The Technique Of Seduction In Correspondence. How To Make Your Partner Fall In Love With You?

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The Technique Of Seduction In Correspondence. How To Make Your Partner Fall In Love With You?
The Technique Of Seduction In Correspondence. How To Make Your Partner Fall In Love With You?
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How to fall in love with yourself by correspondence
How to fall in love with yourself by correspondence

Weaving intrigues is the lot of insidious women, because none of the men develop strategies for seducing girls by SMS or messages on social networks. It is women who want to be waited for online, monitor the pages themselves and check all the likes that the victim has given to other beauties. When personal feelings are already hurt, they are ready to cross the boundaries and make him suffer. It is the girls who are interested in how to fall in love with themselves by correspondence, so that the guy goes crazy with waiting and raves about the interlocutor after a waking breakup, if it ever happens.

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  • 1 Where does “life” begin?
  • 2 Rule of Screen Seduction: Profile and Data
  • 3 Rule of emergency offensive
  • 4 Defense and timelines
  • 5 "No" to the past and stories about the former
  • 6 Take your time - plans and events fade into the background
  • 7 Met by dress - literacy and speech
  • 8 Down with complexes and feelings of guilt
  • 9 Secret artillery for Victorious

Where does “life” begin? I

Friendship begins with a smile, a song begins with words and motives, and falling in love from an interest in the interlocutor. Just the manner of communication, the virtual image is built from photographs within 2-3 hours, and the method of communication, which helps to better understand the partner's idea, his logic, is chosen specifically for the victim's object. For example, there is a middle-aged man who liked him, but he must mentally stay with only one stranger. This will not be very easy, but possible.

First, special words are needed with which a girl will touch a man. Not suitable "cat", "doggie" and other types of animals. Things are especially bad with rabbits and bunnies, since any adult knows that these are stupid creatures that are not able to feed themselves, they are helpless and eat their own excrement in hunger. But not the point. The girl is obliged to remember about the code of morality, even if she is not seen or heard.

Secondly, you cannot treat correspondence as something mediocre. A woman puts on the best outfits, does make-up, if she walks with phones in her hands around the apartment, then only in heels, trying to keep the brand. By the way, you can leave voice messages on social networks, which men love to do. They also like to receive similar responses. So it's easier to figure out the tone and timbre when the girl matches the outwardly playful mood within herself.

Thirdly, training should take place only on dolls. Girlfriends will not portray an eagle man who dreams of chatting. Basically, guys are stingy with messages, especially the older ones. Young people now and then cope without live communication. Adequate guys rarely leave the "relationship" level at one stage.

How to be liked by correspondence
How to be liked by correspondence

The moral preparation has been completed, and now it remains to find and choose the meaning of those phrases and words that men want to listen to. Often it is necessary to create a certain image in which you need to fall in love with the interlocutor - these are character traits, behavioral features. But there is a rule: the built image should be worse than what he later sees in reality.

Screen Seduction Rule: Profile and Data2

To influence someone through virtual data, you need to not only transform, but also clean the questionnaires from garbage and unflattering reviews. For example, in the profile there are not the most beautiful photos, against which the new ones will not look very good. You also need to get rid of joint images with exes, in a circle of "funny" friends or with mom by the hand. You can not expose your father's photographs - this is too weighty argument for an application for official relations. In addition, not every guy agrees to see a potential father-in-law before meeting.

In the section about yourself, you should indicate true information. Lying about age and birthday is stupid. Either the girl looks mature for her youth, or she is too well preserved for her age. In both cases, it is beneficial.

It is also recommended that you review your profile every few weeks to update your travel data, places visited. After all, a guy needs to know at least something about the life of a haunting beauty. Perhaps, horizons for new interests will open here.

Penpal love
Penpal love

Emergency Rule3

The rule of writing first should not be neglected. This applies not only to young girls. Grown up and confident women are allowed to take the initiative in their own hands. They say that they have an eye for a good male, and their hand is stuffed with "phrases" towards the goal - the male ego. True, you cannot overdo it, otherwise you can get a completely different reaction in return.

  • Men love with their eyes, so fewer words mean more action. It is better to talk about some undertakings in areas that interest only him. This will help create the illusion of responsibility for his fears and expectations. Moreover, when a woman talks about specifics, it is more appreciated.
  • Psychologists recommend doing "recruiting". You need to throw the bait with the words "hello, how are you" and wait for the reaction. If positive, you can continue to communicate, but unobtrusively. Boys at any age are fearful, and good and well-mannered are also mannered, they rarely respond to messages from strangers, especially beautiful ones.
  • You cannot press and constantly check for the presence of a future satellite in the network. It will repel and scare away. If you litter the line with emoticons, the entire text will turn out to be too "cute". Again you can frighten off.

Don't forget about etiquette. The more pretty the girl behaves, the more the correspondence between the photo and reality is felt. There are many cases on the Internet when women simply knocked out money for their maintenance, were reluctant to get in touch, and then, like snow on their heads, fell on their interlocutors along with a ton of letter symbols. This is somewhat frightening (remember, a man is a frightened creature).

