Tips For Girls How To Properly Ask For Money From Your Man

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Tips For Girls How To Properly Ask For Money From Your Man
Tips For Girls How To Properly Ask For Money From Your Man

Video: Tips For Girls How To Properly Ask For Money From Your Man

Video: Tips For Girls How To Properly Ask For Money From Your Man
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Not every man by nature has a tendency to give money, gifts, flowers and sweets to his woman. Some of them negatively perceive the prospect of spending any amount of money on what they think is a meaningless whim. Women have to convince them otherwise, to look for ways to ask for money from their man. In fact, there is nothing wrong with giving gifts to a loved one.

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Independent women

The overwhelming majority of women from the modern environment have a progressive and independent mindset. They can earn their own living, entertainment, gifts. Because of this, men gradually lose the desire to take care of them and provide them with any help. What for? She herself can. But at the same time, a woman wants to maintain her femininity. She wants to see a reliable partner next to her. She needs attention, warmth and care from him.

Just as women have learned many skills to lead a fulfilling independent life, they need to learn how to ask for something from their man. Asking him will be very useful for the relationship, because often the partner feels unnecessary, useless, lonely due to the fact that his girlfriend is able to solve all problems on her own.

It should be understood that if a woman had never asked a man for anything before, or did it very rarely, then a sudden change in her attitude may seem unusual. It is necessary to introduce requests to a man into your life smoothly, not to put pressure on him. It can turn him off. Therefore, the period of adaptation to this type of satisfaction of a woman's needs should be extended over several weeks or even months.

If a woman seems weak, defenseless, and at the same time is able to thank for the help, then the man will feel much better next to her. He will regain confidence in himself and that he is needed by his partner. His potential in any activity can be fully revealed. And his feelings will only become stronger, because he will invest in his partner strength, energy, time and money. A woman should understand that asking for help is not a manifestation of helplessness or weakness. Also, she should not be shy about using her persuasive powers and feminine charm.

How to ask for money correctly
How to ask for money correctly

There are a few things women need to know when they have trouble articulating their wants and needs:

  • men are not psychics. They cannot always guess the thoughts, desires, needs and needs of their women. Moreover, they do not have to guess about it. If a woman wants something, then you need to communicate it clearly and without ambiguity;
  • doing everything yourself is a bad idea for three reasons. Firstly, it is physically and emotionally difficult. Secondly, it reduces the man's desire to help the woman, since she copes with everything herself, and makes him feel unnecessary. Thirdly, over time, a woman will begin to resent her partner for not taking the initiative and not wanting to help, support and take care of her;
  • during requests one should avoid oppressive actions, importunity and manipulation. No one owes anything to anyone, and assistance should be provided only on their own initiative.

You need to be able to ask correctly2

What should a woman do to learn how to properly ask for money, gifts or help? If before that the girl had never turned to a man with any requests, then she will have to go through several stages of introducing this into her life together.

How to be able to ask
How to be able to ask

To begin with, you will have to learn not to refuse assistance already offered:

  • if someone gives up their place in public transport, at work, study or in any other place;
  • if someone offers to help carry a heavy object (even if it is not heavy at all - for example, a bag, bag or box);
  • if someone offers to pay for purchases, dinner, or anything else;
  • if someone is directly interested in needs and desires.

In any of these cases, you need to be able to accept help. This will be the first step in learning how to properly ask a man for money.

After it becomes easy to accept the offered help, you can go ahead and be the first to take the initiative to satisfy your requests. It is better to start with something insignificant that will not take your partner a lot of time and effort. Gradually, the importance and "cost" of requests can be increased.

girl flirting
girl flirting

To achieve success in this, you need to use certain rules:

  1. It is necessary to choose the right time to voice requests. You should not treat them to a man when he is busy with something, especially work.
  2. The health and mood of a man is also important. You don't need to ask him about something when he is sick, in a bad mood, or worried about something.
  3. When making a request, do not raise your voice. It should be voiced in an everyday tone without a touch of exactingness.
  4. A man needs time to think about what he is asked to do. There is no need to put pressure on him while he is considering a decision and assessing his capabilities.
  5. You should evaluate his strengths, capabilities, skills and the amount of free time a man before asking him to do anything. And do not ask for something that he cannot fulfill.
  6. When voicing a request, you need to speak directly and specifically. Men appreciate straightforwardness and sincerity in words.
  7. Do not overplay and become a "helpless and weak victim." A woman should ask a man for something, preserving her face and dignity.
How to ask correctly
How to ask correctly
  1. The interrogative form of the request casts doubt on the possibility of its fulfillment. For example, instead of the phrase "Are you going to the store?" better to say "Please go to the store."
  2. If the woman's request is her whim, then you can offer something symbolic in exchange for it. For example, a particularly delicious dinner with a man's favorite dishes.
  3. Do not be afraid to remind you of your requests. A busy person can simply forget about them if he constantly thinks about his work, affairs or problems. This should be done unobtrusively and gently.
  4. If the man refused, then you should not solve the problem on your own. It is better to turn to him again with her after a certain time and show that without him this matter cannot be dealt with.
  5. In no case should you leave a fulfilled request without words of gratitude! This gesture in response to a man's fulfillment of desire can bring him a lot of pleasure and stimulate him to provide help and attention in the future. All people love praise, and men are no exception.
How to ask for money correctly
How to ask for money correctly

Men are different. It is enough to ask someone once, and he will fulfill the request. Another may ask you to justify your desire (especially if its implementation requires a significant investment of effort, time or money). Don't be nervous and angry about this. From his position, he may not understand the importance of a woman's desire. The man wants her to explain to him why he cannot do without it. You need to calmly discuss this with him, with a high probability he will approve this investment.

In this case, do not forget about what the man has already done for the woman. Small or large gifts of any kind. If she mentions this in her request, then the man will be glad that his attention and gift were not forgotten. He would be more willing to do so next time.

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