Make Her Happy: A Few Basic Steps Everyone Can Take

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Make Her Happy: A Few Basic Steps Everyone Can Take
Make Her Happy: A Few Basic Steps Everyone Can Take

Video: Make Her Happy: A Few Basic Steps Everyone Can Take

Video: Make Her Happy: A Few Basic Steps Everyone Can Take
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woman laughing
woman laughing

Oh, those women! Today they want one thing, tomorrow another, they are capricious, like little children, they change emotions from one to another for no apparent reason. They either pretend to be rebellious queens, then they pounce on the neck, and, of course, they suddenly dream of ice cream at three in the morning. How can you possibly live with such inconsistent and extravagant creatures?

The content of the article

  • 1 Go to the movies
  • 2 Talk to her
  • 3 Try to share her interests
  • 4 Hug and kiss her
  • 5 Do Some Nonsense Together
  • 6 Various nice little things
  • 7 Don't ask permission
  • 8 Talk about her
  • 9 making love to her
  • 10 Experiment

We answer - you can! And we have selected an instruction for you, consisting of extremely simple actions that can make a woman happy, and she, in turn, will make you happy in return. These actions are really available to everyone, although some of them may seem strange, frivolous, or even completely crazy to you. But do not rush to criticize them, first try at least once, and only then draw conclusions! Did you agree? Okay, now remember, and we're getting started.

Go to the movies

No, we are not talking about the new "Avengers", although if she is drawn to such films, and you share this interest with her, you are very lucky. But how many unfortunate guys suffered while their girls watched the next "Twilight"! Relax and try to have fun. At the very least, count the awkward moments and bloopers so that you can laugh at them later with your friends. Just do not try to laugh in front of her if she takes it all seriously. She's not laughing at your Tanks, is she? Or did you not talk to her about this? In this case,…

Talk to her2

And not only speak, but also listen. The latter is even more important, because it is very important for a woman to express herself, share emotions and experiences. They may seem trivial to you, and many of her problems do get solved in one step. In the first case, keep silent. In the second - decide, and you will receive the status "he is my hero!" for a long time. But still one-way communication is not the best way to happiness and mutual understanding, and if you still have few common themes, then …

Try to share her interests3

Or at least show interest in them (some kind of pun turned out!) If you have never watched her favorite TV series, try to watch at least one episode together. Sometimes in this way you can discover something new and really worthy of attention. Does your girlfriend not watch TV shows, she prefers outdoor activities? Follow her whether it's horseback riding, cycling, hiking, or even a yoga hike. There will be only girls, and you will look stupid, you say? Forget about the second and think about the first! And if you suddenly catch her jealous look, then …

Make her happy
Make her happy

Hug and kiss her4

There is no need for a special occasion to show tenderness, affection and care. Do it just like that. In any unknown situation, just hug her or kiss her. If you are alone, it will not only please her, but will also help you become even a little closer. And if you are not alone, all the more you do not need to be shy, because you actually declare to the whole world how dear she is to you, and at the same time you enjoy it. Is not it so? However, if kissing with her does not give you pleasure, then why are you reading this article at all? But if you still read, then …

Do some nonsense together5

Are you walking down the street, do you have free time, and a swing is found in the neighboring yard? Go there immediately and start swinging! Going to the rides will do too. Slot machines? Get involved in shooting aliens together, or at least feed Pacman! Nothing, except callous social prejudices and stereotypes, prevents you from feeling like children again. And these prejudices will not make you happy. But they will do …

Various nice little things6

Do them without thinking about the consequences. Slip a declaration of love envelope into her purse. Write a poem in her honor. Don't be friends with versification? Moreover, try it, you all know that you are not Pushkin, but she is hardly a literary critic either. Although, if you are still a literary critic, it is better to draw a picture for her. On squared paper. Colored pencils. The most important thing here is …

How to make you not happy
How to make you not happy

Don't ask permission7

Just do it. Why call her from the store asking “Darling, do you want a chocolate bar?” If you can just buy this chocolate bar and surprise her? We do most of the pleasant things in life without asking, take this as a rule and quickly notice how your life is changing for the better, and how your chosen one starts paying you the same coin! The peculiarity of happiness is that if you share it with each other, it does not become less. However, if she doesn't like chocolate, it's better to take apples. Or does she not like apples either? To find out …

Talk about her8

Yes, we already mentioned that you listen to her problems. But do not dwell on only negative emotions in your communication, otherwise it will soon become depressing for both of you. Communicate with her about herself, about her goals, dreams, about various little things that she loves. It will not be difficult for you to find out what her favorite color is, what sweets she prefers, what flowers she likes, find out the name of her favorite book and song. And the more you learn about her, the more tools to make her happy will be in your hands. In love, one cannot do without intelligence, but for this it is not at all necessary to be Stirlitz. It is enough just to give her the opportunity to talk about herself and listen carefully and remember. She herself will tell you exactly what to do with her, including how …

Make love to her9

Yes, women want it too, and no less than men. Talking about sex in an intimate setting without strangers will help you find the key to her sexual preferences. And, of course, her feedback after it's over. Pay more attention to her feelings than yours, we know that getting satisfaction for a man is not so difficult, so you will get yours anyway. Spend more time on foreplay, foreplay is much more important for a woman than penetration itself. And of course …

Steps to make her happy
Steps to make her happy


And this applies not only to bed experiments. Of course, you can buy an Indian treatise on love and start implementing the thousand and one poses of the Kamasutra, especially if you are insured. But constantly trying new things means filling your life with emotions and sensations that you will always associate with each other. Someone will prefer to jump with a beloved with a parachute, someone will buy a new board game for two, and someone will be engaged in joint preparation of an exotic dish from poisonous mushrooms. If, of course, you are insured. No, this is not an advertisement for insurance.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your relationship brighter and more interesting, and your partner happy and content. Are you surprised that we are already finishing this article, although you expected to see a few more points here that you just came up with? They will work too, don't hesitate. Perhaps the very purpose of this article was precisely for you to come up with them! It is enough just to start thinking in the right direction, and life itself will begin to throw you more and more new ways to make both her and yourself happy. And at some point, you won't need any instructions. Or maybe you don't need it anymore?

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