The First Acquaintance With A Girl On The Internet. How To Get Her Interested?

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The First Acquaintance With A Girl On The Internet. How To Get Her Interested?
The First Acquaintance With A Girl On The Internet. How To Get Her Interested?

Video: The First Acquaintance With A Girl On The Internet. How To Get Her Interested?

Video: The First Acquaintance With A Girl On The Internet. How To Get Her Interested?
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First meeting a girl on the Internet
First meeting a girl on the Internet

Many guys want, but are afraid to write to the girl. Waiting for refusal or not understanding what to write to a person you like moves away from the cherished acquaintance and creates the risk that the guy will monitor the page on the social network for years, watch the girl get married and have children.

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  • 1 How to get a meeting?
  • 2 Attitude is also important
  • 3 If he asks, it does not mean that it is interesting
  • 4 Focus
  • 5 Where Dreams May Come
  • 6 Hobbies

Can I wait for her daughter to grow up to write to her? Or do you still have the courage to send her an emoticon? How to make sure that communication at the first meeting with a girl on the Internet does not alienate her, but rather brings her closer?

How to get an appointment? I

First of all, you need to decide on the purpose of dating. Should it be just online chat and kissing emojis, or do you want real lips and kisses? Most guys, of course, will prefer the latter, because there is no substitute for live communication. So how do you get a girlfriend? Read the article carefully!

For the effect of the meeting to be emotional and pleasant for both, it is necessary to wait for the right moment. Even when a girl writes that she herself is impatient to see a guy, it is worthwhile to darken her. Just a little bit, you can't make her grow old in anticipation of a meeting.

Mood is also important2

It is important to start correspondence in a good mood. Nobody is interested in whining, and an annoyed tone will scare off anyone, especially an unfamiliar girl. If it seems that you can hide a bad mood behind the text, then this is a deep misconception.

how to interest a girl
how to interest a girl

It is very difficult to write about peace, kindness and butterflies, when all the butterflies in the soul have died. Therefore, it is better not to write anything than this is all. Only a good mood and high spirits will make the acquaintance successful.

If the communication has been going on for some time, and the girl has learned a little about the man, then in case of an unsuccessful or boring day, you can translate your story into a joke. For example, in the event of global warming, invite her to meet and eat ice cream at the air conditioning testing department.

For more information on how to communicate with a girl on the Internet, read our article further on the link.

If he asks, it doesn’t mean that it’s interesting3

If a girl asks a guy how his day went or how his mood is, then you don't need to tell her the frank truth. Perhaps this question is a request to allay her boredom. It is better, instead of retelling your actions, to come up with a funny story that is not similar to the truth, but definitely more interesting than listing what the guy ate for lunch.

interesting guy
interesting guy

Or say that the actions are related to the girl, for example, that the guy was looking out for an unusual place to meet her. Jokes will not only dispel the routine, but also defuse the atmosphere and dispose the girl to communicate.


No wonder they say that the main thing is attention. If the thread of communication is lost and the guy doesn't know what to write at all, it's time to resort to memories. How to meet a girl on the Internet so that the first acquaintance is successful, it is important to notice what the girl is saying and use everything that she said against her in court … that is, in correspondence.

For example, if she told her that she went to her grandmother in the village to help dig up potatoes, you can ask her how the farming business is developing and whether she is far from the potato tycoon. This is better than the attendant "well, how did I go." And perhaps she will not immediately understand what it is about, and when she does, she will be pleasantly surprised that a man remembers what she says and is interested in her life.

interesting guy
interesting guy

What Dreams May Come5

If there is nothing at all to catch on in a conversation, you can find out where she would dream of going and compose together, how the guy would go there with her, what they would take with them, what exactly they would do, what would they watch, eat, drink.

You can find out about her school life, and tell the guy about yours. And come up with how funny it would be if they met at that time, and how the communication would have developed based on previous stories about the past.

The guy should be easy to communicate and conduct a conversation in order to win the girl's attention with his unusualness. You can write other stories, such as a desert island, a bank robbery, what can be done with a million dollars.

funny guy
funny guy

It should be like the communication of old friends, just as easy and unconstrained, a little childish, because this is so lacking in adulthood. Having found a source of forgotten mischief in communication with a man, she will return to him again and again to get positive emotions.


No hobbies anywhere. The guy must definitely find out everything about what the girl does in her free time, and use this information. Find out what kind of movies she watches, TV shows, whether she plays games and what kind, where she goes, what she does on the Internet, what kind of music she listens to.

Periodically, you need to remind that the guy still remembers what she told about herself. For example, throwing a funny meme on her favorite movie or inviting her favorite band to a concert.

The main thing is to show attention and imagination, then everything will definitely work out. And even if a guy does not have a romantic relationship with this lady, a good friend of the opposite sex can always give good advice on how to win the girl he likes.

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