Best Pickup Phrases For Guys Or How To Seduce A Girl

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Best Pickup Phrases For Guys Or How To Seduce A Girl
Best Pickup Phrases For Guys Or How To Seduce A Girl

Video: Best Pickup Phrases For Guys Or How To Seduce A Girl

Video: Best Pickup Phrases For Guys Or How To Seduce A Girl
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pickup phrases for guys
pickup phrases for guys

As you know, women love with their ears, and a pickup truck is a real science of seduction. Some people treat the pickup truck masters with derision and irony. However, their advice should be heeded. Pickup phrases help guys not only attract the attention of the desired person, but create a basis for continuing communication in any form that you want.

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  • 2 How to hook a girl
  • 3 Individual approach
  • 4 Online dating
  • 5 First phrases for dating:

The term "pickup" was introduced to Russia by Sergei Ogurtsov in 1995 as a study of the relationship between a man and a woman. Pickup phrases can be of different content: cool, smart, funny or serious. In each situation, you need to use a certain set of lines to hook the girl.

Pickup rules i

  • A man should feel confident and ready to conquer the top. He should not cross the line of obsession, but be persistent.
  • The main feature of a pick-up artist is the ability to speak, he is able to support any topic of conversation, intrigue, interest a partner with any hobbies.
  • Do not be afraid of difficulties. Even an experienced pick-up artist sometimes has to face rejection.
  • It is imperative to master the science of gestures. Each movement of a person gives a hint on how to proceed. There are signs that indicate that you need to boldly get acquainted further or, on the contrary, disappear.
  • Without exaggeration. A pick-up artist should not give false hopes and promises to a girl, since in the end the truth will still be revealed and no one needs negative fame.

How to hook a girl2

A set of the most advanced and working phrases cannot win a woman's heart if they are used in the wrong topic and in the wrong situation. Choose original phrases. If you take the most common cues from the first page of a browser search, then most likely the communication will not be special. In this case, it is better, on the contrary, to try to ridicule the established expression.

You will learn exactly how to conduct proper communication on social dating networks from our article at the link.

How to hook a girl
How to hook a girl

Individual approach3

Each girl deserves to have phrases chosen specifically for her. And if you think you can design a script to meet a dozen women, then a set of formulaic, faceless phrases won't work.


When a girl is easy and fun with you, her mood rises. If you manage to make her laugh, then she will remember you, and she will look for meetings with you herself. Just no vulgar jokes!


A popular, but most effective pick-up technique is compliments and phrases that mean them. Unusual phrases for girls that relate not only to external manifestations, but can emphasize her pride. For example, if a girl has a lot of photographs in front of her own house, you can say, "You have such a beautiful house, are you probably a designer?"

If she dyes beautifully, you can say the same about her makeup, that she is a professional makeup artist. The main thing is to emphasize not only the external characteristics and make a compliment unnoticed. You can find examples of the best compliments for a girl in our article.

Motivation for action

Pickup phrases alone are not enough for dating to move to a more serious stage. Here we need phrases that imply her positive response to the invitation. A compliment with a phrase should be with a question so that she cannot answer simply "Thank you, very nice." For example, you can tell her “You have a great selection of music, let's go to a concert…” and choose a group from her favorites.

Pickup phrases
Pickup phrases

Improve vocabulary

The brighter and more original the speech, the more interesting it is to talk. Nowadays, very common words: awesome, bright, tasty, juicy. Choose what is appropriate for your way of expressing, but just do not use vocabulary that was already popular in the past.

Online dating4

So, how to find a girl for sex on Vkontakte or on a dating site ?! Pickup rules on the Internet also include a manifestation of individuality. If a man writes a message: “Hello! How are you?”, In most cases the girl ignores the message, especially if she is presentable and has a lot of fans.

Therefore, you need to choose phrases that will be able to impress the girl. Here a very large territory opens up for the pickup. You can use symbols, emoticons, audio, personal information of the girl, so the chances of showing the skill of a pickup truck are very high.

For more details on online dating, read our article further on the link.

First phrases for dating: 5

  • You have such a beautiful dress, I think it will look very cool on my bedroom floor.
  • Do you believe in love at first sight or should I go through again?
  • Haven't you seen by chance that my white horse did not slip here?
  • You smile so beautifully that I forgot where I went.
  • Are you following me? You've been haunting me in my dreams for a week now.
  • The phrase "Are you dancing?" (where there is no dancing at all).
  • Please look, I have something with my eyes, I can't take them away from you.
  • Your dress just looks amazing on you, I would look no worse.
  • Why are you looking at me as if my parents had left for their dacha?
How to get a girl's attention
How to get a girl's attention
  • Shall we chat or will you wink at me further?
  • Can I find out your name, I want to check if it matches my last name?
  • You know, I look at you and imagine how my children will come up and ask: "Dad, how did you meet our mother?"

Read more about the best phrases for dating on the Internet further in our article at the link.

If you are a shy and shy person, pickup phrases are unlikely to make you open and bold. Therefore, before moving on to practice, you need to learn the theory well, work out your fears and concerns, and learn how to correctly structure your speech. And then decorate it with military weapons in the form of pickup phrases.

For more detailed instructions on seducing a girl, read our article.

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