9 Most Common Stereotypes About Men

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9 Most Common Stereotypes About Men
9 Most Common Stereotypes About Men

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the man
the man

We often laugh at modern feminists who seek to destroy gender stereotypes and are looking for new and new ways to take offense. Yes, it is hard to deny that modern feminism leaves much to be desired, and the time of feminists who achieved rights for women in all civilized countries in the last century is already gone.

The content of the article

  • 1 A man should earn more than a woman
  • 2 For a man - a man's profession …
  • 3 … and men's hobbies!
  • 4 A man should do everything in the house with his own hands
  • 5 A man should think for two and make all decisions in the family
  • 6 All men need only one thing!
  • 7 And they want to fuck everything that moves! And what doesn't move, they move and fuck!
  • 8 Men don't cry!
  • 9 A man should call / write first

Of course, there are still countries in the world where women do not receive education, cannot drive a car, and in general are not considered people, but in this article we will not talk about that. The fact is that even in the crazy and internally contradictory idea of ​​the third wave of feminism there is a small grain of truth.

Albeit clumsily and with strange methods, they still try to destroy stereotypes that make life difficult not only for women, but also for men. In this article, we will look at the most dense stereotypes about men.

A man should earn more than a womani

Woe to all businesswomen, now they cannot marry for love, because the main thing for a happy relationship is that the husband's salary is at least one ruble, but higher than that of his wife. Otherwise, not a man, not a breadwinner and not … Wait, since when has this relationship turned into a wage competition? And who benefits from maintaining this stereotype, you or mothers who dream of selling their daughters in marriage at a higher price?

Yes, this prejudice is rooted in the past, and if you look at it, it has nothing to do with modern realities. A husband can work as a doctor and save people's lives, unfortunately without receiving a decent payment for this, when, like his wife's nail salon, skillfully promoted on Instagram, brings stable and high profits. Does that make them an inferior couple? Not.

For a man - a man's profession … __8230

In continuation of the previous stereotype, there is a list of "worthy" and "unworthy" professions for a real man. Apparently, someone is still convinced that a man should be a military man, a firefighter or a construction worker, but it is shameful to become a dance teacher or a cook.

And it doesn't matter that the dance classes are overflowing with enthusiastic students, who accompany each teacher's movement with admiring glances, and the most talented and successful world-class chefs are men. Who came up with this stereotype? Maybe he's just jealous?

What are the stereotypes about men
What are the stereotypes about men

… and men's hobbies! 8230

A real man should watch football, go fishing and go to a bar with friends. Excuse me, but to whom does he owe this? Surprisingly, this stereotype does not correspond to reality for more than a hundred years, it is enough to google men's clubs of interest and see for yourself. We will only assume that soon there should be a stereotype that a real man should play "Tanks". Marketers know their stuff!

A man must do everything in the house with his own hands2

The service sector is now more developed than ever. Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, builders - the market is brimming with professional offerings for a reasonable fee. And an intelligent person who values ​​his time will entrust the work to a professional. To whom and what will he prove if he tries to do everything with his own hands? When the standard of living of most people was much lower, they were forced to solve such problems on their own, but in modern society this is not necessary for a long time.

What are the stereotypes
What are the stereotypes

A man should think for two and make all decisions in the family

And again the Middle Ages are knocking on us. Needless to say that in a trusting and equal relationship, which is the guarantee of family well-being, any decision is weighed and discussed by both spouses? However, there are also known cases where the wife takes on the responsibility to decide for the whole family, and the husband does not object. Why not, if both are happy with it?

All men need only one thing

The role of sex in relationships should not be underestimated, but in today's society it is greatly overrated. And there is a simple and understandable explanation for this, and this is marketing again! Advertising mechanisms exploit simple physiological needs, because girls in swimsuits advertise cars, men's deodorants, cigarettes, alcohol and many other things that have nothing to do with sexual instincts.

True, this trend is gradually starting to go away, because many people have long guessed that somewhere there is a deception. And most importantly, women also want sex and enjoy it! Does this mean that they, too, only need one?

Existing stereotypes about men
Existing stereotypes about men

And they wanna fuck everything that moves! And what doesn't move, they move and fuck

But this is not even the Middle Ages or the Stone Age! Our fossil ape-like ancestors were more reserved in sexual behavior than this stereotype attributed to all men without exception. Needless to say, the formation of stable pairs gave our ancestors a serious evolutionary advantage?

Men don't cry! 6

Every time someone says this phrase, somewhere in the world, one Matthew McConaughey cries. The external manifestations of emotions are still treated reprehensibly, but it cannot be called otherwise than hypocrisy. Is there even one person among you who has never cried? If there is, then he should consult a doctor, since something is clearly wrong with his body. Only insensitive robots or psychopaths do not show emotions.

Stereotypes about men
Stereotypes about men

A man should call / write first7

How many potentially happy couples could destroy this ridiculous prejudice? Perhaps this is the most paradoxical stereotype about men. It is mainly spread by women, but at the same time it is women who suffer the most because of it, continuing to stubbornly wait for him to take the first step, despite a strong desire to break the wall first. But women's magazines adamantly spread this myth and spoil the lives of many girls. Ladies, we hope you read this too! Call us. Thank!

You can go on listing stereotypes about men for a very long time. They will be enough for a whole encyclopedia, and if you add stereotypes about women, you will have to publish two volumes. We do not urge you to act contrary to every such stereotype, perhaps some of these statements will turn out to be true for you personally. Think with your own head, decide for yourself what social prejudices should be adopted and used for your own purposes, and what to throw in the trash as unnecessary, remain yourself!

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