Fitness Models - Top Of The Most Athletic Beauties In The World

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Fitness Models - Top Of The Most Athletic Beauties In The World
Fitness Models - Top Of The Most Athletic Beauties In The World

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Fitness Models
Fitness Models

The beauty of the female body is directly related to the way of life. A healthy diet, adequate physical activity, and the absence of bad habits are the most important components. Popular fitness models leading their channels on YouTube and pages on social networks are direct proof of this.

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  • 1 Laura Michelle Prestin
  • 2 Michelle Lewin
  • 3 Ana Cheri Garcia
  • 4 Amanda Bisk
  • 5 Ekaterina Usmanova
  • 6 Dianna Dahlgren
  • 7 Mary Helen Bowers
  • 8 Lyzabeth Lopez
  • 9 Jen Selter
  • 10 Paige Hathaway

Laura Michelle PrestinLaura_Michelle_Prestin

Laura Prestin
Laura Prestin

Canadian by birth who was born on January 29, 1985. Thanks to her love for sports, she absolutely does not look her age. On account of her victory in the ProBikini competition of the WBFF federation. She is the only one, as the girl prefers to develop in all areas related to fitness.

Laura has appeared on the covers of sports magazines a huge number of times, she is also the author of many articles, which are published mainly in the magazines Inside Fitness and OxygenFit. She has developed her own training system, which she successfully sells through her own website, showing by her example what can be achieved with perseverance.

Despite her busy schedule, Laura has already written two books and published them for free on her Internet portal. This to a large extent shows the girl's openness and desire to help and inspire other people to lead an active life.

The girl has a medical degree (certified nurse) and is a bachelor of arts. She loves to be photographed in revealing outfits and poses that maximize her athletic achievements. Thus, she motivates notorious girls to take action and be better than yesterday.

Michelle LewinMichelle_Lewin

Michelle Levine
Michelle Levine

Venezuelan Michelle Levin was born in February 1986 into a poor family. I achieved everything in life by myself. Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming a fashion model, but her low stature and increased pigmentation in the neckline prevented this.

The girl decided not to despair and began to play sports. Soon she achieved significant results, they began to offer her a job as a fitness model, she visited many countries. After a while, she moved to live in Miami and continued hard training there.

After a short amount of time, a familiar bodybuilder invited Michelle to participate in the NPC Bikini contest. As a result, the girl took 5th place. This inspired her so much that she decided to practice it more often and harder and won the NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup the same year.

For the next several years, she won prizes or was one of the five finalists in such prestigious tournaments as Bikini Classic, Europa Dallas and PBW Tampa. Then she announced her retirement from her sports career, and now plays sports to keep fit.

Ana Cheri GarciaAna_Cheri_Garcia

Ana Cherie
Ana Cherie

American by birth, was born on May 16, 1986 in a family with several brothers. In an effort to show her femininity, she went to the gym. And there she achieved good results. A distinctive feature of this fitness model is that her body is harmonious and sexy, fit in a sporty way, but without bulging muscles.

Thanks to her unusual appearance, Ana is the face (and body) of several sports brands, has repeatedly appeared in men's and sports glossy magazines. She was called at different times the most beautiful and sexy according to the magazines Maxim and Playboy.

She is the developer of her own brand of sportswear for teenagers, Want My Look. She has published a book with information on fitness and healthy balanced nutrition. Her advertising work brings her substantial income, allowing her to travel and learn something new.

Amanda BiskAmanda_Bisk

Amanda Bisque
Amanda Bisque

Australian athlete - born March 6, 1986. She dreamed of participating in the Olympic Games in such a sport as pole vaulting. However, the diagnosis made by the doctors became an insurmountable obstacle. But Amanda decided not to give up.

Having gone through severe depression and crisis moments in her life, she found herself in yoga. The poses, photos of which she began to upload to social networks, quickly resonated with a large number of people.

By her example, Amanda shows and proves that in order to have an athletic and fit body, it is not necessary to exhaust yourself with strength exercises. There is an alternative way that adds peace of mind and flexibility of mind and body to a beautiful female body.

At the moment, the girl is a specialized fitness trainer and yoga instructor, actively tours with her workouts, manages to develop her YouTube channel and educate an increasing number of people.

Ekaterina Usmanovai

Ekaterina Usmanova
Ekaterina Usmanova

A native of the city of Krymsk, Russia. Born November 1, 1988. She began to play sports from childhood, as a teenager she already had achievements in taekwondo, but after graduation she chose and entered the University of Finance. At the same time, she did not leave sports training, she only reduced the load.

She did not work by profession for long, as the girl was drawn to sports. At this time, she tied herself legally with a fitness trainer who helped and supported Katya in all her endeavors. During this period, her career skyrocketed. The girl also began to work as a fitness trainer, while preparing for various kinds of competitions.

She has won prizes in such competitions as Bikini Fitness, Eastern European Powerlifting Championships, Arnold Classic, etc. However, she soon decided to abandon participation in competitions and devote herself to creative sports projects.

