How To Find Common Ground With A Girl On A First Date? Easy

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How To Find Common Ground With A Girl On A First Date? Easy
How To Find Common Ground With A Girl On A First Date? Easy

Video: How To Find Common Ground With A Girl On A First Date? Easy

Video: How To Find Common Ground With A Girl On A First Date? Easy
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A start has been made, the time and place of the meeting are determined, the image is thought out to the smallest detail. Almost everything is perfect … The first date, how to find a common theme with the girl and what to talk about so that it does not become the last? After all, finding something in common with a girl is not so easy.

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  • 1 New cinematography
  • 2 Hobbies
  • 3 Travel
  • 4 Pets
  • 5 Work and study
  • 6 Life goals and dreams
  • 7 And a couple more tips

New Cinema

Movies, TV shows, and even cartoons are great topics for conversation. It's worth starting with asking, when was she last in the movies? Ask what genre is her favorite, maybe she wants to go to the premiere and immediately agree on the next meeting. Everything is simple and without problems. Advice, when choosing a movie to watch, it is better to give preference to a light, unobtrusive plot.

On melodramas, the girl will feel deeply, the makeup will "flow", and the evening will be ruined, the more the mood will also be knocked down. Horror for an amateur, do not expect that with a sinking heart she will nicely huddle on the shoulder of a man in search of protection from invisible danger. Everything can go completely unpredictable.


Does she have any hobbies? Great, it's worth learning more about him. It is also worth talking about your interests. If this is an active activity, cycling or rollerblading, you can invite for a joint walk on one of the weekends. And if she can't? This is only on hand. A man is a teacher, so attractive and sexy. Advice: the goal, to have a good time, and not to demand one hundred percent fulfillment, did not work this time, it will work out another.


This is an inexhaustible topic of conversation. It is not necessary to schedule long trips abroad, hikes, business trips or a visit to relatives in a neighboring region, also a kind of trip. And of course, a huge bonus, these are funny stories that usually happen on trips. Funny memories will defuse the situation and help communication if there is an awkward pause.

Tip: Do not tell stories where the narrator was drunk, and it is also not appropriate to mention casual spontaneous sex on the road or a roadside motel. In general, stories need to be filtered.


Asking the question before the first date how to find a common theme with a girl, our smaller brothers will be very helpful. Does she have a pet? Wonderful, a couple of leading questions and it's in the bag. The interlocutor herself will tell and, perhaps, will show her "little bit, mask". For a man, it remains only to be spellbound to listen, nod, admire and again assent.

general topics of conversation
general topics of conversation

If he himself is the owner of a furry friend, then of course a story about his pet is very much welcome. Advice: everyone has different views and tastes for pets, some like “yard terriers”, while others give a passport with all that it implies. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to burst into hysterical laughter at the sight of a photograph of a shaggy, like a dog, or a cat wrinkled with bulging eyes, it is worth showing respect for the wonders of selective engineering.

Work and study5

It seems to be a banality, but, nevertheless, it is effective. After all, as sad as it may sound, everyone spends one third of their life at work. Any girl will be interested in stories about the peculiarities of her professional activity, and if the field of work is unique in itself, then an enthusiastic look of the interlocutor is provided. The issue will not work if her interests are not limited to posts on Instagram and news in show business.

A keen interest in the work of the interlocutor will also be appropriate. Advice: do not invent presentable activities or personal businesses, if there is none. Achievements can not be bragged? Better to talk about something else than to cast a shadow over the fence.

topics for conversation on a date
topics for conversation on a date

Life goals and dreams6

A very interesting topic for conversation, in which you can show seriousness of intentions and prospects, as well as hear about the life priorities of your interlocutor. This will allow you to get to know each other better and will help in absentia determine whether the barely emerging relationship will be promising. Advice: do not be overheated with promises and promise mountains of gold in the next couple of three years. Suddenly it won't work, but you need to keep your word.

And a couple more tips7

  • Be positive. After all, girls are also worried, experiencing not dexterity, but openness and goodwill will help to relax and open up in a conversation.
  • Emotions are important. No, of course, you don't need to generously spice up your story with obscenities and aggressive gestures. But in paints a story told with a funny ending just right.
  • A man should lead the conversation. It goes without saying that awkward silence will occur at the first meeting. For this case, you can save a few killer anecdotes. And the girl was amused and unnecessary tension subsided. With humor, you need to be careful not to overdo it.
  • Improvise. It will not work to foresee everything, no matter how much you want, and if unforeseen situations arise, you should include originality and attentiveness.
what to talk about on a date
what to talk about on a date

Going to a meeting with your destiny, you want to make a splash and conquer the girl, if not from the first seconds, but in a couple of minutes for sure. Sometimes this desire leads to the fact that instead of a relaxed and light evening, there is a feeling of a boring lecture at the Department of Nuclear Physics. In fact, it is not so important what the conversation will be about, the main thing is how it will go. If a man is sincere in his words and is not squeezed by the framework of decency, then the evening will be the best possible way.

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