What To Do If You Want To Leave A Girl But She Doesn't Give A Reason

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What To Do If You Want To Leave A Girl But She Doesn't Give A Reason
What To Do If You Want To Leave A Girl But She Doesn't Give A Reason
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I want to leave the girl
I want to leave the girl

More than a hundred thousand couples break up every day around the world. However, the decision to break up is not always mutual. What to do if more and more often the thought “I want to leave the girl” flashes in the mind of a young man. How to prepare your beloved for parting so that it passes with minimal losses? How to behave if your partner presses on pity and begs for a chance? These and many other questions will be covered in this article.

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  • 1 Determine the reason for the breakup
  • 2 A decision needs to be made
  • 3 Choose a day to break up
  • 4 Home or cafe, cafe or home?
  • 5 Arguments are everything!
  • 6 Variants of the girl's behavior when reporting a breakup
  • 7 How to behave after breaking up
  • 8 Loud Parting Stars

Determine the reason for the breakup

Before you tell your beloved the news of the breakup, you need to understand for yourself the reason for the breakup. Why did you suddenly decide to leave? Is this a balanced and deliberate decision? Try to analyze your relationship and understand at what point thoughts of a breakup began to appear in your head.

If the decision to break up is made after a quarrel or scandal, perhaps this is just an emotional outburst. Then give yourself some time to cool down and calm down. Perhaps after a while, you will realize that your feelings are still strong, and thoughts of separation were premature.

Things will be quite different if feelings for your partner have cooled down. You are no longer drawn to her, thoughts of intimacy do not deliver the same delight, and spending time together no longer brings pleasure. The decision to leave is firmly stuck in your head and, like a sore corn, does not allow you to live in peace. In this case, it is not worth pulling the strap, but it is more honest to quickly dot the "i" s and go on a solo voyage.

A decision needs to be made2

"The love is gone - the tomatoes wilted", so we should part with the girl. It seems that everything is clear and simple, but where to get the strength and courage to tell them to your girlfriend. You can, of course, wait until suddenly the feelings fade away from her. Only where is the guarantee that in the next fifty years it will reach her that you are not the hero of her novel. No, here you shouldn't rely on the psychic abilities of your partner, but you need to take everything into your own hands.

Of course, the separation procedure is not the most pleasant, but if you have already decided that you want to leave the girl, then you will have to go through it. By the way, psychologists say that if you talk about a problem, it makes it easier to solve it.

Stand in front of a mirror and start a conversation with yourself. “I want to leave the girl, because I no longer love her, I don’t want her, I don’t see a future with her. I have to be honest and frank with her. And no matter how hard she took this news, but in the future it will be better for both of us. I am not a scoundrel or a goat, this happens sometimes and no one is immune from it."

How to leave a girl
How to leave a girl

After this small session of self-hypnosis, you should feel better, because you really are not doing anything wrong and it is not your fault that you stopped loving your partner. There will be confidence in the correctness of the decision.

Choose a day to break up3

As much as you would like to end your old relationship as soon as possible, wait until the right moment. Prepare for a long and difficult conversation. Therefore, it is very important that none of you is in a hurry and is not late. It is better to find out in advance about your girlfriend's plans for the next few days and choose a free evening in her schedule.

You should not risk your health and break up news on the eve of holidays such as New Years, Valentine's Day or International Women's Day. If you announced the separation the day before the holidays and remained safe and sound, get ready for contemptuous looks and moral condemnation from mutual friends. “What a scoundrel, he ruined all the holidays for the poor thing. Couldn't wait. " And all your assurances that you wanted the best will not correct the general impression of your "vile and vile" act.

Home or cafe, cafe or home? 4

How to be? Where to tell your girlfriend about the breakup? At home or in a cafe? Good question. It all depends, of course, on the temperament of your woman. You can report the separation at home if you are sure that she will not throw a tantrum and will not beat and smash all the objects that came to her hand on your head.

How to break up with a girl
How to break up with a girl

Of course, she can do as in that joke: “I informed the girl about the separation. I went out the door, heard a shot. I thought I shot myself. Coming back. No, a bitch opened the champagne. Celebrating. " However, the likelihood of such an outcome is very small.

Psychologists recommend reporting such news in public places. It is advisable to choose a small and not crowded cafe. Also make sure that it is not far from home and that your girlfriend can easily find her way back when she is upset.

Just don't be thick-skinned and choose a breakup location that was special for your couple. “Darling, do you remember how I invited you to this restaurant, confessed my love and offered to meet? I decided that where we started our relationship, that's where we should end.

Therefore, you can order your favorite fish and dessert for the last time, we will have dinner in peace, and then we will go home, I will pack my things and move back to my mother. " In the best case, she will order all the dishes from the menu and ruin you; in the worst case, all restaurant visitors will learn a lot of interesting things about your person.

How to say goodbye to a girl
How to say goodbye to a girl

Arguments are everything! 5

So, you are more determined than ever, the place and time have been chosen, and your girlfriend has been warned that you are going to dinner together on Thursday night. Now you need to clearly think about what and how you will say.

The voice should be confident and categorical, because if a girl feels even a drop of doubt in him, she will grab you like a bulldog on a bone and will not let you go anywhere. You can use the mirror again and rehearse.

Think what you say, and don't say what you think. In general, this golden rule must always be followed. And in the event of a painful parting, a retreat from it is tantamount to being shot.

