose of dating as sex, search for sponsors, preferences in sex, etc.

The reason for this was numerous commercial sexual relations (sex for money), frivolous meetings (one-time sexual intercourse). Allegedly, this has an extremely negative effect not only on the site, but also on the entire Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. Now for those wishing to "find the lady or the master", appropriate measures are applied in the form of blocking.

strange guy
strange guy

Register or not11

Despite a decent amount of criticism, this service is still worth a try. As already mentioned, there are really a lot of people and convenient functionality here. So, among all this diversity, you can find a kindred spirit. The only question is how long it will take. But you don't need to dwell on mamba alone; there are other ways to meet your loved one.

By the way, it is better not to write phrases like: looking for an adequate guy / girl, tk. some moderators for some reason perceive this as an insult and may block the page.

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