Why Do Girls Choose Rich Men? TOP 5 Reasons

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Why Do Girls Choose Rich Men? TOP 5 Reasons
Why Do Girls Choose Rich Men? TOP 5 Reasons

Video: Why Do Girls Choose Rich Men? TOP 5 Reasons

Video: Why Do Girls Choose Rich Men? TOP 5 Reasons
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women choose wealthy men
women choose wealthy men

Money is not the main thing in life if there is enough of it. So Malcolm Forbes, publisher of a world-famous magazine and one of the richest people on the planet, once said. As for the inextricable link between women and money, there are statistics indicating that in poor countries, girls' dependence on rich men is much more developed than in countries with high living standards. So why do women choose wealthy men?

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  • 1 Are all women mercantile?
  • 2 Examples from the animal kingdom and fairy tales
  • 3 Conscious choice
  • 4 Consequences of the sexual revolution
  • 5 Condemn or support?
  • 6 As a result

Are all women mercantile? I

Perhaps not everyone will like the fact that today the greed and commercialism of girls and women has already been proven from a scientific point of view. This was fully confirmed by the conducted sociological survey. According to its results, it became clear that choosing between:

  • To the beautiful and the poor
  • Old, unpleasant, but rich

The vast majority of women will choose the second option. The psychologists who spoke out in defense of the female representatives, however, argue that the reason for this choice is far from being greed or cunning of the ladies. It lies deep in the subconsciousness of the homemaker, laid down in the distant past.

Responsible for the well-being and food of the offspring, a woman intuitively seeks a partner who can provide for both her and her children. Here material values come first.

That is, if a man is wealthy, he will be able to provide everything necessary for a family, and if a man is handsome, but poor, he will not be able to adequately provide the welfare of his descendants. It is here, at the subconscious level, that a reliable man is associated with the contents of his wallet.

Thus, one should not regard a woman's desire to get well materially as evidence of base spiritual qualities. Moreover, this directly indicates the seriousness of the girl in choosing a companion and taking care of the future generation.

Of course, cases are not excluded when beautiful ladies who do not plan their own children are simply looking for oligarchs to satisfy their mercantile needs. One of the world-famous psychologists specializing in material values, Tim Kasser, at one time presented an interesting theory that a woman must have four animals in her life:

  • mink - should be in the closet
  • jaguar - stand in the garage
  • tiger - satisfy in bed
  • donkey - paying for everything
why do girls choose wealthy
why do girls choose wealthy

This, as they say, means that there are exceptions to each rule.

Examples from the animal world and fairy tales2

Nevertheless, an example of the fact that the female must instinctively choose the most successful male is wildlife. What qualities should a successful male have? It's very simple: bring the prey and protect your female and cubs.

In addition, physical data is also important - a strong male is successful. In the world of modern people, physical strength can easily be replaced by material prosperity, capable of guaranteeing the fulfillment of the same functions that are obligatory for life in abundance.

The same is essentially taught to girls from infancy and stories of fairy tales, both folk and modern. Who is best able to defend a weak heroine? That's right, a rich and, accordingly, a successful prince. And even if the main character at the beginning of the plot is shown as "Ivan the Fool" or constantly lying on the stove of Emelya, at the end of the work he will certainly receive half of the kingdom. Accordingly, he becomes rich and well-off.

Even films about the love of a rich guy and a poor girl sometimes create just such an idea of correct happiness.

girls choose wealthy guys
girls choose wealthy guys

Women brought up on all this from an early age are positioned in the search for successful and financially secure men.

Conscious choice3

A man's wealth testifies not only to his strong business acumen, but also to an equally important factor such as determination. This is not surprising, since before gaining material wealth, a man had to confidently move towards his goal. And, regardless of whether he made a successful career or built his own business, in any case, he put a certain effort into it, testifying to his leadership qualities.

Only behind such a man can a woman feel like behind a stone wall and not worry about the future of her family.

Consequences of the sexual revolution4

The wave of the sexual revolution that swept around the world led to the fact that many researchers came to the conclusion that women who received equality and their own financial well-being would stop paying attention to rich men. However, in practice, everything turned out to be quite different.

Why women choose wealthy men
Why women choose wealthy men

Yes, successful women began to rule their own financial empires. Nevertheless, in their choice of life partners, practically nothing has changed. On the contrary, additional reasons for finding a rich partner have been added. These include common interests, rotation in the same business circles and, again, the ability to merge capital to ensure a better family future.

Wealthy ladies like communication with an interlocutor who understands and shares her attitude to business. Will she be able to have such a productive dialogue with a handsome but poor guy? Of course not. So, nothing has changed since the time of the sexual revolution, and a woman chooses a wealthy man even with a huge capital of her own.

Condemn or support? 5

It is impossible to express unequivocally the attitude of the public towards women who choose relationships with rich partners. We can only dwell on obvious things that indicate why many women choose wealthy men. Among them, the most basic are clearly visible, there are four of them:

The ability not only to support their loved ones, but also to provide a staff of hired employees, is considered by many ladies as a sign of additional sexuality

women choose wealthy men
women choose wealthy men
  • A sense of calm - no need to think about tomorrow and count the last rubles in the grocery store
  • A wealthy man is able to help not only the woman herself, but also her family members
  • The ability to fulfill your desires - a car, a ski resort or sunny exotic islands

As a result 6

Summing up all of the above, we can confidently state that there is absolutely no need to condemn women who dream of seeing in their life companion a rich and, accordingly, successful man. And even if during the candy-bouquet period the lady assures others that she is with her sweetheart and in a hut, then you should not believe this one hundred percent.

In the depths of her subconscious, the woman who utters these words is still sure that the sweetheart will make a leap and achieve what is necessary to ensure a stable and reliable future well-being.

Not a single woman, being in a sober mind and sound memory, will choose a poverty-stricken future with a beautiful but completely infantile partner who is unable to provide not only her family, but herself. And even more so if this lady is still beautiful and successful.

girls choose wealthy men
girls choose wealthy men

So men should not be offended by the choice of the fair sex. Instead, you need to collect all the hidden potential and strive for achieving financial well-being ourselves. Moreover, such a breakthrough for them will be no less pleasant than for women who later decide to share their life path with them.

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