Consumation In The Club. What Are The Types And Features Of This Profession

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Consumation In The Club. What Are The Types And Features Of This Profession
Consumation In The Club. What Are The Types And Features Of This Profession

Video: Consumation In The Club. What Are The Types And Features Of This Profession

Video: Consumation In The Club. What Are The Types And Features Of This Profession
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The modern world is open to everything new. People work hard. The speed of life is simply off scale. And of course everyone needs a rest. There was not a single populated corner on the planet where there were no entertainment establishments. This is how a new profession appeared - consumation.

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  • 1 Modern geisha
  • 2 Types of consumation
  • 3 Why is consumation needed
  • 4 Where can I get a job on consumption
  • 5 Nuances of the profession
  • 6 Working abroad
  • 7 Calling or mistake?

Modern geisha

A new type of earnings is often confused with prostitution and contemptuously turning up their nose. But consumption has nothing to do with sex for money. Consumation is communication with the guests of the establishment. This kind of activity has its roots in the distant past, when the Japanese geisha still existed.

Their duties included: communicating with guests, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, conversations on various topics. But sex was strictly prohibited. So the conventional wisdom that a geisha is a Japanese prostitute is wrong.

A girl who decided to work for consumption must be well educated, be a psychologist by nature, have a pleasant appearance and be able to move. The requirements for applicants are very high. So to come to a serious institution and zealously lift your legs above your head will not work. In addition to legs, brains are needed, densely packed with knowledge. For more information on the main qualities of a geisha, read the link in our next article.

The essence of earnings lies in the banal motivation of a man to leave as much money as possible in the institution and become a regular customer. Consumant, being an interesting and beautiful interlocutor, leads a man to the fact that he is losing track of time and actively ordering drinks. The amount of alcohol purchased is directly proportional to the percentage of the girl's salary. But sometimes time is also paid.

Consumation presupposes pleasant communication. There are a lot of lonely men who come to have fun and relax. Actually, that's why they come to clubs. The consumant chooses a client for herself, gets to know her, and, if the man doesn't mind, starts working with him. Naturally, the gentleman should not guess for a second that now he is simply being bred to drink.

He just has to be fun and interesting, because he no longer pays for alcohol, but for communication. By the way, this is a very nice bonus to a glass of tequila.

If the girl works perfectly, then the chances are great that the man will return to the club, or even become a regular customer. For which the girl will receive an award. You can read about geisha schools in our article further on the link.

Types of consumption2

Consumation has two types: active and passive.

girls at the bar
girls at the bar
  • Passive consumation means that the client already knows about such a service and chooses a girlfriend for himself. There is only one unpleasant moment here: you can be seven inches in your forehead, but the appearance is not chic. Pretty, pretty, but the eye does not fall.
  • As a result, you can sit out all evening and be left without a client. That is, with passive consumption, there is very tough competition. In addition, you can forget about some kind of career that takes place. In this case, the girl decides nothing.

But there are also certain advantages. You don't need to look for a client yourself, especially if the threshold of embarrassment has not yet been overcome. There is a client, there is a task, you need to do it. In any case, any conversation smoothly turns into calm communication without any embarrassment.

  • Active consumption gives more opportunities. You can choose the client yourself. Of course, you can work like a machine and take anyone. But sympathy, purely human, has not been canceled. And if the client is liked by the consummate herself, then it is much easier to approach and strike up a conversation. She came up, got acquainted, started a conversation and sacrificed all her potential.
  • All! The man is on the hook, follows the girl on his heels, actively buys up the entire third shelf in the bar, and the salary is actively dripping. The control shot, and the client goes into the category of permanent ones.
consumatshi and clients
consumatshi and clients

Mixed consumption is simpler than others, but also cheaper. All club employees help in choosing a client. But you will have to share your salary with them

What type of consumation to choose, each girl decides on her own. But the profession itself does not imply constraint. Therefore, the sophisticated, Turgenev young ladies should not even try - the jolly laughs will simply crush.

Why consumation is needed3

“Some kind of strange profession” - many will say. But there is nothing reprehensible in it. After all, no one faints from the "husband for an hour" service. On the contrary, it is very convenient when you live in splendid isolation. A professional came, nailed the shelf, the client is happy, the man earned. In entertainment establishments the same way. Well now, lonely do not go not have fun? Brad, isn't it?

But in one person, lighting up on the dance floor can seem uncomfortable. And here, once, and a pleasant companion! And dance, and talk, and regret, and even give advice. In general, the evening was a success. In addition, there is no need to fearfully glance into your wallet, thinking about how such an acquaintance could end.

I decided to go home - turned around and drove off. No worries and unnecessary expenses. Everyone is happy: the man had a good rest, the girl received a salary, the institution made a profit and a regular customer. Wonderful!

Where can I get a job on consumption4

The choice of institutions for employment is large. The main thing is that there was such a service.

konsumatsha girl at the party
konsumatsha girl at the party

A lover of big clubs needs to keep in mind that she is not the only one there so nimble. Therefore, choosing such an institution, you need to be 100% confident in your abilities.

Lovers of singing can try their hand at karaoke clubs, but you need to have good vocal abilities. This type of service is very popular in China and South Korea. Singing they are, Asians.

The bars and pubs are less crowded, but the work is easier.

So, where it is convenient, where there is more comfort, you can go there.

By the way, if the management of the institution has not heard about this type of earnings, then you can offer your services and make a good career on this.