Like by correspondence
Like by correspondence

Defense and timelines4

For him to notice the tactics, you need to pause, monitor mail and constantly be "offline". This helps to observe the person from the side. It is advisable to monitor his account to see how many new girlfriends are already tagging for an almost taken place. It is easy to miss coffee and sweets, it is enough to overlook and forget about the importance of correspondence. If the goal is to please, you need to do everything so that the man wants to write first. The only sure and proven way to do everything at a distance is time. We need pauses between communication, preferably like this:

  1. He asks a question or writes something, the girl does not answer immediately.
  2. He is online and catches the interlocutor online - you need to postpone the correspondence or postpone, referring to important matters. What matters are more important than the guy? This will hurt him and hit his pride.

And then you can safely build a portrait of the personality psychotype. The answer is - the right guy who doesn't like being twisted. He will not answer - he is a touchy boy, not yet mature enough for female adult games. And in general, correspondence must be conducted in a pleasant atmosphere, in the evening, but not later than midnight, otherwise he will consider it a bad form. Well, yes, and which of the educated girls writes to boys so late? He will think that he is not the only one and will give up this whole venture.

"No" to the past and stories about the former5

Few people know how to fall in love with themselves by correspondence, but many remember how they made people suffer at night, do not sleep and do not eat for days, dreaming to write again with the object of sighing. We are talking about the notorious intuitive conflict. Here you need to make it clear to the guy that the girl marked the edge of the topic of communication. You can't ask about your ex. For the word will break out, fly away like a sparrow, and not catch it anymore. A particularly bad thought, which will already indicate that Madame reacts negatively to the past. This does not do her credit; it is better to remain neutral.

How to fall in love by correspondence
How to fall in love by correspondence

The topic of the former is forbidden. You should never tell a stranger about your feelings and emotions. Perhaps then it will become a weak point for the sight. Do not compare anyone with anyone - an unfamiliar person who needs to be liked should not know who the girl was dating. You never know, he will get the impression that she has bad taste, and she is interested in him exclusively for selfish purposes. Though tastes can change too.

Take your time - plans and events fade into the background6

In principle, this is not a woman's business. A man should pay attention and then decide for himself whether he wants to see this girl next to him on the first date, or not. Since the male nature is too primitive, you need to follow a long-established plan. No offense, but boys often expect full reigns from bold beauties, which is fundamentally wrong.

There is an interesting moment in the animal kingdom: when an ostrich attracts the attention of females, it must show itself. If the female likes him, she chooses him as the father of the family. The same thing happens in the human world, only the first step made by the girl is already a sign at the subconscious level. And it's pointless to argue.

Psychologists say that 56% of men are "for" dating on the Internet, since you can immediately discard those with whom you have common acquaintances. Perhaps this is a defensive reaction: so as not to know anything about it from friends or not to share it with friends later. The truth of life is in full swing, and such situations should not be avoided. The rest of the men are wary of manifestations of care through the screen of monitors, so they rarely go out with those whom the innovative tycoon brought under their wing.

Falling in love by correspondence
Falling in love by correspondence

Met by dress - literacy and speech7

If in reality they are judged by the image, then on the Internet they look at the manner of communication, the ability to express a thought correctly and convey it to the interlocutor in the form in which it was embedded. The human brain is arranged in such a way that it forgets 60% of the information immediately, weeds out and passes through the "sieve" only 20% of important facts. You should not be surprised if later the guy says something, like “I remember you said something like that, but I forgot exactly what it was about.” If there are errors in the messages, this will repel or suggest that the person is facing an underdeveloped young intellectual who is bored.

After all, there are now many beautiful girls on the network, well-groomed, but not older than 16 years old, so they still do not know how to use ordinary speech patterns, as well as express their thoughts on paper. Things are bad with dictation and the Russian language.

It is also recommended to abandon trivial things and painfully learned statuses from Vkontakte. This is the last century, and now those who know how to joke, but not go too far are in price. You can feel the fine line, but carefully, since a man may not show resentment, and then respond in kind. They are shy and vengeful boys.

How to fall in love with yourself on the Internet
How to fall in love with yourself on the Internet

Down with complexes and feelings of guilt8

Men don't like to be complained about, especially if a girl is doing it. It is harmless, but he sees it like this: I found a vest-shoulder, and he must listen to other people's problems, as if his own are not. In many ways they are right, but women want to feel sorry for themselves. Ok, let it be later. At the moment, there is no need to relax, since a man wants to see a woman confident in front of him (almost himself). If she appreciates her crooked nose and tartar (do not disclose), then she will be able to stand up for herself in any situation. Such opinions are listened to.

It's better if there is already some kind of silly style photo on the Internet. This will make it clear to the public and the main visitor of the account that the girl is not shy about the nature of her character and does not accept herself for who she really is.

Secret artillery for Victorious 9

Roughly it is already becoming clear how to interest the pen guy and stay in the "shadow" until the right moment. Psychologists are ready to share effective advice: call the interlocutor by name.

The fact is that a name is a code with which you can attract attention, reach out or create the illusion of importance in correspondence. People like it when their name is spoken or written. Reading it, they speak through themselves, trying to visualize facial features. A girl can use such techniques more often, since the term of influence is not limited. Men will be pleased if their names or surnames sound from the lips of a beauty. This really pulls off many, and instead of the notorious "kitten" everyone would gladly listen to the melody of their name.

Fall in love with yourself on the internet
Fall in love with yourself on the internet

Observing all the rules of the first moments of communication, the girl is guaranteed victory in such an unequal battle. Men are somewhat sensible about such things, trying to turn the whole conversation into a drier one, leaving spicy moments for later - an in-person meeting. If this was the goal, then it remains only to prepare for new heights, conquering the hearts of caring males.

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