In the recent past, she created an online project "Usmanova team", in which a huge number of people who are interested in proper sports and high-quality pumping of body muscles take part. The project is especially popular with girls who want to have a sexy figure, like Catherine's (many will envy her buttocks).

She also tries herself in music. She has already recorded several songs. However, getting busy in the sports niche takes a very long time. Her motivational videos and exercise videos are gaining popularity.

Dianna DahlgrenDianna_Dahlgren

Diana Dalgren
Diana Dalgren

Diana was born on February 4, 1990 in California into a large family. She was a very active and inquisitive child. In order to somehow throw out such an amount of energy, the parents sent the girl to the gymnastics section. The classes left a certain imprint on the girl's figure and at the age of 13 she was already offered to try herself in the modeling business.

Over the next 5 years, she successfully built a career as a fashion model. But at one point she decided to change the direction of her activity. She signed up for the NPC Los Angeles Championships Class C and won first place. This prompted her to further persistent training and the following years were won.

  • NPC Team Universe Class E;
  • IFBB Connecticut Europa;
  • IFBB Phoenix Pro;
  • LA Pro;
  • Houston Pro.

Since 2011, the girl has been the official face of the Supercross races and has been successfully touring the country, commenting on the competition and entertaining the audience.

Mary Helen BowersMary_Helen_Bowers

Mary Helen Bowers
Mary Helen Bowers

American by birth, born in August 1979. At the age of 3, the parents sent the girl to study ballet. As a teenager, I realized that she wanted to devote herself to stage and dance all her life. Thanks to regular training and innate talent, she entered the School of American Ballet in Manhattan, and a year later she was already invited to the famous New York ballet company.

However, after 10 years of active creativity in it, Mary received an injury that did not allow her to continue dancing. But the girl did not despair and went to study at Columbia University. Without daily training, she felt unwell and therefore gradually began to exercise at home.

Mary's great merit was her Ballet Beautiful slimming method, based on the symbiosis of fitness and ballet. At the same time, absolutely any person can do it, since it contains exercises with different loads. A whole spectrum of exercises for pregnant women has also been developed separately.

Currently, Mary is a famous trainer, such famous people as Liv Tyler, Natalie Portman, models Victoria Secret and others are engaged in her method.

Lyzabeth LopezLyzabeth_Lopez

Lizabeth Lopez
Lizabeth Lopez

Canadian fitness model born March 1, 1981. In sports since the age of 13. It gained great popularity thanks to the promotion of workouts that allow women with curvaceous forms to remain as sexy, but also fit.

She has participated in various competitions, has many certificates in the field of fitness, Pilates, aerobics. Her outstanding buttocks have been awarded a separate WBFF award. She currently works as a fitness trainer, hosts television programs on sports topics, and also writes articles on healthy eating and competent training in various specialized publications.

She is certified in dietetics, actively maintains her Instagram account and YouTube channel, where she promotes a correct and healthy lifestyle.

Jen SelterJen_Selter

Jen Selter
Jen Selter

American fitness model, born September 8, 1993. From childhood I was inclined to be overweight, but quickly realized that sports can effectively eliminate this problem. Then, starting from adolescence, she began to visit the gym and pretty soon the boys began to pay more and more attention to her.

After fitness came the passion for yoga, proper nutrition. But Jen's main goal was to bring her buttocks to the ideal shape. With a waist of 58 cm, the hips are 91 cm.This difference looks very sexy and in the future helped the girl to build a good career.

Among her achievements are photo shoots in magazines such as "Elle", "Muscle & Fitness", "Maxim", "Playboy" and others. She was the official face of the NY20 and Game Plan Nutrition brands. She entered into advertising contracts with Nike, New Balance. Collaborates with The Legacy. She has participated in various TV shows as a fitness expert.

He currently works with the most famous sports brands, continues to actively develop his account on Instagram and other social networks. Helps ordinary people achieve significant fitness results by posting workout videos and motivating videos.

Paige HathawayPaige_Hathaway

Paige Hathaway
Paige Hathaway

Another American mega popular fit and model is Paige Hathaway. She was born on July 31, 1987 in a dysfunctional family. After the deprivation of her father and mother of parental rights, the girl was under the care of many families. But she found for herself those whom she could consider close.

As soon as she became independent, she immediately took up self-sufficiency, worked a lot. There were many troubles and mistakes in her life. However, having overcome herself, in 2011, Paige decides to take care of herself - she goes to the gym, where she persistently trains her body.

The first noticeable external changes impressed the girl and those around her so much that it was decided to take part in one of the main fitness tournaments in America. Half a year of preparation and the second place went to her by right. This victory became the starting point in the future career of a fitness model.

In subsequent years, she won several more competitions among bikinists, and then decided to devote time to training. Paige was soon certified as a professional trainer and could work as a fitness instructor. Also, many publications vied with each other to offer her shooting - everyone wanted to see this beauty with steel muscles on their covers.

On social networks, the girl openly share all the secrets of building a dream body that she tried on herself. She also records motivating videos that encourage her to run to the gym for a beautiful and athletic body.

We will tell more about sports beauties from Russia in the next article at the link.

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