What Is PMS In Girls: Causes, Symptoms, How To Cheer Up

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What Is PMS In Girls: Causes, Symptoms, How To Cheer Up
What Is PMS In Girls: Causes, Symptoms, How To Cheer Up
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What is PMS in girls
What is PMS in girls

Not every man fully understands what PMS is in girls. Someone thinks that this is just a fiction to justify the girls in a bad mood, others know that in “these days” it is better not to approach your beloved one kilometer away.

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  • 1 What you need to know about premenstrual syndrome?
  • 2 How to understand that this is PMS
  • 3 Are they all like this?
  • 4 Why is this happening
  • 5 How to help your girlfriend
  • 6 What factors contribute to the development of the syndrome
  • 7 PMS symptoms
  • 8 How is this condition treated?
  • 9 How to explain to a man what PMS is

What you need to know about premenstrual syndrome i

Often, men, not knowing what PMS is in girls, make mistakes by offending their beloved ladies with excessive suspicion and distrust. In addition, after reading anecdotes about "a woman these days", the guys, in turn, also make offensive jokes, not realizing that in fact the girl needs banal support and attention.

Since ancient times, doctors have been trying to understand why a few days before the onset of menstruation, women feel worse, they become irritable and lethargic. Even today, for many men it remains a mystery what PMS is in girls.

In ancient times, premenstrual syndrome and in particular the female cycle was associated with the lunar phases, especially in the area of ​​residence. In the twentieth century, doctors still managed to understand what actually happens to a woman's body.

PMS is a premenstrual syndrome, that is, not menstruation itself, but the period before them. Interestingly, scientists have counted an average of about 150 symptoms that appear during PMS.

Most often, the syndrome occurs 2-10 days before the onset of menstruation and lasts from 1 to 5 days.

How to understand what is PMS2

Even the strongest and healthiest lady who never complains about anything can feel unwell shortly before her period. PMS manifests itself in the following symptoms: severe and aching pain in the lumbar region, breast swelling and soreness, aggressiveness, irritability, a state when "you want something, but you don't know what."

The mood in the PMS in women jumps like a pattern of heart rhythms - up and down. In addition, a lady may experience constant hunger and a desire to eat to the dump, while she quickly gains weight, and this only makes her upset more.

What is PMS
What is PMS

Additional symptoms that a woman may face are severe headaches, heaviness and aching joints, swelling throughout the body, and insomnia.

Are they all like that? 3

Starting to live with a girl, guys wonder if all the ladies are so irritable these days, and whether it is really better to “don't go to a cannon” to them.

The statement that all women who seem tired and angry suffer from PMS is fundamentally wrong, because this period usually lasts no more than two days and ends when menstruation occurs. In addition, symptoms such as irritability and lethargy do not appear the same for all women.

A woman is in a bad mood when she has severe pain in her lower back, legs or head.

Although it is worth taking a closer look at the symptoms. Perhaps in front of you is a female bitch who really loves attention to herself.

Why is this happening4

Nature arranged it so that the cycle begins with ovulation and ends with menstruation. At the same time, a real storm occurs in the lady's body - hormones are rearranged, new ones are produced, while global changes begin in the body, for example, the mammary glands are enlarged, which entails several more phenomena.

Mood swings and poor health are explained precisely by the change in hormonal levels.

PMS in girls
PMS in girls

Some girls are resistant to this and practically do not feel any changes, while others cannot find a place for themselves. They are thrown into the cold, then into the heat, constantly aching in the lower back and aching bones.

Scientists have tried to understand why this is happening, and have identified several of the most accurate and true theories. The first reason is a violation of water-salt metabolism, intoxication.

The second reason is the allergic nature of this phenomenon. The body is very sensitive to progesterone. The third and most obvious reason is psychogenic. Under the influence of psychological factors, some physiological symptoms develop, which take on a very real color and hurt the girl.

The theory about hormones has gained the widest popularity in scientific circles. According to the research conducted during the cycle and during the PMS period, the girl is exposed to strong fluctuations in hormones, which greatly affects her condition. Hormonal balance is very important for the full and normal functioning of a woman's body, but if it is disturbed, the state of health deteriorates greatly.

In the correct position, all hormones are balanced with each other. Estrogen, an important female hormone, improves both the mental and physical well-being of a woman, and also increases her vitality.

Androgens increase libido, increase efficiency. Progesterone, in turn, leads to depression if there is even a slight excess.

why is she angry with PMS
why is she angry with PMS

How to help your girlfriend5

Sometimes the best that a guy can do is not to interfere with the lady, not to pester her with obsessions, and even more so, with proposals to go to bed, where "everything will work out." If a girl wants attention and hugs, she herself will ask for it.

This condition cannot be cured because it can be called natural. This state of the body is not pathological and it occurs every month. However, if the girl is highly susceptible to pain, you can try symptomatic treatment, such as choosing an appropriate pain reliever.

In order to reduce the amount of edema, you should walk more and drink less water. And a bad mood can quickly change to a good one if a girl occupies herself with something. And in this the guy can help her.

However, the situation may not turn for the better, and during PMS the girl may experience an exacerbation of chronic diseases. If there are any such in the anamnesis, you should stock up in advance with all the necessary medicines in order to "meet" the disease correctly and quickly extinguish it.

