How To Check A Girl For Loyalty And Honesty? Working Ways

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How To Check A Girl For Loyalty And Honesty? Working Ways
How To Check A Girl For Loyalty And Honesty? Working Ways

Video: How To Check A Girl For Loyalty And Honesty? Working Ways

Video: How To Check A Girl For Loyalty And Honesty? Working Ways
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girl with pink hair
girl with pink hair

The fact that men are very jealous does not require any proof. Very often, ladies themselves, consciously or not, provoke their life partners to such behavior. Many men resort to a fidelity test when they want to legitimize their relationship with a partner. Thus, they want to make sure that the lady of their heart is really trustworthy and in the future they will not have to regret marrying a frivolous person.

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However, there is also pathological jealousy, when a partner simply does not allow his soul mate to take a step and he sees treason in any awkward movement or glance of his girlfriend. But today the conversation will not be about this, but about how to check a girl for loyalty and is it worth doing this at all?

Methods for checking fidelityi

Finding the right candidate for the role of seducer. This plot is the basis for many feature films. According to the scenario, a man wants to check his beloved and for this he hires a special person. Then they "accidentally" get to know each other, and the guy tries to persuade the girl to cheat, so that his employer can make sure that she is not available or vice versa

From this point on, the situation usually begins to take a tragic turn, because a rare girl can resist very persistent courtship (because the money needs to be worked out) by a damn charming young man (there would be no point in hiring another). So if before the girl, perhaps, had no thoughts on the topic of treason, now she will have to repel the attacks of an attractive boyfriend, who definitely knows how to interest her and how to influence her (he also has a reliable informant).

In addition, the appearance of another man in the girl's life will certainly force her to carry out a comparative analysis of the gentlemen and, it is quite possible that the result will not speak in favor of her permanent partner. Thus, the jealous employer himself pushes his beloved to cheat. The situation can be complicated if the hired gentleman himself is imbued with feelings for his lady. How to check a girl without special risks?

Become a secret admirer. This method is more popular, since it does not require any material costs and the involvement of outsiders. In this case, the "inspector" does not have to worry about the fact that someone else will find out about his checks. To do this, you can become a secret admirer: send flowers, cards, gifts, and so on. You can create a fake social media page. networks and write her love confessions from there. By her answers in correspondence, and also because she informs her boyfriend about all these little things and details, one can judge how true she is

For wealthy men, it is of great importance whether the girl's attitude towards him will change if one day he is left without money. A good way to find out is to have a lice test. To do this, a man either initially, when meeting girls, does not talk about his well-being, or at some stage in the development of relations he can report his own bankruptcy. A girl's reaction to such news is the best indicator of her attitude

There are guys who are capable of a tough check - in the midst of a relationship, they prefer to "disappear from the radar" for a while. They check the girl's feelings based on how much she will worry, call, look for meetings, and so on

guys capable of a hard fidelity check
guys capable of a hard fidelity check

To understand how available a girl is, a guy on the very first date can offer her sex. Even if later, she can convince him that she agreed to this because of love at first sight, the first impression of dating will be ruined

If you are interested in the question of the loyalty of men and women, read our next article at the link.

What is the threat of being tested for fidelity and is it worth doing?

For most guys, being able to test a girl's loyalty is a big temptation that not everyone can handle. Many people think that the main thing is to know the truth, but only a few think about the consequences of a fidelity test.

High risk of separation

If a man decides to take such measures, then, as a rule, he has some reason for this. Perhaps he suspects his girlfriend of frivolity, or subconsciously believes that they are not suitable for each other. In this case, the check may simply serve as a pretext for separation. Psychologists recommend first sorting out your own feelings and talking frankly with your beloved. Therefore, before taking any action, you need to understand that such games can lead to a break in relations, regardless of whether the girl remains faithful to you or not.

Loyalty check to hide your own betrayal

Thoughts about the infidelity of his beloved can arise in a man if he himself has an unclean conscience. If he doesn't mind going left sometimes, then maybe he just needs another girl. But shifting your sins onto other people's shoulders is the last thing.

check the girl for loyalty
check the girl for loyalty

Mistrust is a poor foundation for a strong relationship

For many people, trust is synonymous with love, since a person in love does not see flaws in his beloved. Right or wrong, you cannot build good relationships on the shaky ground of innuendo. Sooner or later, partners will get tired of mental suffering, scandals and jealousy. Inspections alone cannot correct the situation. If a man does not trust his partner, then either she is too frivolous, or the man himself is pathologically jealous.

When can men be jealous? 3

  1. Many men judge the morality of girls by their appearance. Therefore, overly frankly dressed persons do not inspire confidence in them, especially if women who are already in a relationship dress like this.
  2. Very sociable girls have a wide circle of acquaintances, which can consist of both women and men. Therefore, her companion may suspect that not all her connections are exclusively friendly in nature.
  3. It is very difficult for men to trust women who are constantly surrounded by men (even if it is related to work). And even more so, girls should not make close friends for themselves in the person of men, no one, even a very flexible gentleman, will tolerate this.
  4. Laxity is also an indicator of the lady's unreliability. If she has bad habits (drinking alcohol, smoking, having some sins in the past), then this arouses a well-founded suspicion. Many people (of both sexes) are sure that the morality of such ladies is less pronounced than that of girls of modest behavior.
checking women for fidelity
checking women for fidelity


If a man really loves his girlfriend and he has no good reason to suspect her of infidelity, then there is no need to carry out any checks. Because not all girls can forgive their boyfriends for mistrust and humiliating checks. In such a situation, you can simply lose your beloved out of the blue.

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