Marrying A Billionaire: Where To Find, How To Meet, Relationship Features

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Marrying A Billionaire: Where To Find, How To Meet, Relationship Features
Marrying A Billionaire: Where To Find, How To Meet, Relationship Features

Video: Marrying A Billionaire: Where To Find, How To Meet, Relationship Features

Video: Marrying A Billionaire: Where To Find, How To Meet, Relationship Features
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How to Marry a Billionaire
How to Marry a Billionaire

The aerobatics of the female art of seduction is marriage to a billionaire. The question "how to marry a billionaire" is rather rhetorical. Many cannot find the answer to it, considering it a fantasy. And they are right. But only partially. The main thing is to set a goal for yourself and begin to systematically move towards its implementation.

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  • 1 Dreams, dreams, where is your sweetness
  • 2 Horses die from work, well, I'm an immortal pony
  • 3 Appearance
  • 4 Education
  • 5 Fashion and style
  • 6 Habitat
  • 7 Where the tale ends
  • 8 So you have to choose between youth and maturity
  • 9 Lieutenant's wife
  • 10 Common sense

Dreams, dreams, where is your sweetness

In the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" sounds an amazing phrase "To become a general, you have to marry a lieutenant. Yes, to run around the garrisons for 15 years. The heroine is absolutely right. As well as her interlocutor, who wants everything at once.

Still worth a try. After all, history has a lot of examples of "Cinderella". One of these lucky women is Margarita Bogdanova. The wife of the heir to the agrarian empire of Louis-Dreyfus from France. And just something: flew in business class and asked what time it was with a guy in tattered jeans. An ordinary orphan raised by my grandfather. True, this girl once learned 5 languages and worked in a simple travel agency.

Nobody forbids dreaming. But in order to achieve your goal, you need to work on yourself so that the ponies nervously smoke on the sidelines.

And more … The main enemy of the implementation of the plan "how to marry a billionaire" is time. Only 10 - 15 years are given for a successful decision. Longer is possible, but incredibly difficult. Youth and beauty quickly go away, the years pass unnoticed.

How to Marry a Billionaire
How to Marry a Billionaire

Horses die from work, well, I'm an immortal pony2

A billionaire is not just a wealthy man. The latter may be the average owner of a fitness club, and have an excellent income by local standards. But the billionaire is already from the realm of fantasy. Such people do not sit on social networks and do not dine in a barbecue. To catch such a specimen will have to work. So: a small list of what you need to have in your luggage.


An ordinary guy won't do it. You have to be a real beauty. These are rare. Of course, makeup will do the trick. But it will not correct the frank jambs in appearance. The harmony of the face and body is a very important aspect. A cute crocodile can become the wife of a billionaire, but then she will have to be born in a family of similar status. And be engaged at almost 5 years old. But that's a different story.

In no case should you resort to using extended eyelashes, hair, nails. Such men love naturalness, not "Malvin". Make a silicone breast - sign your own death warrant. For the same reason, naturalness. It's a shame that if the body can still be tightened, then you can't put a potato nose anywhere. Sad but true. Men love with their eyes. And as a billionaire … He simply revolves in such circles that he never dreamed of. Of course, he must admire his wife himself, and see his surroundings in a semi-faint state from the beauty of his wife. Secretly: freckles and moles do not spoil.

Marry a billionaire
Marry a billionaire

As for the body, the gym should be visited as often as the university. Modern billionaires practice healthy lifestyles. It's trendy. Proper nutrition, which also has to be studied, will help preserve youth and beauty. So fast food in the firebox.

Bad habits are a separate topic of conversation. But you also need to touch on it. If it so happened that the cigarette has become a life partner, then you will have to immediately get rid of it. Such things are unacceptable in high society. They have everything there now, in general, very strict with regard to a healthy lifestyle.

Education 4

A local university is indispensable here. You will have to memorize the entire school curriculum, pass the USE for all 100 points and enter the most prestigious universities. Preferably in Europe or America. It is there that a large number of heirs of large corporations are there. You need to study law or economics. These faculties abound in tidbits. They'll need it for work. In addition, you will have to learn several languages. And not just “hayudukat”, but freely speak on a variety of topics. In general, to own like your own.

In addition to narrow specialization, it is necessary to re-read a lot of classical literature, know some works by heart, and be able to quote correctly. Literary erudition is the key to a successful hunt. By the way, literature can be taken up when the target of the attack is selected. What is the point of teaching Shakespeare when he is from the United Arab Emirates? But it will come in handy too: Shakespeare, he is also Shakespeare in Africa.

How to find a billionaire
How to find a billionaire

Music education will not be superfluous either. No, rushing headlong to the nearest music school is not worth it. But the "dog waltz" will not be enough. All the same, you will have to take lessons on playing some instrument. And learn to own it. Maybe dad can play guitar? Good too. The guitar is loved, especially in England and Spain.

Sports interest should cover those types that are usually fond of high society. These are golf, horse riding, tennis, skiing. For billionaires, these sports are classics. Well, what to do? We'll have to learn hockey sticks and horse breeds.

Details on how to successfully get married, regardless of birth status and appearance, in the article at the link.

Fashion and style5

Everyone loves sneakers and jeans. It is not at all necessary to have a collection from Cardin in your arsenal. The billionaire will buy all this himself. But it is vitally important to be able to understand the style, correctly select clothes not only by colors and fabrics, to know the appropriateness of the wardrobe for a variety of occasions. "Fashionable Sentence" is not an advisor. But it is possible and necessary to take stylist courses in well-known schools. Interestingly, billionaires themselves often wear frayed jeans and worn-out sneakers. They are so comfortable, less attention.