Naturally, it will be like a man if you take on all the blame for the breakup. “You are wonderful, you are every man's dream. But, unfortunately, I don't love you. " No unnecessary words, phrases, speak everything clearly and to the point. State the facts and do not let them drag you into an argument or dialogue. Let your girlfriend understand that you made a decision for yourself and it is not subject to discussion.

Variants of a girl's behavior when reporting a breakup6

Girls are unpredictable creatures, so how she will react to the news of separation is impossible to predict. Just be emotionally prepared for the possible options.

How to break up with a girl correctly
How to break up with a girl correctly

In case she suddenly starts screaming, hysteria and shedding tears in a stream, it will not be superfluous to take earplugs and a package of paper napkins with her. Things will be worse if the girl suddenly starts talking about her love, falls to her knees and begs for a second chance. Here you will need to show steel restraint and make her understand that all her persuasions, broadcasts and requests are meaningless.

Another option for the girl's behavior is to calmly accept the news of the breakup. “Do you want to part with me? OK. I agree. I also think that you are not worthy of me. Of course I can find better. Do not worry. The main thing is that you can find someone like me. By the way, don't ask back - I won't accept. " After such words, even the most strong-willed man suddenly doubts his decision.

How to behave after breaking up 7

"I want to dump a girl, but I don't know how to do it." Psychologists advise men to avoid the following mistakes:

  • even if you really want to avoid an unpleasant conversation and communicate this news by phone or via social networks, you should not do this. It will be a cowardly and despicable step on your part. No girl deserves this kind of treatment;
  • behave like a real man in any situation. If your tongue itches very much and you want to speak unflatteringly about her culinary or other abilities, then just bite your tongue;
  • be honest, do not lie and do not reassure. A phrase like: "There is always a chance" will be a signal for a girl to take action and action. Do not be surprised after such words if in two days she will meet you after working with a bouquet of flowers;
Parting with a girl
Parting with a girl
  • after breaking up, do not look for reasons for calls and meetings. Every time you have no one to talk to or have nowhere to sleep, you shouldn't think about your ex, who is always happy to see you;
  • no sex. Even if your girlfriend is a fan of the movie "Friendship Sex" and cheats you on intimacy, answer with a categorical refusal. Remember that life is not a movie or a script;
  • give her time to recover. Of course, over the course of your relationship, you have made mutual friends who will continue to invite both her and you to common gatherings. Be a gentleman, refuse to meet, at least at the beginning of a breakup. Give your ex-lover some time to be in public and take some time away from her grief.

By following the advice of psychologists, you can avoid common mistakes and make life easier for yourself and your ex-lover.

Loud Parting Stars8

"People meet, people fall in love ….". And unfortunately, people are breaking up. And the news of the separation of a star couple always arouses particular interest. It would seem that on the TV screen and the covers of glossy magazines, they look at each other with happy eyes. And then, like a bolt from the blue, the news of the divorce. A selection of the most notorious divorces in the past few years:

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. After it became known about the separation of one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Aniston fans cheered. Many began to hope for a renewal of the relationship between Brad and Jennifer, despite the fact that she was married. But in 2018, Aniston and her husband Justin Theroux broke up after two years of formal marriage. The star couple called the reason - "character incompatibility."

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
  1. Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky. Treason, betrayal, divorce and division of property. The story of the relationship between Dakota and Sokolovsky could serve as a script for a melodrama. Before falling in love with each other, Rita and Vlad were good friends for many years. Then their friendship grew into love, they got married and became the parents of a wonderful baby Mia.
  2. The guys actively posted their photos on Instagram, confessed their feelings to each other. In general, not life, but a beautiful fairy tale. That is why when, on her page on the social network, Rita announced the breakup, the fans were shocked. It turned out that throughout the marriage, her husband was unfaithful to her, as many relatives and mutual friends of the couple knew about. The parting was painful for Rita, but she bravely endured all the hardships.
  3. Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum. Unfortunately, this beautiful couple broke up after 9 years of relationship. However, for many, the reason for their breakup is still a mystery. The stars themselves do not name any specific reason, but answer that it was necessary. Even after breaking up, in his interviews, Channing speaks very fondly of his ex-wife and calls her "my love."
Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum
Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum
  1. Ani Lorak and Murat Nalchadzhi-oglu. Beautiful, stately and successful. And the shocking news in the media about Murat's betrayal, whom the paparazzi filmed in one of the Kiev cafes with another girl. Despite the assurances of relatives that the spouses are doing well and they love each other, the divorce still took place.
  2. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. The divorce of this couple dragged on for almost 3 years. But all this time, the spouses did not share property, but could not resolve the issue of custody of the children. The couple nevertheless came to a compromise and settled the issue.
  3. Alexander Kerzhakov and Milana Tyulpanova. Their marriage lasted less than 2 years, after which Milana admitted that her husband was beating her and did not allow her to see her son. In turn, Kerzhakov accused his wife of drug addiction. And although the couple officially divorced, they still cannot resolve the issue of custody of their son.

Parting is always a difficult process. But it is in the power of every man to make it less painful for the second half. If you want to dump a girl, then think at this moment not only about yourself, but also about her. And no matter how hard it was for both of you, but where the flame has already died out, the fire cannot be kindled. Therefore, we recommend reading our article on how to leave a girl. Love and be happy.

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