What Is The Ideal Husband Like? TOP-7 Qualities Of An Ideal Life Partner

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What Is The Ideal Husband Like? TOP-7 Qualities Of An Ideal Life Partner
What Is The Ideal Husband Like? TOP-7 Qualities Of An Ideal Life Partner

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find the perfect husband
find the perfect husband

Every girl wants to spend her life with the perfect man. But unfortunately, everyone knows that perfect people do not exist. Of course, most adequate girls understand that no one is imperfect, but everyone can change something in themselves for the sake of love.

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There are girls who unconsciously begin to demand a lot from men that they barely know. To be happy in your marriage and find out how and where to find the perfect husband, you must first understand who exactly you want to find and what your ideal male image is.

To do this, in order to deal with your desires, you need to find out what qualities a man can possess and understand which of them are suitable for you and your happiness.

What qualities an ideal husband should have

Choosing a man as a partner in your life is a very important activity that requires clear care and patience. When choosing a future husband, it is recommended to turn off feelings and turn on the brain convolutions, so as not to fall into a bad fairy tale with an unhappy ending.

Psychologists conducted a survey among women, in which they put forward their assumptions about the ideal husband. After the survey, the main qualities that an ideal husband should have were identified.

  1. Responsibility - a man must fulfill his promises to his girlfriend, colleague or friends. A girl must be confident in her chosen one, who will never let her down.
  2. Attentiveness - he should show care and courting for his beloved woman, using romance so that the girl does not feel like only a housewife. It is important that he speaks sweet words and makes small, modest gifts.
Where to find the perfect man
Where to find the perfect man
  1. Stability and resilience - he must be confident in himself and his actions, have a strong character and be able to control any of his strong emotions. A real man will always calmly react to any situation and will not raise his voice to a loved one.
  2. Independence - must be able to do everything himself in everyday life. He should make his own decisions in simple matters, and not sit around a girl's neck like a child.
  3. Motivation - he must have goals that he is very eager to achieve. It can be anything: buying a car or an incredible journey across different countries. The main thing is that he does not live his evening monotonously, but constantly moves forward and reaches new heights.
  4. Lack of criticism of the girl's appearance - he should say softly that in other clothes she would look even better than in the one she is wearing now. A man with such quality will never tell his beloved girlfriend that she has fat thighs and a bottom covered in cellulite. He will suggest going to the gym together to become energetic and healthy.

If you have found, it seemed, the ideal partner, but he lacks only 1-2 points from this list - do not worry, perhaps he has other positive qualities that can cross out the missing fragments. Either way, your puzzle will work out and you will have a good, long-term relationship, which will be based on true love and understanding on both sides.

It is also worth noting that if you feel quite comfortable and confident with a person who does not have all of the above qualities, then you should not worry and worry about these shortcomings. It is important that in the relationship of both partners everything is fine.

Ideal man
Ideal man

Where to look for a husband2

There are several main places where you can find your ideal husband:

- Internet dating and social networks - acquaintance of this kind with a man can lead to both a successful event in life together and to a complete failure, since it is not clear who the person may be on the other side of the monitor;

- cafeterias and restaurants - to find the desired stranger, you should visit decent places that are close to cool companies and well-known firms. Just grab a book or laptop and look forward to dating;

- gyms and fitness clubs - these places bring together a wide variety of men, of any character, temperament and social status. To draw attention to yourself, it is enough to ask any man about a healthy diet or ask for help in deadlift with a heavy weight;

- airports - while you are waiting to board your flight, you may be invited to while away the time in some cafe, most likely, your new acquaintance will lead you to incredible and romantic travel;

- parties and parties - do not give up this kind of events, because you can simply miss the opportunity to meet the perfect man. These places are well placed for dating, as there is a relaxed and fun environment that is very suitable for pleasant conversations.

- presentations of new cars - very successful and charming people attend such events, even if you do not understand cars, you should visit such a place and try your future happiness;

Where a girl should look for the perfect man
Where a girl should look for the perfect man

- work - many people forget about the presence of nice and educated colleagues who are right in front of their noses. Perhaps it was the man at work who was waiting for you all his life to start a serious relationship and take care of the family.

Characteristics of men from different countries3

Many girls dream of marrying foreigners, but before getting to know them live, you should have at least some idea about them and their lifestyle in order to understand their mentality and life preferences. In order not to fall into unnecessary hands, you need to know what foreigners are inside and what they are.

Germans are excellent at planning their expenses and know how to save money, they are very practical and straightforward in relationships. They will always honestly say everything that does not suit them and will offer to find a joint solution to the problem. It is believed that a wife should work, but not only for savings, but so that there is additional money that can be spent, for example, on travel. They love to go to the nearest cities for the weekend to enjoy the local landscapes and relax.

The British love the Slavic appearance of girls, appreciate the care and femininity. The men of this nation are very positive people who try to never lose heart. They contain great politeness to any interlocutor, they know how to present themselves as a cultural person.

The French have a strong arrogance that they often cannot control. They do not like to study foreign languages, but they believe that Russian girls should know French. They can be harsh with the interlocutor, but they are excellent fathers and caring husbands. They can be frivolous, do not like to answer for the spoken words. The opinions of other people are of great importance to them, they are often mercantile, but they are incredible romantics. She will never reproach her companion in life, she will often fulfill women's responsibilities at home.

