10 Tips On How To Please A Girl On A Dating Site

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10 Tips On How To Please A Girl On A Dating Site
10 Tips On How To Please A Girl On A Dating Site

Video: 10 Tips On How To Please A Girl On A Dating Site

Video: 10 Tips On How To Please A Girl On A Dating Site
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dating girl
dating girl

When starting a page on a dating site, everyone wants to appear a little better than they really are. Dust in your eyes to attract more people. It is sad that many do not realize that sooner or later the lie will be revealed, and it will be a little ashamed. Sometimes it all looks pretty funny and comical, and sometimes it's even a pity.

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  • 1 Excessive requirements
  • 2 "Which I am the best"
  • 3 Large lists
  • 4 passed by
  • 5 Era of emoticons
  • 6 "Some kind of negative gentleman you are"
  • 7 Generalization
  • 8 How to do it?
  • 9 Interests
  • 10 Revenue item
  • 11 Moving towards the goal
  • 12 Serious approach

This article will focus on the male half, that is, about those embellished things that completely discourage women from getting acquainted with such individuals. It is also worth saying that, on the contrary, attracts girls and pushes them to communicate.

Excessive requirements

How can you demand from the female half of what you yourself do not observe and what you yourself do not correspond to? But for some men, this seems to be the norm. You can write a lot about yourself and your requirements, ranging from requirements for appearance and ending with a woman's ability to cook borscht.

Borsch, of course, is a delicious dish, but on dating sites they are looking first of all for acquaintances for relationships, or for sex, of course. Cooks don't sit here, they don't have time for that. And for high requirements you have to meet them yourself, will the burden be feasible?

"Which I am the best" 2

Write about your merits? Why not, really? It is important to remember that everything is fine in moderation, so clicking on the keyboard and typing the whole manifest will be superfluous. If a whole article is written in the column “about myself” on the topic of personal achievements and human qualities, the first of which, of course, is modesty, then the girl will think about it and close such a page. And all why? Because one gets the impression of an arrogant person, overwhelmed with a sense of self-importance. Self-esteem and self-esteem are good qualities, but it is better to give them free rein in correspondence.

Large lists 3

In the subject of the above reason, we can add and say that this includes any long listings - hobbies, work, personal qualities and up to pets. Nobody likes long lists, it is tedious and it seems that the person thus compensates for the size of something else, but this, of course, is unknown.

online dating
online dating

Passed by 4

For a person, shyness and fear are characteristic, you never know at work that someone is sitting on a dating site and that's all - life is over and this shame can never be washed away. But this is all very exaggerated, often people do not care. In order to somehow justify themselves, they write in their profile that they are here for a short time, they say, they came just for the sake of interesting to find out what and how. Everything would be fine, but this is a dating site, here you need specifics and the purpose of your stay still remains obvious. Therefore, do not deceive anyone, especially yourself.

Era of emoticons 5

The development of the Internet was accompanied by the development of communication in the local environment, emoticons allow you to express emotions, be it laughter or sadness. But measure, one must never forget about it. Excessive use of emoji leads to a negative impression of a frivolous person. This also includes all sorts of abbreviations, they are great for lectures at the university, but on the network sometimes you can write and competently in order to show yourself from the good side, this is at least.

"You are some kind of negative master" 6

Everyone has hard days when everything is infuriating and annoying, but the profile on the dating site is not to blame for anything, you do not need to pour tons of your problems on it, write there about how bad everything is. In an extreme case, you can find a girl and talk to her, or she may calm you down, maybe life will not seem so bitter.

meet online
meet online

Summary 7

It often happens that men in their profile write texts aimed at a female audience. Everything would be fine, but they do not at all think that, having read such a text, a woman will think that a man is not looking for the very one, but simply gathers around him with grief, he needs everything, without any exception. Such appeals only repel potential partners. Therefore, you should be more careful in your sayings.

How to do it? 8

If everything became clear with the repulsive moments, then the question is brewing, what, in fact, attracts girls in men's profiles on dating sites?

First of all, this is the column "about myself", there is no need to write there any heresy like "I am an ordinary hard worker, looking for the love of my life, I am ready to raise 5 children and support my wife." Such statements only scare girls away.

You don't need to write your body parameters here either. Of course, this can be done, but last but not least.

The essence of this section is generally reduced to the fact that the girl understands whether she should spend her time and her energy on this man. Therefore, it is necessary to prescribe something here that will hook a woman and she will want to write to a man.

online dating secrets
online dating secrets

Even a couple of successful phrases can do their job with a bang.

Interests 9

Another important component is the hobby field. It is not recommended to write about some typical men's entertainment - hunting, fishing, sitting in a bathhouse with boys, billiards, etc. Since for the opposite sex this is like a signal that friends for a man are almost in the first place, that is, she may not receive due attention.

In any case, it's best not to take risks and keep your hobbies to a minimum. You can write that they say the best pastime is to walk with a girl, go to the cinema, museums, exhibitions. And already in the process of communication, open up to the fullest.

Revenue item 10

It would not seem, but this is a rather important graph, because women pay attention to it purely subconsciously. It is important for them to know whether the chosen one is capable of providing for his family, or at least himself. Before the heap, you can indicate the scope of your activity, so that, perhaps, find something in common. It would be a mistake to write, “I earn 100 thousand rubles a month and enjoy life”, it is necessary to show the financial situation unobtrusively - to say that there is enough for life, and the car is good. Like this. Short and concise.

girls online
girls online

Moving towards goal 11

Purposeful people have always inspired others, such a person creates a favorable impression, motivates them to do the same. Here, in general, it is the same here. By indicating the purpose of stay, you can attract a lot of female attention, it is about the purpose of finding a woman - for relationships, sex, or creating a full-fledged family. The specifics save. You can emphasize this with a couple of strong qualities, such as courage, will, and the aforementioned determination.

You can also create a vivid opinion about yourself through a beautiful literary text, that is, all this can be turned into a small plot. If there are problems with a beautiful syllable, then go ahead to the Internet, there are a lot of template texts.

Taking it seriously 12

You can certainly embellish your profile, but you have to be able to stop. Excessive enthusiasm for this activity will lead to the repulsion of the female half and even ridicule on their part. The design should be small, but at the same time complete and comprehensive. For a better result, you can look on the Internet for examples of how this can be implemented.

conquer the girl on the net
conquer the girl on the net

It is definitely not necessary to get hung up on your "I" when making a profile, this is not an autobiography, this is a chance to hook a beauty, therefore, the methods must be appropriate. Of course, all of the above is only general information. It would be inappropriate to level everyone up with the same size.