Definition Of Monogamy And Polygamy. Sex, Religion And Culture

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Definition Of Monogamy And Polygamy. Sex, Religion And Culture
Definition Of Monogamy And Polygamy. Sex, Religion And Culture

Video: Definition Of Monogamy And Polygamy. Sex, Religion And Culture

Video: Definition Of Monogamy And Polygamy. Sex, Religion And Culture
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Polygamy and monogamy
Polygamy and monogamy

Questions about monogamy and polygamy, apparently, have arisen from numerous women's magazines, sympathetic to girlish tears over the lost constancy of men. Yes, there is something to sympathize with. Lovely girls have been building relationships with men so crookedly lately that they run away. And the ladies make their own conclusions - they are looking for someone to blame. However, why try hard - here he is, dear, from the phone screen sparkling with a smile, so and so unfaithful.

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  • 3 What will the scientists say?
  • 4 Religion and culture
  • 5 Is polygamy the norm of human life?
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  • 7 On the issue of magazines and blogs

In this stifling wave of accusations, the truth drowns without even emerging.

And is there any truth to be found in matters such as polygamy and monogamy? After all, even venerable scientists have been unable to answer this question unambiguously for a long time. However, attempts continue.

What Is Polygamy and Monogamy Really?

The desire of scientists to find answers to many questions, especially of a social nature, command respect. But the desire of women's blogs or magazines to highlight the topic of polygamy and monogamy causes bewilderment and a grin.

In such publications, incorrect definitions are initially given. Or rather, they are not given at all. A priori, it is believed that polygamy is debauchery, the desire of a partner, especially a male, to go left. However, this behavior can be called cheating, inconsistent behavior, it has nothing to do with polygamy. As well as the fact that women are supposedly inclined to sit quietly within four walls, waiting for a loved one, babysitting children and cooking borscht. And this should be called monogamy.

Polygamy and monogamy
Polygamy and monogamy

Yes, first of all, you need to understand the concepts.

So, monogamy is a form of marriage in which opposite-sex partners create a union to achieve some goal. For example, taking care of offspring.

Polygamy is a form of marriage that involves more than two people.

In a polygamous marriage, the sultan husband takes care of many of his wives and considers himself bound by obligations, albeit broad ones.

If a man is not interested in any long-term relationship, he has many women, and at the same time, and he is not going to bind himself with any obligations, this is called differently. It will not be said in front of decent people.

Yes, we have to admit, such individuals exist. True, they are not enough for a long time, sooner or later they settle down for various reasons: tired, tired, to marry for a change, with testosterone worse (from the age of 25, it decreases every year by 1%). And it happens that they find a woman next to whom you want to stay, if not forever, then for a long time. And in itself, the lifestyle of a hunter for specimens in his collection requires investments - financial, physical and moral.

And at the end of such races, emptiness always awaits. Oddly enough, the esotericists answered the question of why this is happening. They argue that only sex with a loved one - when desire comes not from below, but from the heart - fills a person with energy. All other coituses pump out this energy. This is why a lot of sexual partners do not bring true pleasure.

What is polygamy
What is polygamy

And we also have to admit that such riotous behavior can now be seen not only in men, but also in women. American research data confirm this. Polygamy between men and women is becoming more the exception than the rule.

When asked whether they would like to have sexual intercourse with a stranger, 70% of men answered positively, none of the women wanted. It would seem that here is credible proof that men are polygamous. But further research showed that what the men said was more a desire, a desire, and not a real state of affairs. According to experts, the number of sexual relations between men and women is approximately the same. So there is no reason to talk about male promiscuity and female fidelity.

As well as about polygamy. If a man went to the left, he cannot be called polygamous. If this "left" happened, then, a priori, there is some kind of "right", that is, a union. And this is monogamy. This is such a substitution of concepts.

On male and female polygamy2

Exactly the same substitution, or rather, even just a dump of definitions, occurs when it comes to the fact that a woman is de monogamous by nature, and a man, due to the same nature, is polygamous.

But do not forget that monogamy is the process of creating a nuclear pair, and polygamy is a family with a large number of partners. Then it turns out that women create pairs with each other, and men mate with their own kind, walking recklessly. Some kind of phantasmagoria, but most likely an elementary unwillingness to understand the essence of the issue. Or deliberate manipulation.

What is monogamy
What is monogamy

What will the scientists say? 3

No matter how much one wants to rely on the conclusions of serious people, this time it will not work. Scientists have been researching the issues of polygamy and monogamy for a long time, but no definitive answers have been received. What is the nature of these phenomena? And which person is biologically and anthropologically monogamous or polygamous?

Recent findings:

  1. 1231 communities studied. It turned out that in 186 of them monogamy reigned, in 453 - polygamy at a certain time, in 588 - frequent cases of polygamy, in 4 - polygamy.
  2. In Sweden, studies have shown the impossibility of monogamy inherent in genes.
  3. The British School of Economics and Political Science found that the higher a man's IQ, the less he cheats.

As it seems, despite the efforts of scientists, no answer to the above questions has been received.

It must be admitted that there is an abundance of research on this issue. There are even more observations. For example.

Scientists say that man is a monogamous creature. Anthropologists have found evidence that in the most ancient times people lived in pairs. Consequently, monogamy has lived in a person from time immemorial?

Other studies refute this postulate.

