How To Get Acquainted On A Dating Site And Find A Soul Mate There?

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How To Get Acquainted On A Dating Site And Find A Soul Mate There?
How To Get Acquainted On A Dating Site And Find A Soul Mate There?

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When wondering how to find a person on a dating site, keep in mind that this method is no worse or better than traditional offline dating. It just has some nuances. And there are many benefits.

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  • 2 Caution does not hurt
  • 3 First meeting in real life. Don't panic!
  • 4 What's next?

Talking about whether it is realistic to meet your soul mate on the Internet is already completely meaningless. Of course, this is real - many couples who met on the Internet already have kids growing up. It is a fact.

If someone fails to get to know the right person for years by registering on a variety of resources, this is not at all an indicator. In ordinary life, too, not everyone succeeds in building a happy relationship.

How to get acquainted correctlyi

Do you know exactly who you want to find and why? If the goal is not entertainment and meetings for one night, but a serious relationship, the question of creating a questionnaire must be approached responsibly. Let's talk about several important nuances of how to find a person on a dating site.

The photo. More than half of people make a mistake already at this stage. Let's immediately determine: there is nothing shameful and unnatural in registering on a dating site. So the fears “my acquaintances, colleagues will see me, what will they think” will be discarded right away. Moreover, 75% of people between 18 and 60 years old are registered on such sites.

The photo must be yours. Better to make it specifically for this purpose and not overuse Photoshop. Strange, but people post other people's photos, their own, embellished beyond recognition and at the same time wonder why the relationship is limited to one personal meeting.

Meeting website
Meeting website

Filling in the data, do not lie and do not be lazy. It is better to avoid intimate details for now, but it is necessary to talk about your character, hobbies and preferences. But without fanaticism and exaggeration. The disadvantages can be mentioned in passing, without going into details. Maintain an overall friendly and calm tone. If you want to find your destiny in the city where you live, indicate this.

Do not set too hard boundaries in the filter. Having pointed out that you are looking for a 35-year-old man, 180 cm tall with green eyes, single, with two higher educations and holding a leading position in Gazprom, you will wonder for months why your half got lost on the way.

Don't waste time on clearly inappropriate suggestions. You have a goal, and for individuals who ignore what you wrote in your profile, there is a "add to ignore" button. Don't get into fights or get discouraged. There are enough idiots in real life. Unfortunately, there are no buttons in real life.

Online dating
Online dating

Caution does not hurt2

The opinion that only maniacs and perverts on dating sites are not entirely true. Of course they are there. As in ordinary life. Reasonable precautions are required when dating online exactly as much as when dating offline.

How to find a person on a dating site and not get into a ridiculous or dangerous situation? The most sane person sometimes becomes strangely gullible and makes mistakes, later wondering how it happened. To prevent this from happening, remember a few basic things:

  • When agreeing to a meeting with a practically stranger, make sure that it takes place in a public place. To tell that it is frivolous and dangerous to invite a stranger to visit or go to his apartment, of course, is unnecessary. You perfectly understand this yourself and in no case do this.
  • Find out as much as possible about the person you are interested in on the dating site. Do not limit yourself to just what he / she says. How? Find it on social media. By the way, if your new friend has no malicious intent, he himself will tell you how to find his page on VK, OK or Facebook. Check if the photo really belongs to this person. This is not difficult. Many Internet resources provide an opportunity to check the photo. Google and Yandex as well.
Online dating
Online dating
  • Don't give in to requests to transfer money. Yes Yes. It's funny, stupid, and you will never do that. But a lot of people also believed so up to a certain point. There is a type of fraudsters who thus earn their bread and butter. With several accounts, an unlimited supply of time and some knowledge of psychology, people create the appearance of a serious and lasting relationship at a distance and at a convenient moment they mention a certain problem. Moreover, it is possible that you yourself will volunteer to help. And what's wrong, you are already practically married. Well - do not be surprised if the next day the page of your "chosen one" will be deleted.
  • Do not frame intimate photos. It is necessary to mention why this should not be done?

First meeting in real life. Don't panic! 3

And moments of panic are present in most cases. It is quite understandable - there are too many questions and ambiguities. Will you like each other? How to behave, what to talk about? What to wear?

In fact, there is nothing to be nervous about. You don't have anything to lose if something goes wrong, right? So take it easy.

Meet the guy on the site
Meet the guy on the site

Dress so that you feel comfortable. Women often make the same mistakes. Too high heels, on which you can only move with the grace of a paralyzed grasshopper, overly bright makeup, mini and cleavage. The other extreme is to wear a tracksuit.

Choose the Moderate option: feminine, but not vulgar; comfortable but graceful. Light makeup, only slightly emphasizing advantages and hiding imperfections.

For men, these tips are also suitable, with minor adjustments for gender, of course. That is, a tailcoat and work uniform are extremes.

Let's say you come to a meeting and are convinced that this is not at all the person you imagined. It happens. Politely exchange a few insignificant phrases and refer to sudden circumstances that force you to leave right now (it’s a good idea to set a simulated call on your phone in advance. It's simple - you got a call, you have to run).

Online dating and relationships
Online dating and relationships

What to talk about? Definitely not about problems, diseases and sick loans. Scolding Putin and proving that God exists and he sees everything is also not necessary. Discussions about past relationships are best avoided. Topics should be light enough, without negativity. You can discuss the films you've watched recently. Ask about hobbies and listen carefully to the answer. Remember funny stories from childhood.

By chatting on a dating site, you've already found out if you have something in common, right? This means there are topics for conversation. We only note that, having asked a question, you need to listen to the answer, and interrupting and talking about yourself incessantly is impolite. As well as asking too personal questions.

How do you know that everything is going well? You will feel it. It is not easy to avoid awkward pauses in a conversation at first, but in general, communication will bring pleasure, there will be no discomfort. And there will be no feeling that time is passing too slowly.

Virtual acquaintance
Virtual acquaintance

What's next? 4

How to find a person on a dating site and not lose him after the first meeting? Virtual communication does not give a complete picture of a person, although many people are convinced of the opposite. It is not necessary to get upset if the relationship did not work out. You just haven't met the right person yet. The Internet expands the possibilities, but does not guarantee that by opening a profile on the site, you will immediately meet your destiny. Meet, meet, communicate. Good luck will certainly smile at you.

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