The most common problem is swelling. If a girl has severe swelling of her face, legs, body, you should prepare herbal infusions and teas, and also find a way to relax.

The guy may suggest a walk around town, however, it is important to make stops from time to time, giving the girl the opportunity to visit the ladies' room and clean up.

What factors contribute to the development of the syndrome6

During the research, scientists have identified several factors that can become major in the development of PMS.

PMS in girls
PMS in girls

So, the most at risk are those girls who have a very low level of serotonin in the blood. In this case, melancholy, lethargy and depression occur. Lack of vitamin B6 also adds to problems - fluid is retained in the body, as a result of which a woman becomes overly sensitive.

Women who smoke at least a few times a week are most likely to suffer from premenstrual syndrome. With a lack of magnesium in the blood, unpleasant phenomena also occur - nausea and severe dizziness, headache and a desire to eat as much flour and sweet as possible.

Women with a BMI (body mass index) over 30, that is, overweight, also have a hard time tolerating the syndrome. In addition, factors such as genetic predisposition, previous operations on the uterus or vagina and childbirth, as well as a state of severe stress, cannot be ignored.

PMS symptoms7

Harbingers of menstruation - PMS can manifest itself in a completely unexpected way for a woman herself. The most common symptoms are neuropsychological symptoms. The girl has a bad mood all day, a headache, she is irritable and sluggish and wants to ruin everyone's mood. At times like this, it is best not to get too close to her, but also not to go far to help if necessary.

More unpleasant symptoms from the endocrine system are also possible: chills, fever, bloating and severe shortness of breath, blurred vision, auras, headaches, and short-term memory impairment. All this is the result of hormonal changes.

What is PMS
What is PMS

The third symptom group is vascular. A strong effect is also exerted on the cardiovascular system. Tachycardia occurs, pressure increases or decreases greatly, nausea or even vomiting occurs, as well as severe diarrhea.

As a rule, the girl immediately understands what caused her condition, since she expects the onset of her period. However, in some cases the help of doctors is required, especially if, outside of PMS, the girl may have an exacerbation of serious chronic diseases.

A few days before her period, a girl may experience insomnia, swelling, and joint pain. These are normal, non-pathological phenomena if they last no more than 2-3 days.

Sometimes a lady begins to feel incomprehensible fear and anxiety without reason. It's good if she can share her fears with her boyfriend and he will dispel her fears.

How is this condition treated8

Treatment can only be symptomatic, for example, if a woman has heart problems, and they worsen during the premenstrual syndrome. In this case, it is necessary to monitor in a medical institution and follow the doctor's recommendations.

However, there are general things that a woman can do to improve her condition: quit smoking, stop drinking alcoholic beverages, reduce weight to a normal level, as well as exercise, be active during the day, and establish a regimen of wakes and wakes.

An unhealthy diet is also a common cause of poor health. On weekends, it is best to go to nature. If there are diseases of the endocrine system, it is necessary to consult a doctor and undergo drug treatment.

PMS in girls
PMS in girls

Girls who protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies by taking hormonal drugs are most susceptible to PMS. The best thing they can do for their body is to switch to another method of contraception and stop taking oral contraceptives.

How to explain to a man what PMS is9

Even in the modern world, some men do not believe that PMS is a real thing, and believe that women "make everything up so as not to wash the floors and not cook dinner." In fact, PMS really exists, and it is a very insidious syndrome that can poison the life of even the healthiest and most cheerful girl.

Recently, a woman did not have the opportunity to afford to be capricious, she had to take the children to school, feed everyone, buy food, put the house in order, and do a lot of other things. Today, little has changed, but still there is a tendency for improvement. On PMS days, girls can afford to relax and hide under the covers. However, it is extremely important that the guy understands how bad the girl can be at such a moment and does not reproach her.

In life, situations are often encountered that, from the point of view of a man, may sound like a kind of paradox. For example, a guy and a girl talked for a long time, they always greeted each other warmly, and then suddenly she muttered something unintelligible in response to his “Hello” and rode away. In fact, this can very well happen during PMS.

Couples, starting to live together, face many difficulties, but the most difficult test for a man can be precisely the days when she started premenstrual syndrome. The girl should warn the guy in advance that she can be extremely hot-tempered these days, and ask him not to pay attention to her. This will save the relationship from breaking up.

why is she angry with PMS
why is she angry with PMS

A phrase that every man will understand: "Honey, if you want to understand how I feel now, imagine that you have a hangover after a two-day party, and there is not a glass of water nearby." Such a comparison will be quite understandable to any man and he can even sympathize.

However, some girls simply go too far, pretending to be unfortunate victims of menstruation and women who are "terribly unlucky." Such behavior, if it is feigned, causes nothing but disgust, therefore, it should not be resorted to in order to pity a man.

“I just lay and stared at the ceiling, and then suddenly I burst into tears. He immediately ran up to me, started asking questions, and when he realized what was the matter, he just hugged me”- one girl wrote on the forum and her tactics of behavior may seem very appropriate. The male sex should also not forget how to relate to her whims and PMS.

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