Body Language: What Can It Tell About A Person

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Body Language: What Can It Tell About A Person
Body Language: What Can It Tell About A Person

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couple in dance
couple in dance

Perhaps surprisingly, the mouth is not the only part of the body that can speak. In fact, body movements tell more about a person - they don't lie, unlike the mouth. Your posture, facial expressions, hand gestures, even what you do to your eyebrows when you are nervous - all of these things convey information to other people. A person who does not know body language and how to control it can be read like an open book, moreover, it will not work to keep silent about the negative aspects of his personality. Gestures, body movements are involuntary.

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  • 1 Prepare in advance
  • 2 Use skin-to-skin contact
  • 3 Smile
  • 4 Stand up straight
  • 5 Keep your body open
  • 6 Maintain eye contact
  • 7 Approach wisely to the selection of wardrobe

When guys want to show off their charisma, they often think about what they are going to say, but not about what position to take. Body signals speak much more about a person. Therefore, they need to be given the greatest importance. There are several lessons to help you take control of your body language and be unbeatable.

Prepare in advancei

Putting your body in a positive way begins long before you go out on a date. If you worry about how your pants fit or how your hair looks, you will instantly become anxious and unfriendly. Wearing neat, stylish clothes, taking care of your hair and skin will give you confidence that you want to splash out as if Johnny Depp entered the hall (even if he is not so handsome, it will be overlooked).

Use skin-to-skin contact2

If you've seen Bill Clinton in action, you've seen effective use of touch. With the skill of a seasoned politician, Clinton continually pats people on the back and shakes hands with enthusiasm. He radiates positive energy; it attracts like a magnet. Feel free to add a little charm to your person by expressing friendliness through bodily contact, such as shaking hands, patting or accidentally touching.


A smile says more about a person than anything. When people notice that you are smiling, they know that you are comfortable, relaxed, fun, and ready to connect. A smile captivates much more than external beauty, stylish clothes or rich life experience. Someone who smiles often has an inexplicable attraction. Isn't that what they call charisma?

Stand up straight4

The upright stance is another important winning element of body language. Insecure, losers or mama's sons by all appearance show that they are tired, worn out. Their spine is twisted like a question mark and it looks pathetic.

language of the body
language of the body

Guys who walk upright with their shoulders flat look like winners - like Michael Jordan. Jordan has so much charisma that he's grown into a billion dollar brand. He is arguably the best-selling person in history. But you don’t have to be one of the best basketball players of all time, have a pumped-up torso, or be astonishingly tall to be a charming young man - straighten your back, throw your shoulders back, and your chin forward.

Keep your body open5

Another important element of charismatic body language is maintaining an open position. This means that you do not need to place objects between yourself and the interlocutor, turn your back to him, cross your arms over your chest. These are peculiar signals of alienation and a desire to end the conversation faster. So a person subconsciously shows that he does not want to fully open up and trust the interlocutor. When it comes to a date or a big deal, you don't need to openly show unwillingness to communicate. Even if the interlocutor does not know the intricacies of body language, he subconsciously understands it.

what can he say
what can he say

Maintain Eye Contact6

Avoiding eye contact can make you look nervous or painfully shy. Charismatic guys have a confident and comfortable conversation. So look others in the eye, especially women; they often cite eyes as one of the most attractive male characteristics. Why else do you think Paul Newman, with his ice blue eyes, was considered a sex symbol for many years?

Approach the right wardrobe selection7

President Barack Obama is the most stylish president since the Kennedy era, and one thing he knows how to master, among others, is choosing clothes and matching them correctly for a particular occasion. When he talks with his voters at a town hall meeting, his tie is loosened and his sleeves are rolled up - a person knows how to embellish an image without adding anything to it. For the entire period of his reign, he never looked out of place - he does not wear anything for nothing, not a single wardrobe item looks like "from the wrong opera."

what the body is talking about
what the body is talking about

It is useful to know body language when it comes to many areas of life: romantic, social, professional. It is difficult to master it, but it is very useful. With its help, you can perform various psychological manipulations that will help you achieve your goals. And for those with whom you do not want to get to know better, you will not become an understandable and "unraveled" person.

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