For example, in the vastness of the Russian Empire there was such a custom as daughter-in-law (when the father-in-law had sex with his son's wife if he left the family for a long time). Ritual orgies are still held in many tribes of the planet. Young people living on the island of Mangaya enjoy promiscuity. In India, some tribes have dormitories for girls and boys, boys and girls. Polygamy and polyandry is practiced in Tibet. There are many examples. And they all originate in centuries-old folk traditions, not similar to monogamy.

Female monogamy
Female monogamy

Religion and culture4

Yes, no doubt, the church has always stood guard over morality. This institute has always been for monogamy, has never stumbled. And the first monogamous family was Adam and Eve. This means that this is how you need to live your whole life - only together. Everything seems to be clear. Why are priests still fighting for the purity of morals? For so many centuries, men and women have not been persuaded to live righteous lives. What is the reason?

There is no answer yet. But biologists have contributed to the controversy. After conducting observations, we found out interesting facts. As you know, monogamous pairs are created in 5% of animals and about 90% of birds. Obviously, this is due to the fact that this is the best way to raise offspring - while she sits in the nest, he gets food. This happens, for example, with swans, known for their loyalty.

So the data suggests that 30% of the eggs that the swan hatch contain the DNA not of the betrothed, but of the visiting fellow. So much for your swan loyalty. But this is not the most surprising thing. The fact that the pullet cheated was revealed through laboratory studies. Ornithologists, observing the couple, did not notice the moment when the beauty went to the left. Conclusion: she did it in secret from her partner, but so successfully that the observing people did not notice.

Perhaps the same thing happens with people. Certain evolutionary processes are pushing those who are married to look the other way. And no church or other organization will stop them.

Is polygamy the norm in human life? five

In order to answer this question, you need to delve a little deeper into the topic.

There are several types of polygamy - polyandry (polyandry), polygyny (polygamy), group marriage (for example, swinging).

So, if we assume that polygamy is a natural state of a person, what will come of it if you dream up, but it is logical?


One woman for several men, only she is wanted and loved, only values are brought to her in the beak. There is someone to work in production and at home, someone to care for one beauty. What remains? Love yourself and … give birth without interruption. Such a society would probably be rich, since the main spenders - women - are few. But a small amount creates a huge demand. This would lead to a fight for a woman and ultimately a wave of violence. If not all women in society were the wives of many husbands, then some would be slaves for sex.

Male polygamy
Male polygamy

This state of affairs would be beautiful on the outside, but internal contradictions would nullify all achievements. Society would have fallen.


In this case, there would be more women. And they would have to do all the things - male and female. In addition, due to the absence of men, the population would begin to decline. This is on condition that men who were not sultans would be exterminated. If not, then grave social problems arise again. It is unlikely that such a society could exist for a long time.

Group marriage

Women and men in equal numbers, all can have sex with each other in any order. In this case, the problem of children arises. Who is mom, there will be no question, but who is dad, constantly. Men do not want to take unnecessary responsibility, fearing that the child is a stranger. And conflicts on various property and personal issues cannot be avoided.

One conclusion can be drawn: for any type of polygamy, tough power from the outside, practically violence, is needed to keep the order of things, which means that there is no smell of naturalness and normality here.

And scientists add that it was with the advent of the institution of the monogamous family into society that our civilization developed. Coincidence? It doesn't look like, as there are still tribes on this planet in which polygamy is widespread, but they have remained small tribes occupying a small space. Whereas our civilization, based on monogamy, populates the entire Earth and numbers in the billions.

Sex and polygamy6

Still, the question of the polygamy of men begins where there was sexual relations on the side.

Psychologists note that this kind of thing occurs where there is uncertainty and instability. If a woman does not allow a man to feel her strength, then he gains at the expense of "left" sexual relations, which just give the feeling of victory.

Sex and polygamy
Sex and polygamy

The same can be said for a woman. She always wants to feel wanted and needed. The lack of this in the union makes you start looking on the side.

It turns out that this is a psychological problem, nothing more. Relationship problem. And you need to learn to build them, and not discuss about polygamy.

Research supports the idea. Polls showed that 25% of young people say they are loyal to their partner. Among elderly people - 40%.

Russian researchers note that 63% of people of both sexes do not recognize adultery as a norm. 34% of men and 16% of women are comfortable with infidelity. But almost everyone is convinced that relationships can and should be built in the nuclear family. Just don't bring it to the point where it becomes both boring and sad together.

On the question of magazines and blogs 7

So what about those who stigmatize husbands who cheat on their virgin wives? Well, it is already clear that they are not so immaculate from an evolutionary point of view, just like men. But if you leave evolution alone, are there any reasons for male cheating? Several:

1. Psychologists say that by cheating, a man is trying to increase his self-esteem.

2. Another reason is the costs of upbringing: a lack of attention from the parents or an overabundance on the female side.

3. And most importantly - dissatisfaction with marriage and relationships, lack of mental and physical intimacy with a partner.

How to treat polygamy
How to treat polygamy

But all these problems are not related to the issue of polygamy and monogamy. Why do the debates and discussions around this topic still not subside? Researchers argue that in this way people are looking for an excuse for themselves - men for cheating, and women for not knowing how to build relationships. As soon as a modern person learns to be at peace with himself, to raise children in love, to create, and not to destroy, the question of what polygamy and monogamy are, and how they affect our life, will disappear by itself. But it won't be soon.

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