Catching a billionaire is possible only in his natural habitat. As a rule, these are luxury hotels, closed clubs, multimedia space, prestigious resorts. Of course, all this is insanely expensive. Who said it would be easy? But, if you really need to, figure out how to get to a private party in a five-star hotel in the coolest resort, you can. End justifies the means.

How to lead a billionaire to the registry office
How to lead a billionaire to the registry office

Having made your way into the cherished community, you need to know who's name, who does what, and who can facilitate acquaintance. Or you can simply not take your eyes off the victim all evening, embarrassedly looking away. Here you will have to apply the skills of acting and the art of seduction. It is not prohibited. But at the same time posing as "Princess Turandot" is simply ridiculous. There are a dime a dozen of such "mamzels".

A smart one will not go uphill. It's right. There is an even simpler, but very real way to marry a millionaire. For example, try to start your own business. If you remember who the creator of Harry Potter was, then, in principle, nothing complicated. You can open a hairdresser, and then another, and another. To become an excellent master, to appear in certain circles, to penetrate into high society through wealthy clients and, voila, access is open, green is burning, forward to the dream.

Where the tale ends7

When the thought of how to marry a billionaire becomes obsessive, awareness of some of the nuances comes to the rescue.

Firstly: a billionaire at 40-50 years old and a billionaire at 20 years old are absolutely opposite personalities. The first one was already tired of worries. He needs peace and unhurried walks, beautiful conversations and literary evenings, a fireplace, a rocking chair and a faithful dog at his feet. This is his perfect vacation. No, there are those who, even at 60, will be more foolish than teenagers, but most of these guys are already squeezed out almost to the end.

Marry a millionaire
Marry a millionaire

But stability is in the first place for them. They are excellent managers and the risk of ruin is minimal. Do not forget that the mature billionaire has or had a wife. He definitely has children. A couple of mistresses are just classics. What place will be reserved for the newcomer is anyone's guess. By the way, Roman Abramovich is single again. If you can try. And he lives in the Odintsovo district, according to data from Rosreestr. So you don't have to travel far.

Another thing is a 20-year-old rake. This young handsome man does not yet have a well-developed brain. After all, he is the heir, and not a smart guy who has independently risen to the financial Olympus. This will not give a feeling of confidence and will let the state of the parents around the world for a short period of time. Unfortunately, there are many such examples in history. But here, too, everything can be different. Some at 20 are much more serious and wiser than 40. So it will be necessary to judge by deeds, not antics. Youth is hot and jolly. But that's what this period of life is for.

So you have to choose between youth and maturity8

Secondly: you need to learn to exist in the "golden cage". You will not be able to live for your pleasure. We'll have to accept the rules imposed by high society. And here is one way out. In order not to become moldy in the ancestral castle of your beloved, you need to prove your worth to him. Then the presence with him at all kinds of meetings of directors and even participation in them is ensured. Or do something worthwhile and interesting, but not suspicious of your spouse.

These two aspects are very important when solving the riddle of "how to marry a millionaire." Few are ready to take such serious steps. After all, chasing a dream is very easy to lose yourself.

On top of that, there is one kind of billionaire that defies logic. These are ascetic people. All their billions are invested in business, and they are easily content with little. They rest with a fishing rod by the river, not in Courchevel, eat porridge in the morning, not lobsters, and walk around the house in ordinary pajamas, and not in the Armani collection. They are unlikely to agree to give their part of the fortune to be torn apart by a young fool.

How to Marry a Millionaire
How to Marry a Millionaire

The moral side of the billionaire's life is also not surrounded by an aura of holiness. A rare case when billions were earned exclusively by honest labor. If you look for a billionaire abroad, then all right. But the native rich are not at all white and fluffy. 90% of the fortunes in Russia were laid in the distant and dashing 90s. The rampant criminal sector allowed the cunning ones to organize companies that are known all over the world.

Lieutenant's wife9

Summing up all of the above, we must admit that the picture is not the most rosy. One has only to imagine how many difficulties will have to go through, I want to immediately send all these billionaires to hell. But there is one point. And what, if indeed, is it successful to marry a boy with high potential, to live a cheerful youth with him, to give birth to children. And in parallel with this, provide him with a reliable rear, become a companion in all endeavors, provide powerful support and go all the way to the end? What if this Petka, Sashka, Vanka, repairing cars in a nearby car service, by the age of 50 will have their own car assembly plant?

Sergey Brin, founder of Google, was only 25 years old when he created the flagship of the Internet search engine. His wife was the same age. The same young girl. Did she understand that very soon her husband would earn the first billion? Of course not.

Henry Ford. He received his billions only by the age of 45. Until that time, he was a simple mechanical engineer.

Ang Lee. Until the age of 36 he generally had the status of an unemployed. And now he is a world famous screenwriter. From under his pen was born "Hulk", "Brokeback Mountain" and other films.

Harrison Ford. Craftsman up to 30 years old. Now he needs no introduction.

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

The list goes on and on. But the main idea is clear. Maybe you shouldn't rush headlong after a ready-made billionaire. Can better participate in the creative process of its creation.

Common Sense10

Be that as it may, making a decision to radically change your life, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons, sensibly assess your strengths, think over all the options for the development of events. You can marry a millionaire, but is it necessary? That's the question. There are no guarantees that, having got a dream in your networks, you will truly become a happy woman.

As the famous writer NA Ostrovsky, or more precisely, his hero Pavka Korchagin, said: “The most precious thing for a person is life. It is given to him once, and he must live it so that there is no painful shame for the years spent aimlessly. Building chimerical castles, chasing ghosts, you can miss what is literally in front of your nose.