How a girl can find the perfect man
How a girl can find the perfect man

The Swiss are lovers of femininity and family happiness. They are the most generous men of all nations, since girls live with them like in paradise. They respect and value family traditions, are always ready to help their beloved mother-in-law and son-in-law. Not lovers of spontaneous changes, it can take many years before such a man offers his hand and heart to his lady.

Italians are the friendliest men who sincerely and warmly celebrate all religious holidays. They are very emotional, hardworking, have a good sense of humor and love to give gifts to their girls. They have extensive cooking skills, play sports and enjoy spending time with children. Each seed has its own business, and often more than one. They are constant, the percentage of betrayals among Italians is incredibly small, his wife is a very valuable bonus in life for him, which he does not intend to lose. The downside is that they often listen to their mothers' advice. They carefully choose their future wives.

Scandinavians are very practical men in everyday life and in their decisions. Exemplary fathers and husbands who have no cockroaches in their heads at all. Always strive to achieve their goals. They are excellent optimists and love work. They perceive women as equal to themselves, are able to listen to their opinion and carry out household chores. Very understanding people who respect their wives. Scandinavians do not look around, because they already have the only and beloved woman. In pastels they behave like real Vikings.

The Spaniards are very open and cheerful people who are characterized by honesty and gullibility. For Spanish men, family is the main thing. Great fathers who constantly educate their beloved children, good and exemplary husbands. They are very popular among foreign women because of their excellent appearance and perfect body. They are very stubborn, do not listen to their woman and do not like to concede in anything. Such men will be good chosen ones for those who are used to obeying any word of a man.

Americans are very optimistic, have good leadership skills, incredibly resourceful men. They know how to make good money and do not stop there. They very carefully monitor soybeans health, are overly trusting people, literally ready to believe any passer-by. They do not like to analyze information before making important decisions, they do everything without thinking over the little things. They literally save every cent. They want to marry a girl who will create warmth and comfort in the house, will always support him and feed the children.

Where ideal men live
Where ideal men live

Canadians are the quietest men on the planet. Due to the low population density, they are uncommunicative with their interlocutors. There will always be a special flavor in relationships with Canadians.

Australians are the most positive people there can be. They have an extraordinary infectious sense of humor and literally radiate positive emotions even on the darkest days. These men are most interested in foreign marriages, because according to statistics in this country there are three times more men than women.

Indians - they are willing to sacrifice all of their time to make as much money as possible and spend it on their family. It will take your entire life to fully really get to know the husband of this nationality.

The Chinese are able to provide for themselves and their families, strive for a better standard of living. They love to work well, are very interesting in communicating with the interlocutor. Their ancient culture is striking in its history. They love to travel and explore our fascinating boundless world.

Brazilians are very romantic people who will plunge their beloved girl into a pool of love with their heads. They are very positive and attractive. It is important for them to have a good time and take part in any entertainment.

Oxford researchers have found that the Swede is the ideal - a man who is ready to support his beloved at any moment, help her with household chores and raising children, moreover, he will never see a sexual purpose in her friends.

The perfect man for a girl
The perfect man for a girl

In which country to look for a husband4

Here is a ranking of several countries in which men are very popular with any foreign girl.

Australia - men in this country are just snapped up, and it's understandable why, because here live the sexiest actors who have amazing bodies and charisma. They visit surgeons and beauticians.

Korea - in this country, men use cosmetics on a par with women, and shocking pop culture is to blame. They don’t wear a beard, they use lip gloss and BB cream. They do plastic surgery and injections, they always have a fashionable haircut.

India - very fixated on their appearance, they constantly have hair care products and whitening cream in their everyday life. Men in this country love to experiment with different shades of hair.

Russia - masculinity and strength have always been considered beauty in our country. Many men find it indecent to use moisturizing lipstick or exfoliation. Barber shops are visited by a small number of men, they have a good figure and big strong arms. They like to use perfume, shaving products and oral cavity.

France - men from France generally look well-groomed and stylish. They know how to apply incredible romance in practice. They constantly wear various accessories and pay special attention to small things: they go for a manicure and visit dentists.

UK - men here are real fans of self-tanning, many wear beards and have a large number of tattoos. They have a thin appearance and very neat appearance.

Ideal husband
Ideal husband

Italy - men always look as fashionable as women. They love to wear suits and take good care of their appearance.

USA - men in this country are mainly lumbersexuals - hipsters who pretend to be lumberjacks. They wear sweatshirts, work boots and shirts. They have inflated bodies, wear a beard and do not even give tattoo artists a chance to put on a clean spot.

Brazil - here men have olive skin and beautiful light eyes. They often use the services of surgeons and are always susceptible to large forms.

It is worth remembering that when choosing a man for later life, you need to listen to your impressions and sincere feelings. Your inner instincts and heart will always tell you how and where to find the ideal husband.

It is worth taking a close look at foreigners and trying to get to know them as best as possible. Do this lightly and naturally so that the man does not perceive such a conversation as an interrogation with unknown consequences.

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