I Like A Friend's Girlfriend What Should A Desperate Guy Do?

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I Like A Friend's Girlfriend  What Should A Desperate Guy Do?
I Like A Friend's Girlfriend What Should A Desperate Guy Do?

Video: I Like A Friend's Girlfriend What Should A Desperate Guy Do?

Video: I Like A Friend's Girlfriend  What Should A Desperate Guy Do?
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Like friend's girl
Like friend's girl

How many good girls! Blondes, brunettes, slim, plump, appetizing as on selection. Choose as much as you want! But among the wide variety, there is one single one that will make the heart beat faster, and thoughts revolve around her beautiful image. It would seem, fall in love and achieve, but if a beautiful lady is the girl of a best friend, you cannot do without a heartfelt drama. What if you like your friend's girlfriend?

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  • 1 Destiny is the villain
  • 2 If a friend is suddenly
  • 3 Understand yourself
  • 4 To be or to forget?
  • 5 Call to action
  • 6 Don't do this!

Fate is the villain_8212

How many films and TV series have been created around such a popular topic as the love triangle. A guy in love with a friend's girl is a sweet suffering person who in the morning kindly talks over a cup of tea with bagels, with her friend and his passion, poisoning jokes and helps to finish building a barn, and at night painfully looks at the ceiling, remembering her bright smile, a short robe and a tousled hairstyle. How charming she is, the other half of a friend.

When he likes a friend's girlfriend, a man experiences a whole range of feelings:

  • acute injustice of fate - villainess;
  • confusion and despair from the hopelessness of an unrequited feeling;
  • annoyance and envy in relation to those with whom they ate sand in childhood and fought with neighboring boys;
  • a great desire to go to the ends of the world in splendid isolation … or taking with him "that very friend's girl."

The behavior of a man who is in love with a friend's passion can be very diverse, will depend on the course of circumstances or his own decision, in relation to a stranger's woman.

Like friend's girl
Like friend's girl

If a friend is suddenly i

Public opinion deeply condemns when a guy likes a friend's girlfriend and he shows signs of attention to her. Compassionate statuses in social networks sharply express the depth of contempt and strong feelings about male friendship:

  • "To a person who betrayed love, I could find an excuse, it was a hobby, but to a person who betrayed friendship, I cannot …"
  • "Friendship is the most necessary for life, since no one would wish for a life without friends, even if he had all the other benefits."
  • "Friendship and brotherhood are better than wealth"
  • "May God grant health to every mother, whose sons I call friends!"

From such lines the soul is torn, and here they fall in love with the girls of their friends!.. But be that as it may, this situation happens more than once. A man harbors feelings for the girl of a comrade in his soul and does not know what to do with them.

Understand yourself2

First of all, you should understand and understand yourself: do you really like your friend's girlfriend? A woman surrounded by male attention arouses involuntary interest. Since childhood, human nature has understood the main thing: a toy is always more interesting in the wrong hands. And the apple is tastier. Perhaps, having rummaged in his feelings, a man will understand that other pitfalls were the cause of the “falling in love”, and will switch his attention to another “busty” object.

What to do if you like your friend's girlfriend
What to do if you like your friend's girlfriend

The reason for "falling in love with a friend's passion" could be the following:

  • Long-standing envy. From school. The comrade is handsome, successful, studied with only A's, participated in the Olympiad in mathematics, was spoiled by his parents. In his life, something was always lucky and turned out, while only failures rained down on "unfortunate Pierrot": grades - deuces, parents - alcoholics, the boss disliked at work … He has no luck in anything, unlike a friend. Even with a girl he has complete success. What a beauty there!
  • The former (or real) companion is a complete "bitch", and the girlfriend of a friend is a real angel! Speaks affectionately, smiles affably, supports, consoles, and warms, probably …
  • Long loneliness. There is no one around, not one female soul, but here she is: clever, beautiful, everyone, including him, likes it.
  • Long-awaited love. How can it be without romance. Every person has a second half, and it just so happened that the dream of his whole life is sitting in an embrace with an old friend.
  • An unexpected flash. The girl is really a bright and charming person with whom every second guy falls in love. In this case, the feelings of a man can be like lightning: they appeared, and after a week they disappeared.

Having figured out himself, the guy must understand the true feelings that attract him to a strange lady.

To be or forget? 3

So, if you still like your friend's girlfriend and these feelings turned out to be genuine, and not dictated by other factors, is it worth acting? Not. Now it's worth thinking again. The girl is also not stupid, she perfectly sees and hears the comrades surrounding her partner. If a young lady does not give any signs of attention, treats a man like a good friend, does not sneak glances at him, then perhaps feelings should not be opened.

What to do when you like your friend's girlfriend
What to do when you like your friend's girlfriend

Firstly, without experiencing reciprocity, the girl will feel awkward being next to a secret admirer. Friendship will gradually (or abruptly) fade away, she will begin to avoid his company, and may experience irritation and annoyance.

Secondly, she can sincerely, with all girlish naivety tell her boyfriend about everything. As a result, "unfortunate Pierrot" will lose a good friend and communication with the one who hurt his heart so.

Perhaps letting the situation take its course and nothing not to do is the best thing that can be done in this situation.

Call to action4

But, if you really, really like your friend's girlfriend, and you no longer have the strength to desperately watch her, confessing your love is allowed only with this option:

The couple's relationship is not going well. They often swear, argue, do not find a common language. The friend complains about his passion or looks very depressed and unhappy. His mother dreams that his son will find himself a "normal" girl. Perhaps in this case, the intervention of a faithful comrade will be very helpful. But first, it's worth talking to a friend: try to measure them on and sort out the relationship, and only then honestly tell your friend about the secret love of his girlfriend

If you like a woman your friend
If you like a woman your friend
  1. If a friend who has a wonderful loving girlfriend invariably and secretly cheats on her, then perhaps there is a reason to arrange the unfortunate's personal life in the best way. But, again, only through a frank conversation with a friend.
  2. The third option is the most unfair. If the girl herself admitted that she has warmer feelings for a man than for her boyfriend, you need to go to meet her. But in no case should you secretly meet and deceive a friend. Better to be honest and talk to him separately. Moreover, the first recognition should be made by the girl.

Don't do that! 5

No matter how much you like your friend's girlfriend, you should never stoop to low deeds. Desperate guys in love can behave nasty with loved ones, just to achieve what they really want. So, it should be remembered that the "rival" is a friend, therefore it is strictly forbidden:

  • Making fun of a friend or his shortcomings.
  • Remember unpleasant stories from his life in the presence of his passion.
  • To provoke quarrels of a couple in love, remembering the exes with whom the friend was twisting.
  • Trying to blacken a friend in the eyes of his girlfriend, inventing nasty stories about his dishonesty or loyalty.

If a guy sees that a friend and his girlfriend really love each other, he should sacrifice unrealized dreams for the happiness of a loved one. Two close people: a friend and one for whom there are warm feelings. They say, “if you love, let go,” and rejoice in the happiness of loving hearts.

Like woman friend
Like woman friend

If you like a friend's girlfriend, but there is no reciprocity, then this is not the girl who is prepared by fate, and future happiness is just around the corner.

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