In Russia, consumation has not yet become widespread, but in megapolises, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, this profession has long gained momentum. Big cities are also trying to keep up. So the popularity of the profession is just around the corner.

The nuances of the profession5

As can be seen from the definition of the essence of the profession, consumation can become a dream job. I had fun, and rested, and had a pleasant time. A great bonus: all-round development. More than enough knowledge will be acquired. That's cool!

konsumatsha in the club
konsumatsha in the club


Consumation work involves drinking. Many girls get scared by this, thinking that they will have to drink in buckets. But this is not the case. There are two ways: to slowly drain the alcohol or arrange with the bartender to pour a non-alcoholic cocktail. As a rule, bars are dark and there is a lot of light and people flickering, so draining your drink is easy.

And the client is unlikely to check which cocktail is poured into the girl's glass. Of course, those who like to drink for free will not last long in such a place. A drunken mamzel instantly loses its attractiveness, and therefore a client. So it’s just a stone's throw from dismissal. Therefore, alcohol needs to be dealt with not in its favor.


Many are alarmed by the point of communication. Conversation is hard to get right. The banal "Hello, how are you" will interest very few people. Most likely, the client will respond and turn away. He's not a fool, all of a sudden the girl taxied up to spin him like a sucker and take a walk at his expense. In principle, he guessed right, but not quite. Therefore, there are several rules for the development of communication:

  • Conversation topics can be anything. Even sex and its nuances. You can show full knowledge of the Kamasutra, or you can translate the conversation into a playful form so as not to arrange a boring educational program.
  • The client's reaction should be closely monitored. Loses interest - it's time to turn off the topic.
  • The green melancholy will have to be properly dispelled. A sad client needs a heart-to-heart conversation with promises that everything will be great. The main thing is not to go under the skin and ardently assent that he is the best, and everyone around is fools.
  • If the client is the first, then you can ask about everything. At least items from the questionnaire. The main thing is to do it not in an official tone, but with humor.
  • In communication, you need to be the leader. Sometimes it is difficult to stir up the client to a conversation, but that is why the knowledge of psychology.

If everything worked out and the client became a regular, then it's even easier. You can be interested in all matters. After all, as a rule, a client finds a friend in the person of a konsumatshi. By the way, an innocent request for a phone number indicates how the girl worked. If the client asked him to exchange. Then there is an opportunity to call and gently invite you to rest again


Well, everything is clear. A new one came in, ruined all the raspberries. You should not be led by creepy stories about small wages, obligatory sex with a client and other nightmares. This is all done in order to get rid of the alien. Therefore, you need to calmly get down to work, see for yourself what and how, and only then draw conclusions.

The ghost of an imminent wedding

A chic footrest from customers. A sensible girl will never go for al dente pasta, which a drunk client will enthusiastically hang up. Not little already and should understand that the "mountains of gold" - a common lie. Such things end in a trite way: there is no work, no money, she herself remained on the street. So all these vanilla speeches about "love-carrots at first sight" into the furnace.


A very unpleasant reality. You can't do without it. The appearance and place of communication suggests that a drunken client will "beguiled by rams" and will begin to harass. You just need to get used to it and abstract yourself. Laughed it off, distracted it, called the security in extreme cases. But no sex. Consumation does not imply sexual pleasure.

spectacular girl
spectacular girl

They are greeted by clothes

Many clubs have specific dress code requirements. The girl should look stylish and tidy. It all depends on the level of the establishment, the more solid it is, the more refined the clothes should be. The image needs to be thought out to the smallest detail: makeup, hairstyle, manicure. The main thing to be observed is the absence of vulgarity.

No hint of availability. If the neckline, then without fanaticism, if the hairpin, then stable, otherwise the girl will look like a wounded grasshopper. The length of the skirt or dress is, of course, mini. But the priest should not fall out. Everything is within reason.

Work abroad6

The safety of working abroad is a very important issue. It is necessary to think over everything to the smallest detail. First, you should check the agency inside and out. The first alarm bell is a refusal to conclude a contract. As soon as the agency refuses this point, you can safely say goodbye and look for something else.

If the employer offers a contract, then it is useful to check it with a lawyer. And if everything is clean, then you can sign. The contract must specify the institution in which the girl will work. Otherwise, there is a risk of falling into prostitution. Knowing the institution, you can watch it on the Internet.

The agency can provide the right to independently choose an institution. If given such a chance, then you need to choose the most solid possible. The cooler the establishment, the higher the salary. This is logical.

All the nuances related to the flight, accommodation, payroll, food, medical insurance should be discussed in advance. The agency must provide comprehensive answers. Fortunately, a normal service will never shrug off ignorance.

girl and clients
girl and clients

Deception is still possible, so you need to be prepared for the fact that you have to tear your claws. Therefore, there should be no secret escapes. And a one-way road is also excluded. It is important to understand that there must be a possibility of an emergency return home.

Calling or mistake? 7

The profession of a consumator is undoubtedly interesting, but at the same time very complicated. Nocturnal lifestyle, no indulgences during the day, because you need to take care of yourself, fierce competition, heavy psychological stress. Few can withstand this. In order to understand whether this work is suitable or not, it is better to try your hand at home cities.

You can first get a job as a waitress in order to better understand the essence of the profession, and only then move to a new level. Sufficient time to gain experience in your own walls will only play into your hands. As soon as you have gained good experience, you can try your hand at abroad.

In any case, the age of a consumator is short, and it is imperative to take care of a future, more serious profession, and to consider consumation as a combination of business with pleasure.

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