Types Of Tattoos For Men And How To Choose A Drawing: History, Topics

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Types Of Tattoos For Men And How To Choose A Drawing: History, Topics
Types Of Tattoos For Men And How To Choose A Drawing: History, Topics
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tattoo on man's body
tattoo on man's body

The history of the appearance of the first tattoos dates back to before our era. The art of painting the human body existed in the culture of different peoples and ethnic groups, which extolled its own characteristics and a part of itself in this matter. Tattoos have become very strong in society. For a man, painting his body was considered an honor and a necessity. For various reasons, it was possible to understand a lot about a person, for example, about his life, brave deeds and exploits, character and much, about what else. In those early days, everything was meaningful.

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  • 2 Choice of real men
  • 3 Appearance in Russia
  • 4 Why do people do it
  • 5 How is it not forever?
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In modern life, men most often get tattoos just to somehow decorate their bodies, to stand out from the crowd, so to speak. As a result, all attempts to stand out come to naught, since when choosing, there is often no division into female and male tattoos, they are now becoming more and more universal. But this applies only to template sketches, in order to stand out, you need to fill in a unique drawing.

Originality i

Getting a tattoo is not difficult: come to a tattoo parlor, choose from the options offered, endure the process of tattooing and pay in the end. As if everything seems to be good and simple, but there is one BUT! Getting a tattoo while in an impulsive state is not worth it, then you can regret it. A different approach is needed to this matter, the desire should be formed over several months, or even years.

If the desire persists, then you can seriously think about a real tattoo. You should come up with an individual sketch (drawing) after consulting a tattoo artist or a familiar artist. The sketch should emphasize individuality and say something definite about the owner.

Real Men Choice 2

Among the variety of types of tattoos, most often men choose Celtic motifs, the Gothic style, all kinds of hieroglyphs, signs of the zodiac and images of predatory animals. This is evidenced by statistics. The overwhelming number of tattoo artists are unanimous that it is better to fill your own drawing. Over time, an epiphany may come and a tattoo that seemed cool and cool will just stop like it. Of course, when choosing a tattoo, it is necessary to take into account the features of the figure and complexion.

What generally pushes men to tattoo their bodies? In ancient times, men's tattoos were worn only by select people and gallant warriors, perhaps this is an attempt to join this type of people, somehow stand out and show their individuality.

Appearance in Russia 3

If in other countries the culture of tattoos could migrate from one generation to another, then it came to Russia mainly during the 20th century, and it all began with the army and prison camps. The 20th century was incredibly difficult for all mankind, Russia suffered, among other things, many people fought and died in two world wars, and many people were in camps, and not in summer ones.

army tattoo
army tattoo

In army motives, it is not difficult to understand everything, usually there are images of ranks, blood groups, anchors, sails, places where a person fought, and so on. That is, a direct connection with a place or event in the life of a serviceman. Tattoos of prisoners often spoke of the prisoner's status, his outlook on life and goals. It is these two areas that even now occupy the leading positions in demand.

Everything in the world is changing and there is no getting away from it, in modern society in the 21st century Russia already lives without an “iron curtain” and therefore you can always look into another culture, see what is interesting there. This is actually what happens. Tattoos from other nations are actively migrating to the bodies of Russians.

Images of hieroglyphs, ornaments, fantastic creatures have long become commonplace in tattoo parlors. The new generation also contributes to the replenishment of this culture with something new and unusual. People of various professions and different social status come to the salon and simply fill themselves with a tattoo that they like.

Does it need meaning? Many people fill tattoos with images of flora or fauna, just as a decoration of their body, without thinking about any meaning or purpose of the tattoo. There are many destinations here, and they are all amazing and attractive in their own way.

Why do people do it 4

In the modern world, tattooing has become something of a fashion, now anyone can take and fill themselves with anything. There are two trends here: to emphasize individuality and simply to decorate your body. However, psychologists are sure that any tattoo leaves a mark on a person's character. That is, evil tattoos make a person evil, good ones - kind.

male tattoo
male tattoo

Tattoos are close to such a concept as a brand. Applying any motive will encourage a person to conform to certain views and values. The problem is that over time, changes occur in a person's life that cannot be avoided. And a person can radically change, the worldview will change to another and the tattoo will no longer fit, there will be a desire to reduce it. In this regard, it is worth stuffing something that will never change in life, something eternal!

Since the deed has been done or it was decided to do, then it is necessary to take into account such a moment as the meaning of the tattoo. For example: a person filled himself with a prison tattoo (tattoo), while, having nothing to do with this area, this can lead to negative consequences if such a person meets someone who has actually been in prison and really understands the meaning of this or that tattoo. It is known that in places not so distant the laws between prisoners are very harsh, and they do not tolerate weakness with posturing. This also applies to any other tattoos from a narrowly targeted area.

How is it not forever? 5

A few words about temporary tattoos. What are their benefits? Obviously, they provide an opportunity to see and evaluate whether this or that tattoo is suitable for a person. You can also show off in front of friends at a party or in front of your beloved woman. It's funny to see a tattoo in the form of cute flowers on a brutal man, it will definitely amuse others. All in all, it provides room for experimentation and will be an indispensable tool when choosing a final and permanent tattoo.

male tattoo
male tattoo

Topic 6

There are many different types of tattoos, which have their own traits and characteristics. Some of them came straight from antiquity, but there are also modern colorful subjects.


