Scientists Have Denied The Fact That Girls Are Weaker Than Men

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Scientists Have Denied The Fact That Girls Are Weaker Than Men
Scientists Have Denied The Fact That Girls Are Weaker Than Men

Video: Scientists Have Denied The Fact That Girls Are Weaker Than Men

Video: Scientists Have Denied The Fact That Girls Are Weaker Than Men
Video: Woman Cries After Learning Men Are Physically Stronger Than Women (REACTION) 2023, March
a woman is stronger than a man
a woman is stronger than a man

The fact that girls are physically weaker than men is indisputable. Nature has awarded guys with stronger and more developed muscles than women, and therefore for a long time it was believed that men were the stronger sex, and girls were the weaker sex. But in this article, we decided to give a refutation of this delusion, and we will provide only scientifically proven facts on which a woman is ahead of a man in terms of strength and endurance.

The content of the article

  • 1 A woman has stronger immunity
  • 2 Physical endurance
  • 3 Men are worse investors
  • 4 A woman drives a car better
  • 5 A woman uses speech better

A woman has a stronger immunityi

And no one dares to argue with this fact. No wonder there are a lot of jokes about men who, when the temperature rises to 37 degrees, cannot get out of bed. And what woman cannot boast of a story when, when the body temperature rises to more than 38 degrees, she had to go to the office, cook dinner, and do other household chores?

Scientists have been studying this phenomenon for a long time, and here is what they managed to find out about the high immunity of women and low immunity in men:

Throughout evolution, men put themselves in danger: they went to hunt dangerous animals, got involved in wars, abused bad habits, and gluttony. And nature decided that there was no need to try, endowing men with high immunity, because these creatures destroy themselves. Women are another matter! Girls are physically weaker than men, and therefore in ancient times they could not stand up for themselves, were subjected to bullying, violence, did not have enough food (husbands always kept the best pieces for themselves). Nature decided that a woman could simply die out, and thus all humanity would disappear from the world, so she began to work hard on the immunity of the weaker sex

  • The second reason for strong immunity is the need for procreation, raising offspring. It's full of baby formulas today, and you can feed them without a mom. And before, a baby left without breast milk most often died.
  • The third reason is the presence in the blood of the hormone estrogen, which is given to relieve pain during childbirth. This same hormone suppresses the symptoms of a cold, a woman is less susceptible to ailments when infected with ARVI.
women are stronger than men
women are stronger than men

Physical endurance2

We already wrote that physically girls are weaker than men, but this is only at first glance. Yes, a woman will not be able to move a bulky closet on her own, and the like. But the man, having moved the same closet, will go to rest, and not to cook and put things in order. A man has strength, but after a load it needs to be restored, but a woman does not.

Few guys will be able, after a hard day's work, to do household chores, cooking dinner, lessons with children, and even have strength left for a run. But almost every woman goes through all this every day!

Men are Poor Investors_8212

Since 2017, statistics show higher productivity among women in the field of investment! The so-called weaker sex, which has only recently reached the level of equality in the male professions, which they were previously considered to be, is making great strides, and is already confidently overtaking the “enemy”!

Scientists have found out why a woman is stronger in investing. The fact is that men can act impulsively, without hesitation, go all-in. A woman would never do that, would not sell her shares by auction, but would save them, waiting for a more opportune moment. A man likes to speculate in the market, while girls have more long-term plans: to save, buy, teach children a good profession.

women are tougher than men
women are tougher than men

Woman Drives Better3

Research statistics have shown that a woman gets into accidents less, behaves more carefully on the road (80% of accidents occur due to the fault of the male half of humanity). The thing is that girls have a better self-preservation instinct than men.

The stronger sex, even on the road, tries to show leadership, to show that he is better than other road users, so he often gets into sad troubles on his "iron horse"!

A woman is more disciplined, so she violates traffic rules less!

Woman uses speech better4

Everyone knows that a woman talks a lot and that's not a bad thing! Thanks to the better development of the left hemisphere than men, girls start to speak earlier, their handwriting is smoother, and they get higher marks in Russian language and literature than boys!

Thanks to this development, a woman can use oral and written speech much more logically and competently. Why does a man's brain develop differently? Again you need to get into the depths of evolution. Guys' right hemisphere is more developed, and it is responsible for spatial thinking; men have developed it since time immemorial (after all, it was necessary to be well oriented in hunting in order to get food). During this time, the woman began to develop more of the left hemisphere, which is responsible for communication and organization, and now for the use of speech.

women are better than men
women are better than men

So, scientists were still able to refute the well-established opinion that girls are weaker than men, and they brought evidence of this - long-term statistics!

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