The list begins with a rather old type of drawings - an ornament is a collection of geometric, plant and animal images. The drawings of the ancient Slavs, Scandinavians, Celts belong to this type). In general, a very interesting direction that will be relevant for a long time.

tattoo ornament
tattoo ornament


Most often these are predators - wolves, bears, snakes, fantastic predators. There are also ancient roots, since each community and nation had its own sacred animal, which was revered. Man is also a predator by nature, so maybe he wants to emphasize this with a drawing of a predatory animal.

tattoo animals
tattoo animals


This includes a variety of flowers and leaves of trees and bushes. The message is simple - kindness, sincerity, innocence and beauty. But sometimes beauty also happens with thorns - for example, in the face of a rose. More suitable for the fair sex, of course, but no one burdens anyone.


An ancient drawing, there are many beliefs about skulls, as well as hypotheses for why it is needed. Pirates, for example, stuffed themselves with a tattoo with the goal that when death comes for them, she will see the skull and think that the person is already dead and will not take it. Sometimes it's just a plot element.

skull tattoo
skull tattoo


Found in every culture. Various great sayings, aphorisms or just words that show a person his life path will always be relevant. Each time looking at such a tattoo, a person will remember who he is and why he lives in this world.

men tattoo lettering
men tattoo lettering


This is already a new direction, when the faces of loved ones, actors, writers, people from pop culture are stuffed. Plots can be either simple amateur ones, or you can create a full-fledged portrait, very colorful and juicy.


No, no one is going to get a tattoo for children, just the direction is associated with comics and various cartoons. There is nothing wrong with cartoons, but stuffing yourself with something or someone from a cartoon or comics will be a rather rash decision, since it is rather funny and frivolous, and most likely it will quickly get bored. But here again - a matter of taste.

cartoon tattoo
cartoon tattoo


Such a colorful direction that can turn an ordinary person into a real car! And then you don't even have to go to the gym. The combination of elements of the internal structure of various machines and the human body creates an amazing combination. For example, you can make a metal hand out of a hand, just like a terminator. In such a picture, it will be seen that the inside of the hand is created from gears and parts.

biomechanics tattoo
biomechanics tattoo

Old School

Hearing such a phrase immediately presents itself to the United States and some kind of hip-hop music, where serious dark-skinned gentlemen decide serious issues. But things are a little different. The direction spread throughout Europe and America in the 19th century, initially took place among sailors who stuffed themselves with elements of a kind of activity - anchors, skulls, sails, hearts, roses. In a modern way, nothing has changed much.

New School

Originated in the USA in the 70s of the 20th century, the old school had a direct influence. Differs in bright colors and clear patterns. Drawings can be very different, the types of lines have undergone a number of differences - they have become both thick and thin. That is, in general, the style adopted the motives, but supplemented them with its innovations.

color tattoos for men
color tattoos for men

Where to apply? 7

The area of ​​the human body is quite extensive, there are plenty of places to apply the drawing. But different styles require different surfaces, there are large drawings and there are small ones. That is why you should first decide on the motive and its size, and then apply it.

Large drawings are best applied to the back, chest, abdomen and sides - there they will look much more aesthetically pleasing and appropriate.

Small patterns can be applied anywhere, from the wrist to even intimate areas.

male tattoo
male tattoo

There are also certain styles of tattoos that require application only to specific parts of the body. This already looks based on the preferences of the person.

Style and color 8

Tattoos can be colored or black. The execution in black ink looks more interesting and laconic. Colored ones are used more often to decorate full-fledged stories. Any tattoo can be presented in a different style and image, you can add it to the plot, or you can apply it alone. Everything is in the hands of the client.

A varied color palette of character for the New and Old School, you can see works that are stunning in their colorfulness and variegation. These tattoos are perfect for bright and creative men.

Interesting facts9

  • The person with the most tattoos is considered to be Australian Lucky Diamond Rich, his body is completely clogged, even taking into account the gums and eyes:
  • The ancient Indians put on their bodies an image of what they wanted to avoid in life;
  • Absolutely all the official religions of the world do not recognize tattoos, most of them say that a person with tattoos will never get to a better place after death;
  • The scars on the man's body have influenced the history of tattoos. It was believed that if there are a lot of scars, then the man is a brave warrior; subsequently it was decided to decorate the body with drawings after battles;
  • The ancient Romans used tattoos as a stigma for slaves;
  • 1891 - The world's first tattoo machine is produced.

Men's tattoos came to people from the distant past, from their ancestors. In the process of development of society, people themselves, their culture and values ​​have changed. Tattoos have also evolved and transformed, from simple patterns to the finest and most beautiful creations that can be safely called a certain kind of art.

male tattoo
male tattoo

These days, of course, it has become a common thing, anyone can get a tattoo. But this decision must be taken seriously over a long period of time, carefully considering, and in the end, if the decision has been made, then there is no need to hesitate. I finally decided - do it. Man is the master of his life, his body is his business.

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